Marcella Samora early life, daughter, husband, and net worth

If you are fond of pop-music, you must be well aware of the name; Selena Quintanilla-Perez and was also known with the name ‘Mononym’. She was a talented and a star pop artist, but unfortunately, she is no more. Marcella Samora is her mother, and she has kept her legacy alive throughout the past years. Marcella spent the initial years of her life in Washington, and he met her husband also there. Marcella’s husband is Abraham Quintanilla Jr, who served in the US military. They both got hitched in the year 1963 and moved to Texas when their first child was born. Abraham was also a talented songwriter and singer and passed on his skills opt his children.

Marcella daughter Selena was murdered in the year 1995, and she fought hard along with her family to get justice for her daughter. After a long fight, she was able to get the murderer of Selena behind the bars as he was sentenced to spend the rest of his life in the prison.

Early life

Marcella Samorawas born in 1944 on July 17 in the USA. She is a Mexican-American with a slight touch of Cherokee Indian. There is not much information available about her childhood and early education, but she spent most of her childhood in Washington. He mother belonged from Colorado, and her father was from Amarillo, Texas. Before she gave birth to Selena, she was diagnosed with a tumour. While she was figuring out what to do with the tumour, she got to know that she is pregnant. Earlier, they were told that it is a boy, but they were surprised when Selena was born.

The career details of Marcella Samora

Besides being Abraham Quintanilla Jr.’s wife, Marcella Samora has no documented professional history. Her hubby shares her talent as a musician. A member of the band Los Dinos before enlisting, Abraham has a history of musical involvement. In addition, they had a tough time since their white neighbours looked down on them because they were of Mexican heritage.

Samora is one of the wealthiest social workers in the United States. She’s in charge of The Selena Foundation, an organisation that helps disadvantaged kids get an education. Samora and her family battled for Selena’s murder to be solved and for justice to be served when Selena was killed in 1995. Yolanda Saldvar, a former staffer of Selena’s and an admirer of the singer, was found guilty of murdering the singer and was sentenced to life in jail with the chance of release after 30 years. 

Hobbies and interests of Marcella Samora

Samora is someone who likes listening to music in her spare time. Unfortunately, her son Abraham Quintanilla Jr. and her daughter Selena Quintanilla passed away are two of her favourite artists. Samora was also a huge Michael Jackson fan, and her favourite song was “Billie Jean.” Marcella, whose husband is a musician, has accompanied him on several musical tours around the United States, and she shares his enthusiasm for travelling. In addition, both of them have made many trips to Europe, travelling there for business and pleasure. Samora would choose Barcelona as its destination if it could travel anywhere in the world. Even Samora cares profoundly for animals. 

Interesting facts about Marcella Samora

  • Marcella Samora tied the knot with a serviceman.
  • On April 16th, Selena Day is celebrated throughout Texas in honour of Marcella Samora’s daughter.
  • Marcella Samora is the executive director of the Selena Foundation.

Samora’s Husband

Marcella’s husband was a part of a musical group; Los Dinos and performed numerous covers and mix of popular songs. He worked in the US military, but after getting discharged from it, he followed his passion for singing and joined Los Denis once again and enjoyed rock and roll music.

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Murder of her daughter

In the year 1995, a tragic incident occurred in the life of Marcella when her daughter Selena was murdered by one of her staff. Yolanda Saldivar was a fan of Selena and proposed to establish a fan club for her. Selena’s father permitted her, but a few years later, he got to know that Yolanda has been stealing money by using fake checks in the name of the fan club and Selena’s boutiques. The family confronted her about the same, which made her furious.

She invited Selena to a motel room and fired her at the back using a gun. Selena was rushed to Corpus Christi Hospital, but she died on 31st March 1995 when she was only 23 years old.

The Suffering She Underwent After Selena Quintanilla’s Death

According to reports, a Selena admirer who refers to themself as a “superfan” expressed interest in organising a fan club for the performer. Yolanda Saldivar was a devoted fan of Selena throughout her life. It seemed like a dream come true when Selena’s dad gave her the okay and named her president of the family business. During the year 1994, Saldivar served as manager of Selena’s boutiques. However, Saldivar’s scheme to steal money using fraudulent and duplicate checks was immediately discovered, and she was caught. Saldivar allegedly purchased a pistol she used to shoot at Selena as she stood behind her.

Selena passed away on March 31, 1995, after being transferred to Corpus Christi Hospital for treatment. The lead singer was just 23 years old at the time. Her mother was left with a deep wound due to the events of that day, and she wanted nothing more than to exact revenge on her daughter’s attackers. In October 1995, Saldivar was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. Marcella Quintanilla’s biggest loss left her in a state of shock for a significant amount of time after it occurred.

Net worth

If we believe some reports, Marcella Samora Net worth is considered to be around $500000, which he acquired from different activities. Her daughter Selena was a successful artist with a Net worth of whopping $10 million. It also added to Selena net worth and increased her wealth. Marcella is now in her ’70s, so there areminimum chances that her wealth will increase in the coming years.

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