Misty Loman personal life, and present life

If you are active on Facebook, you must have seen a viral mugshot series of a drug addict named Misty Loman. Misty Loman is a woman from Kentucky who was arrested for using meth in July 2019. After her arrest, the Sheriff who arrested her shared her pictures which spread like a fire on the Internet. She has become a hot topic on the Internet as her pictures show how drug addiction can destroy one’s life completely. Misty Dawn Loman is a meth addict from Bowling Green, Kentucky.

She was born in the year 1979 and is believed to be around 41 years old. She has been struggling with drug addiction throughout her life and has also been arrested several times for drug abuse. The reason why he started taking drugs is still unknown, but there are some rumours that some tragic incidents in her life pushed her into the dark world of drugs.

Personal life

Misty was pregnant, but unfortunately, both of her children died as one was stillborn, and others died in the womb itself. One of her twins died after a month of his birth. According to the medical reports, the deaths of her children were not related to her drug abuse. Misty is addicted to meth, and due to excessive use of it, she has developed several life-threatening health issues and is also unable to take proper care of her children; Corey and Jacob.

Children of Misty Loman 

Drug addiction was the main reason to see Misty Loman in this situation. As she lost the three children, she has much depression in her heart, making him take drugs. Solving the problem is possible at times but not at all. Misty Loman child died for different reasons. Where his first child died in the womb, then moving toward the second, she conformed a twin; at that of pregnancy, one of her twins died in the womb, and another was safer by birth, but it could not have lasted for many years. This is another child who has died less than one month after her birth. Drug is not one of the choices for child death; instead of this loser idea, they must adopt another child, which our hearts may be peaceful.

Friends of Misty Loman 

On the other Misty Loman has made many friends after the incident that may happen in her life. Most people have shared the image of Misty Loman, which can be circulated worldwide on the internet, so Misty Loman started to raise his voice against the incident that can be happened. After her speech on the internet made to be thinking her way, so many of them stopped posting the image of Misty Loman and by giving respect her privacy as well as the difficulties she has been facing him. In addition, more of them explained her condition, which may include lupus, bone cancer, and Scleroderma, and also created awareness among people. People were motivated to get out of the addiction.

Public reaction

Misty’s struggle has attracted several people and helped her gain millions supported over the Internet. People have been sending numerous messages in her support and have also been protecting her from all the criticism that arose after her mugshots posted by the Sheriff went viral.

About the disease of Misty Loman 

Misty Loman has been affected by the disease Scleroderma. It is a group disease that can cause effects the skin and connective tissues to get it as tight as hardened. Scleroderma most frequently occurs in females rather than males. Then it can come from the period or age between 30 to 50 due to the overproduction of collagen in the hardening of tissues, which can destroy the organs. Scleroderma is more affected by the skin than other places in the body. Even though it can affect the internal organs slowly, Scleroderma does not choose a particular person; it can choose people randomly. The symptoms and the condition cannot be known, and no more treatments exist for this type of condition. In addition, there is no more first aid treatment and no medications to solve the problem as slowly as possible.

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Marriage life of Misty Loman 

Misty Loman was born in Kentucky, which is exactly in bowling green. After the certain Misty Loman was married to her husband named, Gary Glass Jr. The information about her romantic life cannot be known, and the updates regarding it cannot be found. Misty Loman two kids were named as Cory Lomen and Jacob Loman; appear to be much close to her mother. Misty Loman was living his life for his two children, and the three of them were leading him with peaceful and also enjoyable.

Some facts about her

Several legal charges have been imposed on Misty such as Owning weed, owning medication stuff, Fabricating meth, etc. Misty tells an entirely different story and refuses all the charges imposed on her. Currently, she is in the Warren County Regional Jail as she was arrested on July 2 and she can get bail by paying $1000.

When the Sheriff posted her pictures, numerous people came into her support and created several Facebookpages in her name. They are trying to help Misty and raise funds for her treatment and to give her a better life. Chemotherapy has made her lose hair, and she is also suffering from Scleroderma, which is a health condition in which connective tissues and skin get hard. It is usually occurring between the age of 30 to 50, and it is the primary reason behind misty’s miserableappearance and looks.

Present life

If we talk about the present condition of Misty, then it is way better, and she is on the road to recovery. Several people are supporting her through social media, but some people are also spreading rumours about her death. Her health is getting better day by day, and you must not believe any rumour about her death or deteriorating health without getting it verified.

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