Mai Burrous personal life, daughter, and net worth

Mai Burrous was a common woman until she got hitched with popular KTLA on-air personality; Chris Burrous. Mai met Chris in California where she was working as a journalist. They dated for some time and then decided to get married. Recently in the year 2018, Mai celebrated 15 years of her marriage, and Chris also posted about it on Social media.  Mai’s husband posts a lot about her and their daughter on social media. They have a beautiful daughter named; Isabella.

Facts about Mai Burrous

Mai’s journey began in the year 1975 when the Vietnam War got over, and she was merely two years old at that time. She wanted to stay away from the communist power, which pushed him to move to Saigon with her mother. At that time, Mai’s father Studied doctorate in California. Mai Do Burrous made her way to the United States with her mother and spent the rest of his childhood there. When her mother was about to board the plane to Guam, she was spotted by the US marines who reunited her with her father. They lived in Cleveland, Ohio and spent their lives peacefully.

Later, they shifted to Los Angeles where Mai studied and became a reporter. Her life changed completely after that as she met her husband at the KGET; station for which she worked. They met in the year 1999 and fell in love with each other. They worked together and tied a know in a secret wedding.

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Personal life

Mai Burrous got married to Chris Burrous who also was a journalist. He was born in Los Angeles on 11th January 1975 and was an Engineer in NASA. He started his career in broadcasting at KCXX-FM while has attended the University. He worked with several FMs such as KLIV-AM, KEVN-TV, KNTV-TV, etc. He also worked as an anchor in WPIX, New York before he joined KTLA in the year 2011. Mai’s husband worked at KTLA for seven long years and has requested for a transfer to California when he died.

Mai’s husband died on 27thDecember, 2018 because of meth abuse. He also has some other health issues such as hypertension, Heart issues which were also a major cause of his death. He got unconscious at a Days Inn and was rushed to the hospital. Doctors gave their best to save him but couldn’t and declared him dead after several tries.

What about Mai Do Burrous’s daughter?

Isabella is a young, talent and bright child and is attending school currently. Her parents wanted to keep her away from all the media, so there is no much information available about her. According to reports, Mai Burrous is taking care of Isabelle, and they are perfectly happy with each other. Recently, she was seen at a memorial service held in the memory of her father on his birthday. At the event, she said that her father’s memory would stay forever in her heart.

Net worth

There is no specific information about Mai’s net worth, but her husband was a successful journalist and had a net worth of around $1 million. He earned more than $120000 every year.

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