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4Lung, born on September 3rd in 1994, also known as “HushyRawrdcore”.A furry musician who now lives in Seattle, Washington, USA. She has been into Furry Fandom since 2011. She is always famous for her loud and aggressive online personality. Her Fursona, a Four Jillian Lung, is a dog with thick eyeliner that always tries to get himself into mischievous stuff.

4Lung has her musical discography of about 27 albums. These albums contain different types of genres, such as Gabber, Happy Hardcore, Breakcore, Industrial, Hip-Hop, Trip-Hop, Rave, and IDM.

The Early Life of 4lung

4lung was born in Seattle, Washington, the United States of America, on September 3, 1994; she is 28 years old as of 2023. There is no information about her parents’ names and occupations, and also, she did not disclose any information regarding her siblings. As per the source, she is a single child in her family. Since childhood, 4lung has been interested in music and likes to sing, but she never attended any classes to develop her music skills. She studied at the local high school in Seattle, Washington but did not reveal the name of the school she studied at. From a young age, 4lung has suffered from many health issues and has faced more struggles. Her parents always helped and encouraged her to achieve her dream, and she decided to pursue a music career.

Biography and personal life:

4Lung Drama was born and bought up in Maine, for almost the first 23 years of her life. Her dad has a real-life K/D ratio. She is a self-taught composer, producer, who’s a music school drop out and has paddled her way to different genres of music but ended up finding her true love, Breakcore. She likes to have mashed potatoes with tin foils for her brains.

She devotes almost 6 hours per day so that she can produce music seven days per week. This looked like an example of commitment, will power and ambition to some people, but this is not the case with 4Lung.

In the case of 4Lung Drama, it was Amphetamines{ drug } along with lack of interest in anything that isn’t music. From a very young age, she was clinically diagnosed with ADHD. Due to unknown reasons, she was not given proper medications till she was 20, and by that time, she started to make music very quickly.

She took four years to complete her two year Degree in English because she failed twice! She even dropped out of university in 2nd year, where she had music as her second major subject.

Hushy was born with a club foot, and she wore braces, that too corrective one for almost ten years of her life. She was also diagnosed with one of the motor skill problems, Ideational Dyspraxia. She went through a lot of therapy classes in grades 4 and 5. She was given a suspension in 4th grade for punching another child in the stomach.

It’s said that she is a firm advocate for the open-source philosophy and that she has written a pyramid of long posts on the internet regarding topics such as Intellectual Property and Intersexuality.

She also had consistent paranoid delusions related to the infinite Panopticon of the Ouroborous. Sources say that she can no longer smell the cough syrup without voluntarily gagging. HusHy makes a poor lolcow just because she won’t cry type when anyone call’s her man.


4Lung has not discussed her personal life with her family or with her friends anywhere, so there’s hardly any clue about them. On the other hand. Hushy’syoutube channel started in November 2010, and so far she has 295.5k views on her 108 uploaded videos, and 2.3k subscribers. She has not uploaded any new videos for the last few months.

The Physical Appearances of 4 lung

Regarding the body measurement of the 4 lungs, there is no information about her height and weight. Talking about her breast, waist, and hip size, there is no information availble about it. She has brown eyes, and her hair color is blonde. There is no information disclosed regarding her dress and shoe size. 4 lung has a slim and beautiful body which will attract many people.

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The Social Media presence of 4 lung

Regarding the social media presence of 4 Lung is very active on social media platforms. She has more than 87k followers on her official Instagram account and will use it to upload more pictures and videos. She has earned more than 50k followers on her verified Twitter and uses tweets too often in it. She has a Facebook account with more than 37k followers, and she is active on Tik Tok with more than 48.8 k followers and will upload more music videos daily without fail.

Interests and hobbies of 4 lung

4 Lung loves to travel and has traveled to many countries for her vacation and work. She has traveled to the countries such as Italy, Greece, and many other European countries, and her favorite dream destination is Paris and England. She loves to read books in her free time and especially uses comic and horror films. Lung likes tattoos, and she has some tattoos on her body. In most of her free time, she watches more films and television shows and likes to watch more films at midnight. Her favorite color is black and green, and her favorite food is Italian and Chinese.

She likes to go to the beach often, and also she likes to go swimming, and her favorite season is summer and spring, and she likes to play in snowfalls. 4lung loves to wear fashionable clothing and also prefers fashionable clothing. She loves trekking, and often she will go to places free from pollution and more population. She has faced many issues and controversies in her life, and she has more followers. 4lung likes to listen to music and dance in her free time, and also she will use to dance. She likes to do painting and drawing in her spare time.   

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