Know Everything In Detail About Emily Cannon!

Emily canon is known as a famous volleyball sports person in America. In 2017, Emily cannon joined a roaster named as BYU cougars, which made her an internet sensation. This was the time when the entire internet was bursting with Emily cannon’s videos and achievements. She was born in the US in 1998, May 9th. Being a popular volleyball player, she has made records by achieving medals for her country. When talking about the famous volleyball players of America, she served her country at the age of 21. She is considered as a great and best volleyball player throughout.

Some essential information about Emily cannon:

This famous personality is only 22 years old completed her education in the universities of the united states of America. At a very small age, Emily cannon showed such a true dedication in sports and represented the country. According to researches, Emily cannon is married to Max Schneider. Also, her profession is to serve herself as a volleyball player.

By nationality, Emily cannon is an American and lives in the USA. Apart from this, by talking about her height and weight, which is 5 feet 7 inches and 62 kgs. Her eye color is slightly greenish with dark brown hair color. Her zodiac sign is Taurus, and her net worth income is around 100k to 1 million dollars.

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Education of Emily cannon:

This popular sports personality completed her schooling at park city high school and graduated from the University of the USA.

More about Emily cannon:

Emily cannon has a very beautiful and pretty face such that she also receives several offers from organizations that are associated with advertising companies. These advertising companies are offering her work regarding promoting brands as well as company products. 

Apart from sportsmanship:

Talking about Emily cannon, apart from sportsmanship, Emily cannon is an artist too. She is a lyricist as well as she has written several different tunes. She is so dedicated and a true inspiration for all the young people around us.

love life and relationship of Emily cannon:

being an artist, this was the way through which she met with his husband Max serenades. Her husband is a singer and a BTS member. He had just released a new track, which is the blueberry eyes. Being an artist, Emily cannon loves writing lyrics and making tunes. With the current updates, Emily cannon and her husband are expecting for their first child.

The new track “blueberry eyes” by her husband is a music video in which Emily cannon has also given her appearance. Before marriage with Max serenades, Emily cannon and her husband both were formed in a musical relationship, which turns out to be friendship, love, and then marriage.


Emily cannon has shared her experience in terms of creating a music album along with her husband. It turns out to be exciting as well as a special experience which is very close to her heart. Also, she feels magical all around during the time of recording videos and shoot with her husband.

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