Jaime Cerreta early life, career beginning, personal life, and net worth

Jaime Cerreta is a popular and successful TV anchor, reporter, and journalist. She works for the KTVK 3TV and KPHO CBS 5 and is quite popular among her viewers. She is exceptionally talented and enjoys her profession to a great extent. She is the host of ‘Good Morning Arizona’ which is telecasted on weekends and on the weekdays she reports crime scenes and other major activists and events happening all over the city. On Wednesday’s she runs a show named ‘Jaime’s Local Love’ in which she shares tales about different Business owners in Arizona and tries to promote to local businesses as much as she can.

Early life

Jaime was born in the USA and spent her childhood in Phoenix. Her father was a businessman, but there is no information about her mother’s profession. She is a white-American and completed her higher education from Chaparral High School. She got graduated from the Arizona State University’s Walter Cronkite School of Broadcast Journalism. Jaime belongs to Arizona, and she spent most of her life working and living there. Before she became a journalist, her family started a candy manufacturing company named; Cerreta Candy Company.

Her family business is situated in Glendale, Arizona and is quite famous for certain products such as French Mint Truffles. When she was in school, she was a part of Scottsdale School System. She also learned drama, dance and writing from different Institutions such as Cherokee Institution, Cocopah Institution, etc.

Career beginning

In the initial years of her career, Jaime did different jobs such as Journalist, News Anchor, Photographer, producer, reporter, etc. She worked for numerous top channels, and some of them are FOX, CNN, The Weather Channel, etc. Her career jumped when she started reporting natural calamities such as Hurricane in Texas. She anchored for several hours during that time and that too, without any script. She reported for more than 12 hours continuously from the Station, and it brought her to the limelight.

One of her videos also got viral on the Internet in which she was seen reporting while being in the middle of a dust storm at Pecos. It was appreciated by several new stations, and she also received an Emmy Award for her dedication, bravery and efforts.

The successful career path of Jaime Cerreta

Jaime Cerreta began her career by working for a number of various networks, including The Weather Channel, FOX News, and CNN, in a range of positions, such as photographer, reporter, journalist, news anchor, and producer. These were just a few of the jobs she had at this time in her career. She has been around the United States and has been to a variety of locations, some of which include Oklahoma City, Springfield, Joplin, and Beaumont. Her sudden rise to notoriety may be related to the numerous natural disasters she has covered, including the terrible hurricane that rocked Beaumont, Texas. Her coverage has helped her become more well-known.

During the time when tornadoes were wreaking havoc throughout the area, she reported for up to 12 hours straight from the station in Oklahoma City. She also participated in the video that went viral, in which she reported from the core of a dust storm near the confluence of Interstate 10 and the Pecos River. She was awarded an Emmy as recognition for all of the hard work she had put in over the years. As of 2019, Cerreta may be seen reporting and anchoring for both KPHO CBS 5 and KTVK 3TV’s editions of Good Morning Arizona.

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Personal life

Jaime has never shared much about her personal life. So, there is no information available about Jamie Cerreta husband or family. She loves to hang out with her friends and family and also share photos of them in her social media. She is a popular personality in the world of media, but despite that, she is relatively inactive on social networking sites. She around 13.5k followers on Twitter as well as Instagram.

Interesting facts about Jaime Cerreta 

  • The Arizona Foothills newspaper claims that Jaime Mancini is the most well-liked newsreader in the state of Arizona.
  • Awarded Oklahoma ALL A’s for “Best Political Coverage” as well as the Oklahoma TIP’s for “Best Newscast.”
  • She has a significant need for sweets, has a passion for ice cream and other frozen delights, and is usually a genuinely kind person.
  • She takes great pleasure in being able to spend her time away from work with the people who are important to her. Recently, she has started teaching herself how to play the ukulele in addition to tennis.
  • Jaime is a significant donor to the city’s previous Walk to End Alzheimer’s events, both in terms of her participation and the amount of money she raised for the cause. Jaime is also an outspoken advocate for the preservation of the natural environment.

Jaime Cerreta’s Eye Operation and Health:

Jaime suffered from a major eye sickness that may have resulted in her having no vision at all since this condition has been identified as the cause. Her detached retina and the fluid that was surrounding it were both signs of an underlying issue with her eye’s interior structures. She also had problems with floaters in her eyesight and night blindness as a consequence of this condition. Not only was she able to recover her sight, but her whole health was also restored as a direct result of the fast and meticulous surgery performed by Dr Ramin Schadlu. The dark area is very definitely a cause for concern. There is no room for dissent in this regard.

Net worth

The net worth of the star reporter is still unknown as she has never disclosed her earnings. But seeing her popularity and talent, she must earn a considerable amount of money. The average salary of an America Journalist, Photographer and Newscaster are $39500, $63000 and $83300 respectively. So, with the skill and experience she has, she must be earning more than the average.

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