Gigi Santo Pietro – A Girl with Entertainment Talent in Blood, But Not in Heart

There are many stories about celebrities’ children. It is never right to say that a celeb’s child is thriving as a celeb. Children of celebrities sometimes get fame in other areas; some show their talent by modeling, showing business, or other unrelated areas. Some celeb children don’t want to highlight them with glamor and live a normal life with some regular profession or business.

Gigi’ life

Talent is someone’s asset. It may be in the blood, but the exceptional talent is sometimes created within some person. We are talking about Vanna White’s 23-year-old daughter Gigi Santo Pietro born on July 02, 1994, and raised in a spendthrift mansion in the posh Beverly Hills with all amenities and luxuries. Her first name is Giovanna, but known as “Gigi.” She is considered highly intuitive, emotional, sensitive, nurturing, and rarely grumpy due to her “Cancer” zodiac sign representing the Crab. She was the third child of Vanna (an actress) and George Santo Pietro (a real estate developer and restaurateur). Gigi’s dad married actress Linda Evans before marrying Vanna; the marriage broke in 1984, but they had Andrea from this marriage. His dad married Melissa after divorce from Linda and had another daughter Chiara. George and Vanna married in 1990 and divorced after 12 years of their marriage when Gigi and her brother were five and seven. So, Gigi has two-step sisters and one real brother elder to her.

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Gigi – a different kind of person

Gigi was raised in the shadow of fame of her celeb mom, as usual in the entertainment industry. Still, she had no interest in her mom’s profession. She didn’t even think of joining her dad in business. Gigi’s handsome big-bro Nicholas (nicknamed Nikko) is in show business. Anyways, Vanna is very supportive of her children, whatever they want to do. Gigi decided to carve out her own life because entertainment was in her blood, not heart. She didn’t even take an interest in her mom’s wardrobe full of extra wear. Her own closet was packed with T-shirts, jeans, tennis shoes, flats, and most other casuals. Called “The Wheel of Fortune,” entertainer frolicked in spaghetti straps, shoulder pads, tinsels, and taffeta. She followed the fashion footsteps of her celeb mom to some extent but not entirely as a huge dresser-upper.

Gigi’s profession

Consequent to her mom’s induction onto the Hollywood Walk of fame, Gigi attended many red-carpet events. Still, she didn’t expose herself in the media by maintaining the secretiveness of her life private. Gigi has a different kind of creative nature; she displays her work on social media networks. Vanna White is a crochet enthusiast who launched Vanna’s Choice, a yarn brand, in 2008, for charity to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Gigi decided her life behind the camera but agreed to model in a fashion show that featured her mom’s colorful skeins. She faced the camera for her mom because she loves her mom. Gigi loves photography, writing, and other artsy stuff and currently works as a photographer and visual artist. She earned awards for her skills.

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