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Justin was born in Arlington Heights, Illinois on September 13 in 1996. He also has a sister, Serena Escalona, who is 4 years younger than him. His nationality is American, and his Ethnicity is Latina. He is a vlogger and YouTuber professionally. There’s not much information known about his family. While growing up, he started having a lot of interest in Cinematography. He attended school at the University of Southern California, for studying film and TV. It is also said that he has Filipino ancestry. Justinhas also been named as the “Vlogger of the Year”.


He is a filmmaker and a Youtube star. From a younger age, he started developing his cinematography skills by doing concerts in downtown, Chicago. He used to practice his skills before uploading his content. He was graduated from Palatine High School, located in Chicago. During his school days, he liked to take part in sports and precisely liked to play hockey and lacrosse.

Justin kicked off his career by filming concerts for rappers. Creating recordings for rappers helped him discover his voice. He was known formally because of being a part of a joint youtube channel, OPG, Ourpizzagang. He was one among the five members, Crawford Collins, Alex Ernest, Jake Fousheeand Zach Lilley.

The Ourpizzagang channel was launched in the year 2013 and had around 12+ Million views and thousands of subscribers. But the channel has been inactive since 2016. Soon he started his youtube channel with the name “PlayTheGameFilms”, which he later changed to “JustinEscalona” on December 7, 2008. Now he has around 30 million views on his channel. He started a new series named Rooftop Sessions. He had also done a film for FaZe Clan gamers. He also worked with other gamers, such as FaZe Apex,FaZe Rain, as well asFaZe Adapt.

The early years and education of Justin Escalona

He was born in Arlington Heights, Illinois, on September 13, 1996. Nobody is aware of the identities of his parents. His lone sibling is a sister named Serena Escalona, and they are exactly four years apart. He is descended from Filipino ancestors. The most formative years for Justin Escalona were those he spent in Illinois with his family. As he got older, he discovered that he had a passion for making films. When he was only eight, he started photographing rap shows in downtown Chicago.

He had spent a significant amount of time polishing his abilities before he started publishing his work on the Internet. After completing his high school studies there, he graduated from Palatine High School in Chicago with a high school diploma. While he was in school, he participated in both lacrosse and hockey. He is expected to graduate from the University of Southern California with a degree in film and television this year. His major at USC is in cinema and television.


Justin Escalona is in a relationship with Marissa Hastings. She is a musician and a fellow student at USC. They met at the University of Southern California, where she is also studying. She has also appeared in his videos. The couple went through ups and downs from late 2016 to early 2017 and stated that they were a bit mad at each other and decided to stay away for a while. The couple is currently together.

The professional details of Justin Escalona

He first gained attention for his cinematic abilities at rap events, where he worked as a video producer. His group of friends and he started a YouTube channel in 2013; they called it “OurPizzaGang” (OPG for short). On September 23rd, 2013, it became live to the public. In addition to Jake Foushee and Crawford Collins, the group includes Alex Ernst and Mikey Murphy. The channel has over 12 million views and over 211 thousand subscribers. Since 2016, there has been no new content on the channel.

On December 17, 2008, he began uploading videos to YouTube under the handle “PlayTheGameFilms,” which he eventually changed to his current identity in his lane. He has done shooting for the FaZe Clan gaming community, and in July 2014, he launched a series called Rooftop Sessions. Many players enjoy playing FaZe Adapt, FaZe Rain, and FaZe Apex. His channel has over 321 subscribers and 62 million total views. Complex, ILLROOTS, and Hotnewhiphop have all featured many of his projects. 

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Get to meet Justin Escalona on social media

Even though most people have not yet come across his name, Justin Escalona is rapidly becoming a name recognised everywhere. Chicagoan Justin, Crawford Collins, Jake Foushee, Alex Ernst, and Zach Lilley are best known as OPG, which stands for “OurPizzaGang.” In addition to his group channel, the director also manages the ‘Justin Escalona’ and ‘Justin Escalona Poker channels on YouTube. Escalona makes the most use of his channel to post updates to his vlogs, and as a direct consequence, he has seen a meteoric rise in the number of subscribers he has.

There have been more than 61 million views of the videos that can be seen on Justin’s channel, and he has more than 321,000 subscribers. Even though the YouTuber launched his channel in 2008, he has only recently become aware of its success; in comparison, the ‘Poker’ channel he launched in 2016 has only 25,000 subscribers. He has experimented with a few other fields, all of which have promise but pale in contrast to the development of his career on YouTube.


Justin Escalona, from film making alone, has more than $1.5k per month that turns out to be $17k yearly. Youtube sensation is also involved in the e-commerce business which he mentioned himself, in his videos. His income level is also boosted by the brands which he sponsors. Besides, he also runs many businesses along with a few investments about which he has never mentioned on his channel. The net worth of the young you tuber is estimated at around $3 Million.


Justin Escalona’s life is more like a riddle in light. He keeps most of his issues private and lives a luxurious life.

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