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Katy Kellner is a well-known figure in the fitness world. She is an educationist and a fitness coach by profession. Among sportsperson and celebrities, she is famous as a person who can make you come in shape quickly. Though, what made her come in the glamour world is her relationship. Katy got into a relationship with the former NFL player, Shannon Sharpe.


Kellner took birth in 1981 in the regions of Atlanta, Georgia. At her birthplace, she spent all her childhood. As heard from Katy’s friends and close ones, it is out that Katy preferred keeping her life private and not out loud in public. As far as her career is concerned, she is enjoying a great experience with a balance in professional and personal life. Though the news was out wherein, Katy told everyone that she is an aunt to a boy and a girl in her family.

Career life

Kellner always wished to pursue fitness instructor as her career option. In the beginning, she didn’t start in this line. In the start, Katy was working as a public school teacher at Fulton County Public school, Atlanta. She got so much in love with her job at the school that she kept doing it for ten years. Katy always felt passionate to teach young people at that time. Even she turned passionate towards training people. Her life took a new turn just after Katy bid farewell to her teaching career. As a teacher also, she stays in close contact with the exercising, fitness, and bodybuilding aspects. She found her second home at the gym. She took an opportunity to be a fitness director and instructor at Flywheel Sports, a nationwide gym at California. In Thousand Oaks gym, Kellner also holds responsibility for cycling and spinning classes.


In 2003, Katy took admission to Elmhurst College, Illinois and graduated with Bachelor of Arts degree. Her path in academic didn’t come to an end after her graduation. In 2008, he got admission to completer her masters Troy University, Alabama based. She completed her masters in Instructional technology, and it got added in her biography.

Personal life and relationship

The instructor doesn’t open much about her relationship in front of the public. She loves to keep her private life upto her. But everyone knows about her relationship with Shannon Sharpe. It’s something that came out in public about her relationship. Both of them met at the gym, and then the story created between them. She is a famous figure to the world after being into a relationship with Shannon. In no time, both of them got engaged, and it kept their love rumours out in public. One day, a picture was posted by Kelly on her social media account regarding her pregnancy news with Sharpe’s baby. Sharpe was her soulmate and partner as Thousand Oaks Gym joint owner at Marlon Byrd. After that time, no information was out by anyone out of them regarding their splitting decision.

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Katy Kellner’s married life and kids

In 2013, Katy Kellner’s high-profile relationship with former NFL player Shannon Sharpe sparked a media frenzy and propelled her to fame. Fans have been waiting anxiously for them to take the next step in their relationship since their spectacular 2016 engagement. In 2018, however, the former celebrity girlfriend gave birth to a healthy baby boy, Jaden Charles Byrd, who was later revealed to be the son of her business partner, Marlon Byrd. Everyone, including the media, was shocked by this disclosure and began speculating about the condition of her relationship with Sharpe.

Katy Kellner is content with the relationship she has with her spouse at the moment. The media personality refused to comment on the rumours surrounding her personal life, keeping her admirers guessing about the progress of her relationship with the sportsman. The former fitness instructor is married to hunky policeman and soccer star Luis Castillo. They were engaged in January of 2021, and in July of that year, they married in a beautiful wedding that had their admirers gushing. 

The physical appearance of Katy Kellner

Katy Kellner was born in 1981 and is really stunning. The Kellner family also follows a rather healthy way of life. This means that there are no outward indications of age. Specifically, she is a popular fitness instructor who regularly engages in healthy eating and physical exercise. Kellner’s attractiveness as a fitness instructor may have attracted Sharper because of her commitment to a healthy lifestyle. Katy’s brunette-ginger hair, strong physique, and square face are the most notable features of her look.

Katy Kellner on social media

Katy Kellner is quite present on the social media platform Instagram. She updates her blog often, usually with information on her exercises and other fitness-related topics. Katy also uses Instagram to show off her cute baby. There are 13,400 people following her on Instagram.

Net Worth

Katy is not in the glam light as a megastar. Though, she has earned enough with her hard work and efforts. It is out that Katy holds a net worth of about $1 million. That’s really quite good for a fitness trainer and consultant. This level of wealth is admirable. According to the money.usnews.com website, the median yearly compensation for a primary school teacher is close to $46,000. The maximum salary is close to $75,000. She probably could have done about the same as a teacher. Kellner’s salary increased once she decided to pursue bodybuilding as a profession. Flywheel Sports have hired Kellner at Avalon in the role of regional manager.

The number of people living in the United States who regularly visit fitness centres is increasing rapidly. The owner generates a sizable yearly income if one looks at the accounts and charges per individual. Kellner receives a sizable annual income as a result. The fees for Katy’s Thousand Oaks fitness centre are different. You may pay $1.5 for a single day or $2 if you decide to become a member. The yearly cost of an All-Access Pass may add up to $547.5 on average per member. Her wealth may be due to her job as regional manager at Flywheel at Avalon.

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