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Jalicia Nightengale is a famous figure in the modelling world. In the areas of Bridgetown, Barbados, she took birth in 1993. Nightengale got recognition as a rising star in the modelling industry with her eye-catching appearance and glowing blue eyes. She is a gorgeous dark-skin model with the shining blue eyes that catches everyone’s attention. In Europe, Nightengale has made an appearance in beauty adds for prestigious companies. Also, she is active in some acting roles.


Jalicia got blessed with the beautiful blue eyes from her father in the family. It is a recessive gene that isn’t seen much in every family generation. Blue is an attractive shade with a vibrant and sparkling appearance. Jalicia’s blue eyes represent what beautiful eyes are! Of course, she got a lot of attention with this beautiful feature, and it helped her stand out from the crowd. Though, she never thought to opt modelling as a career option.  

Things were not the same when she was in her school as only strangers stared upon her. A different feeling was among the locals regarding her blue eyes. At her school, she had even to get a written letter by her mother, proving that she isn’t blind due to her blue eyes colour. She got to experience envy from locals because of unusual eye colour and even she suffered from bullies too. At a point, she got tired of bullies and staring and missed a term to attend the school. Often, people used to put questions regarding her eye colour, and she got defensive with such behaviour at her young age. In her 19-years age, her boyfriend convinced her to shift to Switzerland and begin her modelling career.

Personal life:

Nightengale doesn’t come up much about her personal life. She got encouragement from her boyfriend to pursue modelling as a career option. In her romantic life, Nightengale is not much out with everything. From the Barbados life, she got a complete change in London. Nightengale has stood out from the crowd as an individual personality getting over those bullies and strangers staring at her in childhood. In her work career, she has been to several places all over the globe. Though, she has a desire to work for Barbados upliftment and start inspiring modelling scouts over there.

The professional details of Jalicia Nightengale

After Jalicia graduated from high school at 18, she started her career as a professional model. She eventually moved to Switzerland, where she entered the local equivalent of “America’s Next Top Model.” Besides New Version Models, she has modelled for Scouts Models Agency and other major modelling companies. She now works for London’s The Arts Club after having done some modelling for various companies and goods. She has modelled the Ethologie By Jasper Garvida collection on the runway. She’s done more than just model for Hollywood: she’s been in blockbusters like “Justice League” and “Star Wars.”

Jalicia Nightengale’s Profession as a Model

Model and sometimes-actress Jalicia Nightengale is from the Caribbean island of Barbados. The attention she received due to the teasing about her stunning blue eyes led others to suggest that she consider a career in modelling. Her boyfriend at the time persuaded her to relocate to Switzerland and become a fashion model when she was just 19 years old. She was determined to make it big in the industry, so she kept sending in auditions for “Switzerland’s Next Top Model” despite knowing that she would likely be rejected several times due to the modelling industry’s bias against women of colour. She had worked hard, and it paid off when she was accepted into the competition; the Top Model franchise is well-known worldwide as a venue for identifying promising new models. In addition, she has been featured in an advertising campaign for Andy Wolf Eyewear. 

Jalicia Nightengale’s Projects in Acting

When Jalicia’s modelling career ended, she wanted to pursue acting. She now devotes a great deal more time to her acting career. She’s dabbled a little by portraying an Amazon warrior in the “Justice League” film. Her character was present in various moments as the Justice League fought Steppenwolf at Wonder Woman’s home of Themyscira.

She also said that she had a cameo in the “Star Wars” franchise not long before “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” was released. She didn’t say what her part would be in the film, although many famous people have briefly appeared in Star Wars films. She also unveiled the Melanin on Melanin picture series, highlighting different women of colour.

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The physical appearance of Jalicia Nightengale

Jalicia is gorgeous since she is thin and in good health. It is reported that Jalicia, the ultra-beautiful woman she is, is 6 feet (183 cm) tall and maintains a body weight of 60 kg (132 pounds). Her precise physical characteristics are still unknown. Body dimensions are around 34-26-37 inches for the bust, hips, and waist. Nonetheless, her thin build is beautiful. She’s famous in the modelling industry for her striking good looks, particularly her blue eyes and chic black hair.

Get to meet Jalicia Nightengale on social media

Galicia has a sizable online community across Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. She has over 72,000 people who follow her on Twitter and over 84,000 on Instagram. She verified Instagram account had been taken down, though. Similarly, she has more than 1.7k Facebook likes.


The blue eye gorgeous lady had a relationship with Che Hebson (British Musician) for three years. When Jalicia came to Britain to meet Che, she was surprised with a marriage proposal from his side. With happiness and love, she accepted his proposal. It is out that both are close from the college days and after graduation completion, they tied their knots together in 2012.

Net Worth

In early 2020, Nightengale owns a net worth of around $700,000. Most of her earnings are from a modelling career. She’s been to several places in the world to cast in the catwalk shows, advertisements, and throw glamour in the print ads. Also, several publications featured the gorgeous blue eyes, Nightengale. She’s also active in promoting equality for the models with dark-skin.

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