Secret behind Jorge Garcia weight loss! How much did he lose?

Humberto Garcia and Dora Mesa got blessed with Jorge on 28 April 1973 in Omaha city, Nebraska. Jorge spent his childhood in Orange County, located in California. He took admission at the California University in Los Angeles and graduated with a Communication studies degree. Jorge also enjoyed schooling at Beverly Hills Playhouse, which is a well-known one for acting.

Recent news gave light upon Jorge Garcia’s losing weight. You must know that he didn’t have any diseases that made him weigh too much in this light. Instead, his eating habits were not healthy, and he turned out to be an overweight person. Also, his eating habits were making him come close to diseases.

In his career journey, Jorge never considered paying attention to his unhealthy eating habits. Also, his weight wasn’t any threat in his journey. However, he had to lose some weight for acting in LOST. But it was a significant disappointment for the fans who were waiting to see Jorge after weight loss as he didn’t lose weight enough to make a difference. As a result, he started following his unhealthy eating habits.

After reaching a weight of 400 lbs, doctors tried to advise him regarding leaving such unhealthy eating habits. Though, nothing much happened with that!

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Journey behind Jorge’s weight loss:

A professional dietician and expert fitness trainers took in their hands to help Jorge lose weight. He was guided with a healthy diet to follow, leaving the unhealthy eating habits. Also, Jorge switched to a Nooch Diet. His diet included protein-rich foods, veggies, low card foods, and fruits, along with the workout sessions. Also, he left his drinking habits and got over 30 pounds with all this.

Though he isn’t successful in losing more pounds, he came back to his earlier lifestyle habits.

Jorge started developing the possibility of health risk with his overweight as he could face cardiac attack or diabetic problems. Many healthcare experts took a look into his eating lifestyle to find out a solution.

Fans were excited to see Jorge, who lost so much weight. The Hollywood famed actor lost around 100 lbs (45 kgs) when LOST directors asked him to lose weight. Jorge came up with his habits in the talks that he left and switched to healthier ones that helped him in his weight-loss journey. For the weight-losing purpose, Jorge followed a healthy diet and rigorous exercise sessions. Though Jorge never showed that he has any problems with his weight, he needs to decide to see health risks.

In an interview, Jorge revealed that he used to exercise for 2 to 3 hours daily. In the initial days, he couldn’t get over the weight that made him switch back to past habits. However, Jorge didn’t give up on losing weight. With the help of exercises, it helped him lose a lot of weight. Some exercise sessions include push-ups, running, arms circles, jogging, and sit-ups. Jorge’s heart got filled with happiness when he was able to see good outcomes.

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