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Libby Offutt is a famous figure and Randy Moss’ former girlfriend. Moss recognizes as an American football player known to be a part of the NFL (National Football League) and San Francisco 49ers. Libby often shared a tremendous glam due to her relationship with Randy. Both even got blessed with four children. In 2016, Libby came into headlines due to Moss’s accusation upon her for spending his $4 million money on drugs.  Also, Randy made another accusation upon her for leaving away the children. Later on, Libby concluded that Randy made all the false accusations of taking away her children.


Frank Montgomery Offutt and Margarette got blessed with Libby on 1 November 1975 in the USA. Libby has two sisters Angela and Jennifer. All the children grew up together. During her schooling years, Libby fell into a relationship with Randy Moss. Libby has gone through issues related to drug abuse in her past. Though, Libby claimed that she wasn’t in drug abuse. Moss even accused Libby of drug abuse, but Margarette (Offut’s mother) came out to support her. Thaddeus and Sydney, Libby and Randy’s children, are following their career as a sportsperson.  Thaddeus follows his father’s profession as a football player, and Sydney is interested in basketball. Thaddeus had also achieved by representing the LSU Tigers football program.


Libby got admission at Saint Albans High public in Kanawha County, West Virginia. After passing from there, she headed to the Riverside High School or DuPont High School as a former name. Libby turned out to be an excellent sports student in her schooling time and always got an edge over others in swimming. At the fictitious “DuPont High School,” she first became acquainted with her future partner, Randy Moss. Because of her connection with Moss, her classmates directed racial comments against her and Moss. Offutt and Moss received death threats once it was revealed that they had a relationship with someone of a different race.

The physical appearance of Libby Offutt

Elizabeth Ann, better known by her nickname, Libby Offutt, was born under the sign of Scorpio, which is connected with tenacity, ambition, and faithfulness. Libby is not just a citizen of the United States but also hails from a mostly white family. She has a body mass index of 62 kilogrammes (136 pounds) and a height of 5 feet 6 inches (1.68 metres). Her stunning blue eyes and wonderful blonde hair are a bonus on top of her already exquisite appearance.

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The relationship details of Libby Offutt

A student at ‘DuPont High School,’ Libby Offutt, ended herself pregnant with Moss’s child. Her daughter, whom she called Sydney Nikale Moss, was born on March 6, 1994, and she named her after her mother. Offutt was a senior in college at the time that she gave birth to her daughter. After the birth of their child, Offutt and Moss saw an uptick in the racial mocking they had been exposed to. In response to one of these comments, Moss became involved in a fight, which resulted in his being kicked off his scholarship at “Notre Dame” and terminated any chance of playing football for the school. In 1995, he was imprisoned for his involvement in a fight, and as a result, he served time in jail for three consecutive days.

In 1996, Libby Offutt and Randy Moss were pulled back into the public glare when arrested on domestic violence charges. Offutt then said that she and Moss had a physical altercation when an argument got out of hand and that Moss had thrown boiling water at her. Senali, Thaddeus, Montigo, and Sylee are the four extra children born to Offutt and Moss due to their dogged determination in the face of adversity. After their relationship ended, Moss later got married to a woman named Lydia. He said that Offutt had wasted $4 million on drugs and had rejected medical care from professionals. In addition, he said that she had deserted their children, compelling him to give up football so that he could concentrate on his family’s upbringing. In January 2017, Offutt ignored Moss’ claims as untrue. She even claimed that Moss and Lydia wouldn’t allow her to see her children.

Personal and family details of Libby Offutt

Frank Montgomery Offutt, Libby’s father, worked for various businesses during his life. These were “Monsanto,” “Goodrich-Gulf Rubber plant,” “Kanawha Valley Chemical Industry,” and “MTI Engineering.” In addition to the responsibilities of his position as deacon, he also served as Chairman of the “Board of Christian Education.” When Offutt was a child, his father was diagnosed with a rare degenerative illness known as “pure autonomic failure,” which eventually led to the man’s death. During this time, Offutt’s father passed away. Following the operation, he died away on November 28th, 2012.

Libby Offutt has a troubled past regarding her drug misuse. Despite this, she claims unequivocally that she has not used illicit substances since 2007. When Moss accused her of engaging in drug misuse, Margarette Offutt, Offutt’s mother, came out to defend her daughter. The couple’s children, Sydney and Thaddeus Offutt compete in athletic events. While Thaddeus decided to become a football player like his father, Sydney decided to pursue a career in basketball instead. He is a member of the Louisiana State University football team, the LSU Tigers (also called the Fighting Tigers).

The Net Worth details of Libby Offutt

Libby, whose sole claim to fame was that she was engaged to Randy Moss, has been unusually quiet since the two of them broke up. It is anticipated that she will have $100,000 in money in the year 2023. Throughout their marriage, Libby shared an equal portion of her husband Randy’s inheritance of $62 million with him. During the last year of Randy’s professional contract, the family relied heavily on the $2.5 million income that he received. For his 14-year football career, Moss amassed $82 million in earnings. The Randy Moss Motorsports with HTM squad competed in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series when the former NFL great was the team’s owner.

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