Woah Vicky Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

In 2000, on March 7, Victoria Rose Waldrip took birth in Georgia, located in the USA. Rose Waldrip has Pisces birth sign, and she an American lady, and she is also called a Woah Vicky. Woah is mainly well-recognized as a model, and her social media account Instagram.

Woah, Vicky’s Childhood and education

Woah’s childhood days were spent in Georgia, but she resided in many places such as Hiram Atlanta and Marietta. At an early age, Woah started looking forward to her career in modeling, and she used to be happy when she saw women coming front cover page of magazines as models. Woah completed her matriculation from a High School in Marietta, and after that, Woah did not receive a college degree and developed her career in modeling.

Modeling career by Woah Vicky

Woah served many types of jobs and maintained her economic condition. However, Woah created her Instagram and became popular. Woah got fame soon because of her stunning looks, and also she got a chance for her photoshoot. Woah signed a contract for modeling at the topmost Georgia modeling firm, and she gave lots of photoshoots at a time in various prominent US magazines. Woah also posed for many top-notch commercials ads for plenty of organizations. Woah is also the best-known YouTuber, and in 2013, she created her channel, and she is having over 700,000 subscribers, and her videos are seen by nearly 28.5 million people. Besides, Woah is one of the top rappers, and in 2018, her SoundCloud was launched, and in 2019, April Money Counter was another album released.


She began her career as a host in a restaurant because she was greatly influenced by music, and she enjoyed her profession. She continued because she could not stiff herself there due to a family matter. She became well-known after Snoop Dogg and Chief Keef began spreading her work and praising her artistic abilities. Her original lifestyle and fashion ideas soon give her a huge name. She released her debut album, Woah, in 2018 because she loved music a lot and always wanted to be a social media celebrity.

Her other hit tracks, such as “went out Bad,” “Back In Front,” and “In The City,” enjoyed great success. She gains popularity as she positions herself as an American black woman with a fair skin tone. This contentious act greatly enhances her life, and her fan base grows significantly. Vicky signed up as a YouTuber in 2013 and immediately began posting amusing videos, pictures, prank videos, cosmetic tutorials, fashion tutorials, etc. Along with writing words, she occasionally tunes her music as well.

Music career

Victoria Rose Waldrip made her musical debut in 2018 with the tune “Woah Vicky” and released numerous other singles. Her musical career greatly aided the star’s return.

Personal and love life of Woah Vicky

Woah keeps quiet in her matters, and she did not reveal anything about her past and present. It was a rumor; in 2017, Woah had a relationship with a man, and they dated each other. But this relationship did not last for longer years and separated in six months only. It was also considered that Woah is having a relationship with a male, but according to the media, she is single now and has no children.

Woah Vicky’s Hobbies and interesting facts.

Woah love to travel, and she visited many parts of the USA and European destinations such as Turkey, Italy, and Sweden. Woah loves to watch films even though, Fifty Shades of Grey and Sex and the City while Rick and Morty and Gossip Girl her favorite TV series. Woah maintains her body and goes for a workout at the gym every day. Woah emphasizes particular glutes and legs area.

Controversy and rumours

Vicky is the most prominent public figure who enjoys rapid growth in popularity. This person is well known for her music, singles, and fashion trends. Woah Vicky’s contentious remarks about the skin tone of black Americans place her in the spotlight and on social media. Woah, acknowledged having a black complexion. She was imprisoned because her statements were misinterpreted as her complexion. She was once more jailed in 2018 for acting impolitely and kicking a police officer in a mall in North Carolina. Vicky was thrilled and happy when some followers drew close to her. When a police officer attempted to protect her from the commotion of her fans, Vicky became enraged and kicked the man in the face. She was then brought to the police station, where it was established that she was an American of white skin.

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Social media handles

Victoria Rose Waldrip, also known as Woah Vicky, is a popular figure on social media. In 2019, she created the Instagram account, sharing content related to her style. Soon after, she launched a new blog channel on YouTube, which features prank videos, makeup tutorials, brand reviews, and music singles. As of right now, she has 1.14 million subscribers.

Out Looking and Body Measurements 

Woah Vicky has a fit and structured body shape. The structure of Woah Vicky body is slim. Woah Vicky has short and shiny hair with the colour of blonde. Woah Vicky has a gorgeous and good-looking eye, which looks black. The body measurements of Woah Vicky are 33 inches in the breast, 27 inches in the waist, and 35 inches in the hip, so the overall measurements of the figure are about 33-27-35 inches. Tattoos are not in

body parts, and we can’t express as much confidence.

Appearance and net worth of Woah Vicky

Woah’s age is 19 years now. Woah’s hair is brown, and her eyes are also brown. Woah’s height is 5ft 4ins (1.63m) tall, and her weight is unknown. As per a genuine source, the net worth of Woah Vicky is available greater than $200,000.

Woah, Vicky’s Social media presence.

Woah is extremely on her social media accounts. In 2018, Woah Vicky created her Twitter account that 6,300 people follow. Woah’s Instagram account is followed by around, and 670,000 people on her Facebook page follow her.

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