Khalyla Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

Khalyla is a well-known American social media personality, and she is best known as the co-host of the podcast named Tigerbelly, along with Bobby Lee, her husband. The podcast has thousands of subscribers and millions of YouTube views. The podcast Tigerbelly is also available on iTunes. As a co-host, Khalyla interviewed many famous stars, such as Eric Stonestreet and Jordan Peele.

On October 31st, with full name Khalyla Kuhn, she took birth in Cebu, in the Philippines. She is a 36 years old podcast Asian-Afro host and an ex biochemistry teacher. She has gained popularity over the years, as she is involved for a long time with comedian and famous actor Bobby Lee since the days of podcasting “TigerBelly” in 2015. During the last decade, she had several other successes in her career.

Early Life And Childhood

Kayla Kuhn was brought up by her parents in her hometown, alongside her only sister Julianna Kuhn. Their father was an Egyptian whose profession and name are unknown, and her mother is a Filipino named Marites Kuhn. During her adolescence, Khalyla Kuhn became inclined towards the functions of organisms and wildlife in general. Khalyla holds American nationality, and her birth sign is Scorpio. Khalyla has three siblings, but one sibling’s name is unknown, and the other two siblings’ names are Julianna Kuhn and Khawinda Kuhn. At a young age, she moved to the United States with her mother. She has not disclosed more information about her childhood.


Speaking about her education, she went to a hometown school whose name is not yet known to the public, and from there, she completed her matriculation in the year 2002. She then got herself enrolled into a University, name unknown, based in the Philippines, and from there, she student her favorite subject, biochemistry, and from there, she completed her graduation with a major in biochemistry in 2006.

Talking About “TigerBelly”

TigerBelly, within a few months of release, made the prestigious podcast of All Things Comedy, which has brought her enough popularity and added largely of Bobby and Khalyla’s net worth. Crafted by Bill Burr and Al Madrigal, legendary comedy show podcasters, this show showcases several amateur and famous comedians. It ran for more than four years, with a single episode per week, totaling 216 as of early 2020.

The Early Career of Khalyla

Khalyla started her career as a tutor and began teaching microbiology, anatomy, and physiology subjects. After her relationship with Bobby Lee, she began to work as a co-host for the podcast named Tigerbelly on the YouTube channel. The podcast has gained more popularity in a short time, and the YouTube channel has more subscribers. The track has more than 300,000 subscribers as of now, and also it has more than 45 million views. Some of the most viewed videos on the channel include Hila and Ethan Klein of H3; Tom Segura Shares his Limo, Theo Von & The Frisbee; and Theo Von & The Peace Meats. Then Lee and Khalyla has started their second YouTube channel named TigerBellyClips, and in the channel, they began to post some of the highlights of their primary podcast channel. 

The Successful Professional Path of Khalyla

Khalyla podcast will also be found on the platforms iTunes apart from YouTube and iTunes, it has received many positive reviews from viewers, and at the same time, it got some critics. At the same time, the podcast will discuss topics such as politics, sexuality, racism, ethnicity, and many others. 

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Personal Life Of Khalyla

Bobby And Khalyla met for the very first time in the sets of TigerBelly. But it was later revealed that they met on Tinder first. They entered into a romantic relationship just after their very first date, and the bonding is proven to be strong as of yet. Bobby and Khalyla married each other on an unspecified date in 2016, only attended by family and close friends. The couple currently resides in California with their pet dog. They do not have any children as of yet.  The couple currently resides in California with their pet dog. They do not have any children as of yet.

After marriage, Khalyla started to gain more popularity, and she began to get some hate comments from social media that she was married to Le to get media limelight ad money. She has also taken rebut claims on her Twitter about it. In 2022, Bobby and Khalyla joined the podcast to announce that they had split. This announcement shocked their fans, and many people knew the reason for the split. There are also some rumors that they both divorced and separated, but they had not announced any news about their divorce when the couple split and lived in different places.

Some Special Guests Of TigerBelly

Bobby Lee is a friend of pornstarAsa Akira, and that was confirmed when they were seen in a personal visit in October 2015. For that reason, Asa Akira is now friends with Bobby’s wife Kayla too.

Social Media presences and interests of Khalyla

Khalyla is very active on social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram. Her official Twitter account was created on January 18, 2014, and now her account has more than 17,000 fan followers. She is also active on Instagram, and she has more than 130 000 fan followers, and she will use to post more of her pictures and videos in it. She is inactive on social media platforms such as Tik Tok, Facebook, and YouTube. She did not have a personal channel than a podcast. Khalyla is a tattoo lover, and she has many tattoos on her body. As an animal lover, she will use to take care of injured animals, and she likes to read more books in her free time.

 The Riches Of Khalyla

As per authoritative and liable sources, Khalyla’s net worth is currently placed near 550,000 US dollars. She earns 10000 US dollars per month or even more.

Khalyla‘s Bodily Appearance

She had breast surgery back in 2015. Her exact weight and vital statistics are not yet disclosed to the media. Her height is 167cm. She possesses dark brown colored hair and eyes, with tanned skin.

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