Linda Cohn Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

On November 10th, 1959, Linda Cohn took birth in Long Islands, based in New York, USA. She is known to the public as a sports reporter, but especially for her works with ESPN. She is a part of ESPN’s flagship program, which is called “SportsCenter”. She is working for the famous sports network since the year 1992, and for them, she covers some high-profile events relating to sports for the channel.

Early Life And Childhood

Linda became very much inclined towards sports, probably due to her father. Her father used to watch and enjoy different kinds of sports on TV. To play, and as encouraged by Linda’s mother, she began to play hockey. She even played alongside and against boys. She started to play as the goalkeeper in Ice Hockey. For her lovely talents, she was selected in the men’s team of her high school.

Educational Background

After completing matriculation from a hometown high school, she enrolled at the New York State University based in Oswego. From there, she completed her graduation, in mass communications, in 1981.

The physical appearance of Linda Cohn 

Linda Cohn is a lovely sight to see despite her advanced age of 62 years. The 62-year-old woman has an amazing appearance for her years; she stands at 5 feet 5 inches (1.65 metres) tall and weighs 57 kilogrammes. Her excellent look is accentuated by her small body, which measures 37-26-36 inches, hazel eyes, and shiny blonde hair. The well-known sports journalist wears a size nine shoe, but when it comes to clothing, she goes with a size 8. After As soon as Linda admitted that she had had cosmetic surgery, she moved from being a stunningly beautiful person to being the subject of much interest and discussion among the general public. She is said to have had surgical procedures in all of the significant areas.

Career Beginnings

After completing graduation, she kick-started her career for an amateur radio network named WALK-AM, a WALK-FM counterpart. She used to be their sportscaster for about four, and after she gained a bit of experience, she left the New York located station and went on to work for various other radio networks.

Works For The ESPN Network

After her early preliminary works for the ESPN Network, she even improved and started cover inter-college basketball matches. In 2005, her contract with the network even extended and ended up covering the National Women’s Basket Tournament matches. In addition, she became the regular morning show anchor of “SportsCenter”. During weekdays, she joined the regular evening shows related to sports, especially basketball. Her current live event is named “Closely listen to Linda Cohn”. She has been writing articles for its website, and alongside, she interviews several high-profile players, figures, and celebrities. In 2018, ESPN made it public that they made a multi-year contract with her, making her the most long-term working sportscaster. Along with basketball, she has currently started to cover hockey tournaments as well, which takes place throughout the year.

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Personal Life

Cohn is a married woman, and she has married Stew Coffman in the year 1980, and they have made a daughter and son together since their marriage. But after twenty-eight years of living together, the couple finally went through a divorce in 2008. After her divorce from Stew, she started to date Matt Voity; with him, she has lived together for a decade before separation. She is currently single. Due to the fact that she resides in New York, she never misses a game of the Rangers, Knicks, Mets, or Giants, and it should come as no surprise that her children feel the same way. During an interview on the radio, she blamed the corporation’s perceived lean towards the political left for the company’s falling number of subscribers. Because of her remarks, she was taken off duty for the foreseeable future.

Get to meet Linda Cohn on social media

Linda Cohn is a popular sportscaster for ESPN and an influential social media user. She lets her followers see her videos and look at her images. The growing number of her photographs contributed to a rise in her level of notoriety. Linda Cohn is an active participant on a number of different social media networks. She maintains a broad array of accounts across various social media platforms. She has over 235,200 followers on Twitter and 53,200 followers on Instagram, proving that she is an active user of both social media platforms.

Because of this, the sportscaster’s internet following is curious about her personal life and wants to know more about it. She logs onto Facebook just like the rest of us do. She has something in this area of 9,875 individuals following her on this site. She often provides fresh stuff to those that follow her. She also spends a lot of time on Instagram, where she posts pictures of her life in California, her painting studio, and her friends, family, and pets, such as her two kids and their dog, Babs.

Net Worth

As per credible sources are concerned, Linda Cohn’s total net worth is 10 million US dollars. Her career in sports broadcasting spanned more than four decades, during which time she amassed a substantial financial fortune. According to her deal with ESPN rules, she receives more than $3 million in annual compensation. She is also the author of an autobiography, which contributed to expanding her wealth. She is estimated to bring in something in the neighbourhood of $3 million per year from her career.

Moreover, the woman, 62 years old, may now lead a life that is both comfortable and luxurious. In addition, she is widely recognised as one of the most well-known ladies in the annals of sports broadcasting. She was recognised with this award in 2014 for being one of the top 25 most influential women in sports. Her remarkable skills and accomplishments as a sportscaster for women are impressive, and the fact that she is such an example to others speaks volumes about her.

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