Joanna Jedrzejczyk Breast Implants & Her Problem Cutting Down Weight to Strawweight Limit

Did you know about Joanna Jedrzejczyk? She is a Polish professional mixed martial artist and former Muay Thai kickboxer. This 33-year-old player was born on August 18, 1987, in Olsztyn, Poland, in a Catholic family. She was engaged to a former football player but broke her relationship due to some personal life difficulties.

About Joanna Jedrzejczyk

She made her promotional debut at UFC on Fox in July 2014, and she won. She is now fighting as a strawweight. It is a mixed martial arts division, somewhere between the atomweight division and the heavier flyweight division. People keen on fighting championships are well familiar with Joanna, a former UFC Women’s Strawweight Champion. She is currently a professional player in the women’s Flyweight and women’s Strawweight divisions for the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Joanna is now on #2 and #6 in the UFC women’s strawweight rankings and UFC women’s pound-for-pound rankings, respectively. Joanna played and won many matches and have many accomplishments against her name.

Personal details of Joanna Jedrzejczyk

The fact that Joanna prays before each fight exemplifies how her religious beliefs have shaped her approach to combat, and these convictions have been a driving force in her success. The Polish fighter keeps her personal life away from the ring a secret. The fierce one discusses her family and friends on social media quite seldom. Joanna has been engaged in the past and has been in meaningful relationships before the engagement she is now in. It was revealed that the fighter ended the marriage due to emotional differences.

Joanna’s controversial breast implants

Joanna Jedrzejczyk has been in the news recently for her controversial breast implant. There have been rumors about the plastic surgery done on this former UFC Women’s Strawweight Champion’s breasts. People following Joanna on the internet over the years have noticed a sudden change in her body shape that has created headlines. Her fans say that she had small breasts before 2018. They got skeptical about how her breast grew enlarged at the age when breast development is ceased. There was no reason for pregnancy. Their suspicion came out as truth.

Joanna’s problem cutting down weight due to breast implants

Joanna’s breast got enlarged compared to her early years on WFC that is due to breast implants. Her initial breast transformation was spotted in mid-2018. Her snaps on Instagram reflect signs of breast augment surgery. She has no records of surgeries on her organs, but she indeed went for breast implant plastic surgery. She feels it normal and un-notable, as many people undergo implant surgical procedures for a glamorous look. It has no side-effect and doesn’t affect professional life. She proves it by doing stern training and winning her fights after breast implants. Breast size is not a requirement in Joanna’s sport. She has not described the reason for her transplants. It could be, she wants to look more glamorous to her fans. Joanna’s only problem is the trouble cutting down her weight, keeping it within the strawweight limit of 115 pounds. It is between 106 and 115 pounds. She declined UFC’s offer to fight with Michelle Waterson last year, having trouble limiting her weight.

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The career details of Joanna Jedrzejczyk

For ten years, Joanna competed as a Muay Thai athlete, amassing a record of 70 victories and winning six world titles and four European titles. She has a professional record of 27 wins and two defeats in kickboxing and an amateur record of 37 wins and three losses. Joanna’s first MMA fight was on May 19, 2012, and she has been competing ever since. Then, in July 2014, she inked a deal with the UFC. The 26th of July, 2014, marked her professional debut.

On December 13, 2014, at UFC on Fox 13, Jdrzejczyk challenged unbeaten Straw-weight top contender Cláudia Gadelha and won through a controversial decision to face Carla Esparza for a UFC Straw-weight title. She defeated Carla Esparza in UFC 185 and, in doing so, made history as the first Polish fighter to win a UFC title. At UFC 217, she fought Rose Namajunas and unexpectedly lost by TKO in the first round, giving the championship to the more intimidating Namajunas. 

How she combats

It is not natural for everyone to cut weight because people’s bodies behave in different ways. Joanna got to the strawweight division more than five years ago when she signed with the UFC. Joanna is very conscious about her career as a strawweight fighter, and she is doing the best to maintain her weight. The Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) circles speculate the breast augment surgery for trouble cutting weight. See how Joanna combats the situation.

Awards and achievements of Joanna Jedrzejczyk

  • Championship of the Unified Fighting Championships for Female strawweight.
  • Five times the champion has successfully defended their crown.
  • The first fighter of Polish descent to win the UFC title.
  • Most Women’s Strawweight Unanimous Decision victories in UFC history, tied with Angela Hill and Tecia Torres.
  • The most in a single UFC bout is +78 leg kicks against Michelle Waterson.
  • The third European to win UFC.
  • Featherweight champion of the J-Girls for 2009.
  • The 2013 World Professional WBKF Champion!
  • As of 2010, Europe’s top WKF fighter.

The Net Worth details of Joanna Jedrzejczyk

During the preceding two years, Joanna did not participate in any activities associated with the octagon. On the other hand, it is said that the Polish boxer has a net worth of around $4 million. Because of her exceptional performances in Muay Thai, kickboxing, and mixed martial arts (MMA), Joanna Jedrzejczyk has earned a sizeable income. This money is the result of her many years of professional competition.

Since 2014, Joanna has been a veteran of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), during which time she has faced top-tier opponents in important battles. According to The Sports Daily, Joanna has raked $2,292,000 while competing in the UFC. Joanna won $300,000 for her involvement in the finals of The Ultimate Fighter in 2016, the year she served as a coach on the programme. Joanna’s Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) participation has provided her with several more benefits.

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