Secret behind Nathan Fillion weight loss! How much did he lose?

Nathan Fillion is a famous American and Canadian actor. He is known for a prominent role in Firefly and gained glamour because of his stunning position in the Castle series as Richard Castle. He is acting in “The Rookie” TV series wherein he is in a police officer’s character. In recent times, he is the hot-news for losing so much weight. Fillion has featured in several series and is a famous figure.

Everyone is talking about the secret behind Nathan Fillion’s weight loss. It is simple as the actor regularly follows a balanced diet and regularly performs the exercise with the workout session.

Fillion’s weight Loss journey:

Nathan Fillion came into publicity in recent times for losing weight. Many fans gossip about Fillion’s weight loss journey, and they got surprised to see him in a completely new look after losing weight in the movies and series.

When Nathan Fillion made his entry on the screen, fans rumored that around 30 pounds are lost.

Nathan Fillion followed cycle riding, yoga, diet, and swimming in his weight-loss journey. He maintained a strict routine after seeking help from trainers and doctors. He kept on doing activities like walking and running in his pleasure time to lose weight.

Fillion has also come-up with the weight loss journey for the fans. On different social media sites, too, he is present actively and giving attention to his fans. Fillion never preferred to go for surgeries or any other artificial way for weight-loss. Being an actor by profession, he preferred natural methods.

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How did Nathan Fillion lose so many pounds?

Before beginning his weight-loss journey, he took advice from his trainers and doctors regarding natural methods. His trainer came up with a diet plan, including a vegan diet, raw diet, Keto diet, and blood diet. Along with the diet plan, he also relied upon different workout sessions for weight loss.

After waking up, he began his day with exercise and yoga session. In his diet plan, he only took fibers, calories, and proteins. While having dinner, he took vegetables and meat. He never ate any fatty foods such as pasta, sugar-rich food, or dairy products. After avoiding all such foods, he was successful in maintaining his blood sugar and insulin levels. In his keto diet, he kept avoiding any shakes for a rich protein with gelatine and sugar. For sweets, he eats fruits. He drinks coffee and tea that are sugar-free.

As he took advice from his doctor, he decided not to take any protein powder and other supplements. Avoiding all such things, he kept his focus on eating fresh fruits and vegetables. For boosting energy and skin glow, he eats spinach and brown rice that are easy-to-digest foods.

Nathan Fillion exercise routine:

Fillion prefers to be active in exercise sessions rather than focusing on dieting. With swimming and yoga sessions, he makes sure that he gets hungry. Fillion relies on eating fresh foods like carb and sugar-free foods. By following exercise and workout sessions, he was successful in maintaining body-weight. Apart from training, he follows meditation and yoga to be healthy and feels energetic.

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