Brawadis Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

On June 23rd, 1995, Brandon Awadis took birth in California, USA. Therefore, it proves that he holds American nationality, and his zodiac sign is Cancer. He gained popularity and recognition for his YouTube Channel, where he generally uploads many videos regarding his life and others related to the game of basketball. Brawadis has amassed millions of followers on his self-titled YouTube channel thanks to his many games, challenges, sports videos, and trip vlogs. His full name is Brandon Awadis, but most people call him Brandon. In addition to that, he is a passionate commentator for the National Basketball Association and a dedicated fan of the Phoenix Suns basketball team.

Education And Childhood

His parents brought up Brawadis in the city of San Diego. Almost nothing is known of her parents, as of now, as Brawadis is very secretive regarding his parents to the media. However, they were shown in one of his videos on his YouTube Channel, and he calls them Papa Rug and Mama Rug. Brawadis’ sibling is his brother, named Brian, who has been the director of Faze Clan, a top-rated team and competes with the video game Call Of Duty.

All of his life almost, Brawadis has given all his attention to basketball, his evident passion. He was not that great initially as he began to play for his school team, but he always watched live matches and became an analyst for the National Basketball Association. Since his last days of school, he has been in love with journalism and hence studied journalism for his graduation degree after enrolling in a college.

Brawadis’s Girlfriend And Love Life

Brawadis has maintained a high level of caution about the women he has dated throughout his life. He has only divulged details about one of the women he has dated. Only after the breakup of a relationship between her and another man did he stop talking about his personal life completely. Reportedly, Brawadis met Jackie Figueroa online in January 2016, and the two began chatting on Instagram before agreeing to meet in person; the two officially formed their relationship before the end of the year.

Jackie and Brawadis called it quits on their relationship in the summer of 2017 after she was accused of cheating on him, even though they seemed quite happy together. Jackie’s ascent to online popularity and notoriety on Instagram may be largely attributed to the fact that she was in a relationship with Brawadis at the time. After ending his relationship with Jackie, Brawadis is said to have dated several women he met online in the time that followed. On the other hand, he has not divulged any information regarding his relationships outside his relationship with Jackie. According to the information that can be found on his web pages, he does not currently have a partner or any children.

Interests And Other Hobbies

Besides being a YouTuber, Brawadie has many other hobbies too. He has a special place in his heart for cars and often posts about his cars on social media, especially Instagram. He likes to live his life lavishly, and besides posting pictures about his cars, he also owns a luxury mansion. However, the exact cost of his lavish mansion is yet not known. He can also be generously termed as an animal lover, and he has a Husky love dog as his pet whose name, though, is yet not known.

He often visits his local zoo and seeks opportunities to interact and establish a friendly relation with the animals. He also says that it is rude to keep the wild animals imprisoned. As a basketball fan, he misses not even a single NBA match. Since the first day he set foot in a high school classroom, he has been a devoted follower of various sporting events. Basketball has been his leisure activity of choice throughout his academic career. He watches many games, both live and on television, and sometimes plays pick-up games with his buddies. Both of these activities are common for him.

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The profession as a YouTuber and other accomplishments

When Brawadis initially started his career on the Internet in February 2013, he did so by registering for an account on the platform known as Vine. His was one of the first accounts ever registered on the Vine website. However, Brawadis was never really active on Vine, and when the whole programme was taken from the internet, he did not transition to TikTok, the new Vine. Rather, he elected to relocate his video to YouTube. On April 3, 2015, he started submitting videos to YouTube.

His his library has more than 830 million views combined. His channel features not just vlogs, which are films in which he documents his day-to-day activities, but also videos in which he participates in challenges, plays pranks, gives responses, and plays hoops. Even though most of his focus is on his YouTube channel, Brawadis continues to take a strong interest in basketball. Although his name does not appear on the executive roster for the NBA franchise, the Phoenix Suns, he now works as a writer for the worldwide sports journal VAVEL and is commonly considered the team’s manager. His name does not appear on the roster of executives for the NBA franchise, the Phoenix Suns.

Get to meet Brawadis on social media

Brawadis has established a fruitful career on the internet. Thus, he is not only visible on YouTube but also has accounts on a variety of other social media platforms. Since he first created his account in March 2012, he has accumulated about 320,000 followers and has posted over 48,500 tweets. The popular YouTuber maintains a Facebook presence in addition to his Instagram one, but only around 3,000 people like it. He has more than 1.2 million followers on Instagram and uploaded more than 210 photographs.

Net Worth And Appearance

Brawadis is 26 years old. His height and weight are not known. He has black colored hair and brown colored eyes. His net worth is around 2 million US dollars.

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