Angela Means Kaaya Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

Angela Means Kaaya is a well-known actress, chef, and entrepreneur born in 1963, and she is best known for acting in films and television series like House Party 3 and Friday. She owns and runs a vegan/ vegetarian restaurant named Jackfruit café, and she also acting and working as a producer in the film named The Regiment. Angela is an advocate for social justice issues and is very active on all social media, with more than 30 000 followers.

Kaya was born in Michigan, located in the states where her date of birth was 1963, on November 19. Kaya has a Scorpio birth sign, and she is a renowned actress and the best know businesswoman. Kaya is well-recognized for her many popular shows on TV.

Kaya’s Early life and educational background

Angela was born and brought up in her hometown Michigan as a single child, there is no information about her parents’ names and occupations, but they both have a farming property of 154 acres. She has not shared much more information about her childhood life and also about her family members. From childhood, she has been interested in acting and decided to pursue her career as an actress. She has developed a strong affinity for performing and also, and she has been interested in cooking since her childhood; she used to cook along with her mother in her free time. Talking about her educational qualification, she studied in the local high school in her birthplace in Michigan, but the name of the school she studied at is unknown.

Kaaya went to a high school for study, and in the year 1981, she got a matriculation degree, and Kaaya did not obtain her college certificate.

Career of Kaya

In the 1992 year, Kaaya started her TV screen debut in a series of In Living Color. Kaaya also appeared in the role of Houston Officer Houston in a show of Hanging in 1993. She worked on many series and TV shows, and they are House Party, The Cherokee Kid, Valentine’s Day Massacre, Cousin Skeeter, Sprung, Vanessa Walker, and many more. However, Kaaya was also featured in a movie named A Luv Tale.

Then, Kaya kept her aside from acting and moving to do many types of jobs, like she served a chef, director, photographer, and others, and then her arrival was Customer Service Sucks. Then kaya worked in a shop where she used to sell different types of foods like desserts, beverages, and many more. Angela set up her restaurant and named Jackfruit Café, where she started selling different kinds of vegetable foods.

The successful career growth of Angela Means Kaaya

Angela started her career acting in the television series In Living Color aired in 1992, and she acted in the series for more than two years. In 1993, he acted in the episode of the television series Hangin with Mr. Cooper, and in 1994, she first got the chance to act in the film House Party 3, which was again released in 1995 as Felisha on Friday. She has got more popularity than she got a chance to act in the films such as Bye Felisha. In 1996, she acted in the film The Cherokee Kid; in 1997, she acted in the film Sprung; in 1998, she acted in Cousin Skeeter. Angela acted in more than 52 episodes of Vanessa Walker aired in 2001. In 1999, she acted in the film A Luv Tale. 

Then she worked many jobs such as chef, photographer, chef, archiver, and video director until 2008. In 2014, she started to sell her line of desserts in the shop named RAWkin Juice, located in Burbank, California, and she worked there for more than three years. In 2017, she decided to start her restaurant named Jackfruit Café. She sells her dessert and many vegan and vegetarian meals in that place. Angela has appeared in one popular magazine, Page Six, LA Weekly, Essence, and many others. In 2018, Angela acted in the television series The American Family Dreamers, and in early 2020, she acted in the film The Regiment. Angela will work with many fundraising events to help charities boost funds for many young sportsmen. 

Kaya’s Love life and marriage

It is said that Angela Kaya dated person Brad Kaaya Sr, and he was a screenwriter of Cousin Skeeter and Damon. In 1990, they tied in a knot, and together they have a son named Brad Kaaya Jr, a well-known footballer. As the public says it, there might be some issues in their relationships, but nothing is known about this matter. After the divorce, Angela was not in a relationship with anyone and mainly focused on developing her career. Also, she used to spend more time with her son Brad, and she helped him to achieve his dream.

Kaya ate meat

As per as report even, Angela maybe is a vegetarian, and she built her restaurant where only vegan meals are served. Still, in the mid 80 and 90s, Kaya was a non-vegetarian, and where that scene was caught eating meat in a photograph by Kaya.

Vital Statistics of Kaya

Kaya’s height is 5ft 4ins (163cm), and her weight stands around 136lbs (62kgs), and Angela’s body measurements are 35-26-35. She wears 7US show size along with Kaya wears 34B bra size. Besides, Kaya’s hairs and eyes are deep browns in colors, and her skin complexion is quite tanning.

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The net worth of Angela Means Kaaya

Many reliable sources claim that at present, Angela’s net worth is available up to $300,000, and this all money was earned through Kaya’s acting and her excellent skills from her restaurant. Still, she earns from her owned restaurant every day.

Angela Means Kaaya’s Social media presence

As we got to know, Angela is the best-known actress and industrialist; Angela is very active on her social media platforms. She has more than 3000 fans from her Facebook account, and on Twitter, she has almost 10,000 fans and around 22,000 fans from her Instagram account.

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