Brenda Harvey-Richie Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

Brenda Harvey-Richie is a woman who is famous as Lionel Richie’s wife. Lionel is a renowned singer, best-known TV star, and a renowned fashion designer.Lionel is also a television personality and has appeared as a judge in the reality show American Idol.

Early life and family of Brenda Harvey Richie

In 1952, on September 2, Brenda Harvey took birth in Alabama City in the USA. Brenda has a Virgo zodiac sign, and she is an American. Brenda’s father’s name is Marshel Harveyrenda, a veteran of WWII. Her mother’s name is Lucile Harvey, and she worked as a school teacher and guidance counselor; also, she mastered Social studies and English, where Brenda studied. Her mother is a black woman from Alabama who has written proposals for Head Start and Upward Bound.

Her mother is the first person who graduated with honors from Central College in Pella, Iowa. Brenda has a brother named Stephen C. Harvey; there is no information about him. Brenda’s aunt Evelyn Woods is also Biology and chemistry teacher, and she is working at Southern Normal High School. Her cousin Dr. William Harvey is working as a president of Hampton University. Her other aunt Mary Louise Tucker is also working as a teacher, and she taught Brenda while she studied at Jr College, located in Monroeville. Brenda has godchildren such as Isabella Davis Rickel, a model, and Mariella, a model. 

Brenda Harvey-Richie’s Educational background

In 1970, Brenda completed her matriculation from Brewton High School. Brenda also took part in many dance competitions and also school sports. In 1974, Brenda went to the University of Tuskegee and got a graduation degree in social work. Brenda joined Monroeville College for self-development training.

The career of Brenda Harvey Richie

Brenda mainly started her career in the music field, and she is one of the top music composers. Brenda’s music was also in huge demand by the public. Brenda Harvey wrote a song named Penny Lover. Afterward, Brenda Harvey joined with a top-notch country singer. Brenda Harvey holds a CEO position, and also she is working as a head in Richie Publishing.

Brenda Harvey Richie’s Personal life and relationship with Lionel Richie

Brenda had a relationship with a guy Ingrid Willis during her college time. But, suddenly, Brenda Harvey dated Lionel, and both met at the University of Tuskegee. Also, Lionel Brenda showed interest in tennis sport. Finally, in 1975, on October 18, they tied in a knot; they have two children together now.

The Relationship details of Brenda Harvey Richie

Brenda Harvey is single now, and she married Lionel Richie in 1975 after many years of dating. The couple did not have any children, so they adopted Nicole Camille from her friends Karen Moss and Michael Escovedo because they couldn’t afford to bring her up as there has a hard time at the time of her birth. When Nicole was three years old, she moved to her biological mother, Richies. Later when she turned nine, Brenda and Lionel officially adopted her. Then in 1986, Lionel started to date Diane Alexander, a dancer in a troupe, and in 1988, Brenda came to know about their relationship, which made her broken heart.

She decided to witness their meeting where Lionel and Diane met in the Beverly Hills hotel apartment. Brenda entered the room as a room service worker from the door; later, she attacked Diane and Lionel. The police officers arrested her and let her go on bail when she paid $ 21,000. On August 9, 1993, Brenda and Lionel officially divorced; after the divorce, she did not marry anyone and is not in a relationship with anyone.  

Brenda Harvey’s Ex-husband, Lionel Richie

Lionel Richie is a prominent American singer, record producer, songwriter, and television personality. His father is Lionel Brockman Richie Sr., and he worked as a U.S. Army systems analyst. His mother is Alberta R. Foster, a principal and teacher. Lionel spent his early life on the campus of Tuskegee Institute along with his family members. He studied at the  Joliet Township High School, located in East Campus in Joliet, Illinois, and in school, he was a member of his school tennis team and played in many tournaments. Then he got a scholarship, so he joined Tuskegee Institute and studied Bachelor of Science degree in economics and a minor in accounting.

Lionel Richie career

Lionel started the group named R & B Groups in the mid of 1960s, and in 1968, he started his career as a singer, saxophonist, and Commodores. Then they signed a contract with Atlantic Records in 1968. In 1982, Lionel released his self-titled debut solo album. Then he released many solo albums in the upcoming years, such as Can’t Slow Down in 1993, Louder Than Words in 1996, Renaissance in 2000, Coming Home in 2006, Go in 2009, Tuskegee in 2012, and many others.. 

Brenda Harvey Richie’s Hobbies and interesting facts

Brenda loves to hang out with her friends, and she likes to visit events for charity events. Brenda loves to spend most of her time with her children and grandchildren. Brenda also loves to prepare foods, and she likes to make foods in her kitchen.

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Social media presence of Brenda Harvey Richie

Brenda has owned many social media accounts, and she has an Instagram page with over 1,400 posts and 10,000 followers. Brenda Harvey also has a Twitter account that has nearly 38,000, and it has 16,000 followers.

Appearance, fashion by Brenda Harvey Richie

Brenda’s hair is natural black wavy hair, and her eyes are brown. Brenda’s height, weight, and body measurements are unknown. When it comes to Brenda dressing sense so, she loves to wear stylish long outfits, and Brenda also prefers wearing blazers and heel sandals. Brenda also visits many events and functions.

Brenda Harvey Richie’s Net worth and salary

As per an authoritative source, presently, the net worth of Brenda is calculated greater than $15 million, whatever money and net worth all she gathered from her business career. On the other hand, Brenda Harvey’s former husband’s net worth is estimated at around $200 million, and Nicole Richie Brenda’s daughter’s net worth is available more than $10 million.

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