Andre Murillo Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

On May 18th 1990, Andre Murillo took birth in Bremerhaven, a place located in Germany. As per his zodiac sign is concerned it is Taurus, and he belongs to American and German ancestry. Andre is a famous personality because of him being a good basketball player and also for being the husband of Tori Kelly, the loved American singer and songwriter. 

Early Life And Family 

Murillo’s parents are Vera and Michael Murillo, and he was raised with his sibling, a sister named Michelle. Although his German-born Andre almost spent all of his life in Lake Forest, a place in the state of California was went to the El Toro School for his schooling. Andre Murillo is famously known as a basketball player who spent more than half his early age in place of Bremerhaven and California. He has migrated to the United States with his whole family at 12. Andre Murillo has more interest in the variety of sports games which may include baseball, football, and basketball. Among these three sports games, Andre Murillo has chosen basketball as his career or profession.

College Life Studies And Basketball

After completing his matriculation, he got into the University of Concordia, where he played basketball for the season of 2008-2009. Due to personal consequences and facing problematic issues in his life, he went to the University of Biola, leaving Concordia, where he had chosen Biblical studies for his primary and played his favourite basketball game. 

Height and weight of Andre Murillo

Andre Murillo is usually a taller person, so this is the main reason for choosing his career in basketball. His tallness is the main positive feedback for Andre Murillo. The actual height of Andre Murillo is 2 meters. And the weight Andre Murillo is approximately 174 lbs, with a diet plan and regular exercise.

Appearance and Body Measurements of Andre Murillo

Andre Murillo’s shoe size is about 8 US, and he does not have any kind of tattoo on her body parts. Andre Murillo has smooth and shiny hair with black color. Then the eye color is Dark Brown.

Murillo’s Career Till Now And Net Worth

Murillo started his professional sportsman career playing basketball for the team called Hamburg towers in the pro A German basketball league. Many of his family, uncle and grandfather, lived in Hamburg.

After completing his engagement term with Hamburg, he moved to play in Rostock for the Seawolves’ team. 

His Net Worth, as of his age of 30, is around 1 million US dollars. 

Exciting Personal Life of Andre Murillo 

Murillo is not a very secretive man and is quite outspoken. He loves to share events of his life on social media platforms, especially Instagram. 

He often mentions about his ex-girlfriend, but her whereabouts are not known. Murillo and Kelly, began to date each other in the year 2016 and Murillo, in the following year of 2017, proposed her to marry. Their wedding was held in the year 2018, which was diligently followed by the media, and their marriage also influenced on social media. They seem to be a very happy married couple after their marriage, as Murillo often shares their photos together with self-written love quotes. The couple, as of now, has made no children of their own, but they have small nieces and nephews to enjoy with. Andre and his wife are both devoted Christians by religion. 

Andre Murillo Knife Incident

Andre Murillo accidentally faced one of these situations in the year of 2009. On April 25, it looked like a spring season in her town. On one side, he attended a basketball game, while on another, times he had a fight that may stick him more. The knife wounded him severely, which may result in the Andre Murillo of internal in her lungs. Andre Murillo did multiple operations to regain his life because of the accident. When coming to the report, Andre Murillo has spent more than three weeks in the hospital to get back him. As Andre Murillo got more attacks on the party, he used drugs to manage her pain to be kept as comfort after he came from the hospital. As soon as he became more addicted to it, he quit Concordia University and then went to the Biola University, where he got a chance to forget everything that happened in her past life.  

Social Media of Andre Murillo

Andre Murillo is currently active on social media, in which he usually uploads images and pictures or updates regarding her friends, family, and other types of information about him. Recently also, Andre Murillo posted a pic taken in the year 2022 with the caption “End of Years Highlights” on 2023 January 6.

Short Introduction to Tori Kelly, Andre’s Wife

On December 14th 1992, Loren Victoria Kelly took birth under the zodiac sign of Capricorn, and she is 28 years old as of now. She launched her career as a YouTuber, in a very short span of time, her talents got noticed. She belongs to mixed ancestry and ethnicity as his parents shared German, Irish, Jamaican and Puerto-Rican ancestry. She was interested in music since her very childhood and wanted to become a singer. After being the finalist of the “American Idol,” her career as a singer has kick-started. 

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Net Worth of Tori Kelly

Tori are one of the most famous and best females in the profession of singer and musician, where she is used to getting an income with more gain. Tori’s collection of songs and albums will get and reach revenue to millions of them. By the year 2013, Tori Kelly’s net worth is about more than 3 million dollars. She also performed as a Vocalist in many other countries. This may be happened according to her tour dates, which can be planned and executed correctly. This may also lead to gaining some of the most significant amounts for him. Tori Kelly is also an ambassador for the excellent quality of a clothing line, which can be owned by William Rast in the year of 2015.

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