Aaron Goodwin Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

He is a very well-known man who became famous for his counteracts with spirits and ghosts, part of his job as a television reality star. On the Travel Channel, a show called “Ghost Adventures” is being broadcasted. Since it is a very widely popular television show, you might have heard Aaron Goodwin’s name at least once in your lifetime. Audiences of the show are left stunned by his fearless and extremely dangerous visits into the mysterious and often unattended world of the supernatural. He is held responsible, the fearless one, to counteract solely with the ghosts in the occult locations he visits. His show is full of surprise and suspense that are audiences are often found biting their nails at the edge of their seats with their eyes wide open.

How Dangerous can his search for ghosts be?

He has three huge scratches which have turned brown with age, but the scar remains evident, running all the way through his whole back, which he claims is due to a zombie attack on him once, during his works from for the show of the Preston Castle.

Childhood And Educational Background

By nationality, Goodwin is American, and Aries has a zodiac sign. On the 1st of April 1976, he took birth in Portland, in the state of Oregon in the United States of America, but his spooky interests grew on him when he moved to Los Vegas. He is not married and has no children. However, she has a sister named Amy Goodwin.

Aaron Goodwin’s early career

Aaron Goodwin is a well-known paranormal investigator; he has worked on many projects and has appeared on some TV shows. Aaron has worked as a cameraman for the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Also, he hosted some the shows like My Hometown with Aaron Goodwin and The Perfect Shot with Aaron Goodwin in 2003. Then he engaged in Malevolence in 2004, and later he appeared in the shows like The Late Show with James Corden, ABS News Nightline, Today, and Possessions. Aaron has started to appear in Ghost Adventures and Serial Killer Spirits, and later he worked as an executive producer for the Swamp Media Group. Aaron has worked in Space Detectives, and also he has worked on many projects in the film industry. He has his own Big Stepping clothing and accessories brand, and also he will use to sell paintings and many artworks. 

Aaron Goodwin And his Famous Adventures Regarding Ghosts

Goodwin was hosted in the pilot episode back in 2008, and hence kick-starting his career as an investigator of the paranormal. The show showcases extremely haunted and potentially dangerous locations with Aaron and his small crew. Aaron is the fearless man who provokes the initiatives to be with the ghosts as much as he can alone. He endeavours to connect and establish a slight relation with the spirits and take out information about their paranormal world. Their job and the visit endeavours, for obvious reasons, happens mainly during midnight, and that time is considered to be the spookiest among any other time throughout the day.

Aaron Goodwin’s successful career

The show has haunted locations explored by Zak Bagans, Billy Tolley, and Jay Wasley. The show’s initiative is to be left alone with ghosts to attempt to connect with the spirits to collect evidential materials. Then the team will interview the people who have encountered ghost presences and potentially experienced paranormal things; most of their job will involve overnight in haunted places. Aron has been assigned to many other engagements, and one of the team members will work with the camera.

The program aims to attract the reaction to supernatural disturbances and provide proof of paranormal existence in haunted locations. Later the show was aired on the Travel Channel, and they started to produce it as an independent film. Then the show aired as a series, premiering in October 2009. It has aired for more than 21 seasons with more than 200 episodes. Aaron started a career as a part of the show, gained more popularity, and appeared in the show from 2008 to 2018 for more than ten years. In 2014, there were some rumours that Aaron was dismissed from the TV series, but it was only a rumour, and even after that, he appeared in the series. Aaron has also asked the audience not to believe the rumours as if it was false news. Then the channel confirmed that Aaron was not fired and he was in the part of the show.

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Social Media Presence

He remains quite active on various social media platforms but mainly on Instagram and uses it to post photos of his daily life events, professional or private. Goodwin also enjoys being on Facebook and Twitter and has accounts on both of them.

Aaron Goodwin’s Appearance

A considerable transformation of physical appearance can be noted of Aaron Goodwin. He used to eating quite a lot of junk food resulting in a obese body but now through the help of healthy died he has been able to shade away almost 40-50 pounds out of his weight. He currently weighs 90kgs with a height of 190cm.  Aaron has black colored beard and dark brown colored hair and eyes.

Net Worth of Aaron Goodwin

Out of his quite illustrious career in television reality shows, Goodwin has earned himself a net worth of about 1.5 million US dollars.

Personal life of Aaron Goodwin 

Aaron Goodwin was in a relationship with Sheen, and they both got married at the beginning of the Ghost Adventures filming. But the marriage life did not last long for him, and Aaron blamed the supernatural forces has influenced his personal life. He also mentioned that they both spilt up of supernatural. While Aaron appeared in the Bobby Mackey Music World, he announced that his marriage life did not last because of the supernatural. Even after the divorce, they are both on good terms as friends. After that divorce, Aaron was not in a relationship with even and did not marry anyone, and he is single as of now.

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