Abby Ham Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

Abby Ham’s birth destination is Georgia Atlanta of a USA state, and Abby’s date of birth was the year 1980, and the month serves September. Abby is Virgo, and she is purely American by nationality. Anny gathered her fame when in Tennessee, she became a TV anchor of the channel WBIR TV. Abby Ham is a morning new reader anchor in an American and journalist. But now, she is an anchor for WBIR and an NBC affiliate in Tennessee. Furthermore, she is previously worked on television, such as WBIR-TV, WKYC-TV, and WTAP-TV. She is the producer of the WTAP show, which is done at 5:00 am in Parkersburg. At the same time, she has an eagerness to produce the 11:00 pm show on the same WTAP television. 

Abby Ham’s Childhood and educational background 

Abby’s childhood time experienced very strugglingly, and in a city of Arizona placed in Tucson, eventually, Abby settled down. Abby’s career starts at 7 when she sees many eminent TV reports and anchors. Abby, every time has seen a dream to become an Anchor, and Anny was very determined towards her life and dream. Abby achieved a degree from Tucson school. After this schooling, Abby moved to study at Arizona University. From that University, Abby completed his education in the journalism broadcast with a BA degree. Forty years old Abby Ham, who is lived in the location of Philadelphia and Dallas with her parents and a younger brother. She lived in this place before they moved to Tucson. Abby Ham has completed her bachelor’s degree in journalism from Arizona University.  Abby has not disclosed any information regarding her parents’ names and occupations because she will use it to keep her personal life away from issues.

Abby Rise To TV Reporter 

With a 2002 year, Abby led to a career in a WTAP TV channel and all at once, Abby got her career in a high position. She was completely able to improve and boost her knowledge and expertise from this career field, and though, Abby accomplished awards of Associated Press rewards. Abby also served her duty in News Today Channel and WBIR 10 as she developed her profession as a career reporter. 

Personal life of Abby Ham

Abby’s personal life of marriage is where Abby and Lambert are peacefully spending their time together for almost 15 years now. In 2005 with a month of August, Abby and Lambert met and in 2007, both got married after spending enough time dating together.  

Abby has a son name is Hatcher Ham Lambert, and both couples mostly pay attention n their career so, they thought to have only one child as of now. 

But there was a rumour about Abby that she has was going to separate from Lambert, her husband, but shortly, this rumour was proved false.

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Another marriage of Abby Ham

The reason cannot be determined why Abby Ham got divorced from their ex-husband, whose name is Herbie Lambert, after the two children. After that incident, Abby Ham had a change in her life. That is, she planned to get married to another guy name Travis May. He is a famous anchor on the channel. Both of them were dated, and they got ready to start a new married life. So that both of them got married in 2019 on December 27, they got married in place of St. John episcopal cathedral. After a few months, they prepared to invite a new baby. By the year 2020, she got a girl child on October 20. The name of her daughter is Robbie Battle May.

But Abby Ham already has two sons born for her and her former husband, Herbie. Now there is a total of three children. Her husband Travis loves her stepson like their own children. Now they were spending their time with the new cute born baby. 

 Hobbies and interesting facts about Abby Ham

Abby likes to drink wine, but she is a light drinker; but Abby’s favourite fluid is coffee, and Abby always begins her day by sipping coffee first. Abby also loves applying makeup, and she mostly likes to do makeup over eyelashes. Once, Abby thought in her life to step into a makeup artist’s career prior to moving a reporter. Abby likes travelling to many beautiful spots, and even Abby travelled to various countries of Europe with hubby and wants to journey throughout the Asian and African countries.  Abby likes to cook new dishes for her family; her favorite cuisine is Italian.

Abby Ham’s net worth and Appearance

Abby’s age is now 39 years. Besides, Abby is owned with golden-brown hair and having sapphire eyes. She has a height of 5ft 2ins (1.57m). 

As the survey says, Abby has present net worth calculated above $600,000 and from her journalism career, Abby earns every month around $85,000.  Abby Ham’s net worth and salary of him cannot be revealed. Still, in the year 2022, it found out that their salary of Abby Ham crossed around 800,00 dollars in their bank balance when she started a career in the particular field of journalism in that her role as an anchor in the WTAP television in place of Parkersburg which is precisely located in west Virginia. She has been working for that station until the period of 2006. Abby Ham has joined another TV channel. The name of another TV is WBIR Television, an anchor, but she only works on that TV every weekend, and at the same time, she worked as a reporter for so many years. At 40, she started working on the channel WKYC in the year 2017 on October 3. After that, she left WKYC in the year of 2009 on June, and then she returned to rejoin the channel WBIR television. Now she has been working as a morning news reader anchor on the television station. Now as per the online source of Abby Ham’s net worth total count that the range may vary from 14,000 dollars to 875,000 dollars.

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