Nikita Kahn Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

Nikita Kahn is a model, animal rights activist, and actress who is about 47 years younger than her boyfriend, Larry Ellison, the fourth wealthiest person in the USA. Nikita is a lady of just 28. Larry Ellison is a well-known hotshot in the computer business and technology of the world, as he is CTO of the Oracle Corporation. Nikita Kahn is a model in America, an agent of real estate, and an animal rights activist. More than that, she is highly popular in the way of her husband, the 7th wealthiest man Larry Ellison in the world. A celebrity from Russia moved to America after completing her higher education. Today, the celebrity who is 30 years old has achieved milestones through her talent and hard work.

The Early Days Of Nikita Kahn: Childhood, Early Life And Education 

Nikita Kahn, whose real name is IrynaOsipova, was born in 1991 in Ukraine, the former Soviet Union. Her exact date of birth is not known, and hence her zodiac sign is also hidden. Since she was born in Ukraine, she holds Ukrainian nationality. She was raised in her hometown, her native country, by her parents, and after completing her education, she moved to the USA for her career. 

From Kyiv National University of Trade And Economics, she opted for a degree in hospitality tourism. After that, she pursued MBA and earned the degree. Since her very childhood, she has been learning and practicing gymnastics and ballet dancing. Nikita was good and talented in dance from the age of 5. Talented Nikita moved to the USA to start his career in the field of real estate business. After getting much more interest in the real estate business, Kahn began her own company that deals with remodeling homes using different classic designs. Furthermore, the celebrity nikita also participated with a wildlife center in California to develop animal tights and protect them. 


Her Career: The Real Estates

After completing her education, she moved to the US, looking for a real estate job that will suit and kick-start her career. Later, she found her own real estate company, which provides home decors, re-modeling, and other services. She knew that to be a renowned and successful interior designer and decorator; she needs an architectural engineering course. So, she opted for one and completed it. An Upscale hotel in Malibu, owned by her boyfriend Larry and Chef Nobu Matsuhisa, was one of the mentionable projects she has worked for as an interior decorator and designer.

Besides advocating for animal rights, Nikita is a model for America and an actress in film, a businesswomen, etc. Nikita can take gymnastics training from the age of five, and she also can do ballet dancing. She has contributed as an advocate for animal rights protection and a philanthropist at California Rescue Center. In 2014, she also raised 600,000 dollars for the California Rescue Center. Nikita has a better ability to make an interior design with a better creative idea. Nikita also serves as some of the services on the boards for the Peninsula Humane Society and the SPCA. Nikita also raises their hands to the center of Rhino Rescue, located at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. The director of this film is Aaron Harvey.  

 Life As An Actress And Producer

She has also tried to do great in film productions and acting, as she is a multi-talented person all the way through. Her debut was in 2011, working for a crime-drama film “Catch .44”, with co-stars that are Nikki Reed, Deborah Ann Woll, and Malin Ackerman. Not only that, but Nikita has been animal rights and safety activist for almost a decade now. She also made documentary movies regarding this topic named “The Last Animals” in 2017. 

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Personal Life 

Nikita’s past relationships have nothing known, as her current one with Larry gained all the spotlights. For a decade now, almost Larry and Nikita have been together. Larry had four marriages before, known of them worked and all divorced.  The CEO of the Oracle Corporation and the president’s credits go to Larry Ellison. Larry has been married four times and divorced due to her past relationship with boyfriends. Larry consists of two daughters whose names are David and Megan. Both of them are pride and joy for Larry. Larry’s children are from his third married to Barbara Boothe. When coming Nikita’s point of view, he boyfriend is seven years senior to him. Her boyfriend has a restaurant that has revealed his name in it. The name of the restaurant is Nikita Malibu. The particular item of that restaurant is an Italian item whose contain chef’s name is Massimiliano Blasone were specialist in Italian recipes.  

Nikita’s Appearance And Net Worth 

Though she is not as rich a person as her boyfriend Larry Ellison, she has accumulated a wealth of about 25 million dollars from her complex earned endeavors. As an actress, her earning will reach up to 25 million dollars, and also she has worth 14 million dollars for a property high in the sky in Los Angele. It is approximately about 4450 square feet in size. The larger home structure is on the tallest building floors and has only one level below the bottom of gigantic penthouses.

The house’s finishing looks good-looking and contains polished hardwood flooring on the four side surfaces. It includes many features, including four bedrooms and six bathrooms with highly finished floors. This house’s primary specialty is high-end finishes, meaning polished hardwood floors are essential.

 As far as her appearance is concerned, Nikita has brown eyes and blonde hair. Her height and weight, respectively, are 5ft 6ins (167cm) and 110lbs (50kgs), with the picture-perfect vital statistics of 34-26-35.33B is Nikita’s bra size. Nikita’s favorite color is baby pink. She loves to go shopping, travel, and listening to music, etc. Nikita loves traveling to the place of Miami.

Social Media presences of Nikita Kahn 

Nikita Kahn is active on social media platforms; on her Instagram account, she has more than 2.5 K followers, her user name is @bynikitakahn, and she has posted more than 187 posts. In April 2012, she created her Twitter account with more than 625 K followers.

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