Elke The Stallion Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal life

Elke The Stallion, whose real name was Elke Madler, was born on 27th March 1983 in Leipzig, then East Germany. Her date of birth suggests that her zodiac sign is Aries and she got both German and American nationality. Elke is famous for her Instagram account as she is a well-known social media personality and a model of plus-size.

Elke’s Childhood And Life As A Student 

Elke was born in Leipzig, East Germany but only lived there for two years or so after her birth as her parents moved and took her to West Germany, Frankfurt. Later, by herself, she moved to the USA. From a school in Kriftel named Konrad-Adenauer School, she completed her graduation and got a bachelor’s degree in Business, Economics, and English in the year 2005.

Elke’s Career Details

Only at the early age of 14, Elke launched her career as a model, and to do better in the field, she decided to leave Germany and move to Los Angeles, California, USA. There she could kick-start her career and became the cover face of renowned magazines such as ”Thick Magazine”, “Urban Curves” and “Flava Magazine”. Whereas, her first photoshoot endeavor was for the Summer Bunnies and Eyecandy Modelling. When she reached the age of 18, modeling offers flooded at her from all around Europe including countries like France, Italy, Sweden, etc and she became the cover face of European magazines like “CHEDDAR”, “ENFLUENZE” and “CRAZE”

Apart from modeling, she is also a social media giant. Her Instagram account has crossed one and a half million followers which her YouTube channel has got a whopping 250,000 subscribers. She is one of the most successful Instagram influencers as a model. 

Elke The Stallion’s Career Details

 The first music that can be appeared by Elke is tilted as” I Like the Way You Move,” which is the favorite of Elke by OutKast. More than that, she has been featured most wanted famous rap artist such as Eminem, 50cent, and D 12, which can be titled “smooth girl,” “Show,” “Straight Stuntin,” and some others, respectively. Nowadays, Elke The Stallion’s name is founded on the number of websites or shots on the internet, such as. Some sites include summer business.com, youtube channel, and BET.com, some other sites used to be found anywhere. Elke was famously featured by using a show titled “Los Angeles Ink.” It Is a type of reality show that can be hosted on the TLC channel and more than that, she has been seen on the part of the channel from TMZ also. In addition, it can be compared with many other rape models such as Lisa Raye, Esther Baxter, and vida guerra, some of the name taken in high range rap models.

Personal Life 

In 2015, Elke has started dating a former adult film actor named Justin Brent. Justin is currently a footballer who plays for the Fighting Irish American Football team of Notre Dame. They dated, Elke and Justin, for a few months but then decided to break-up. Before dating Elke, Justin was dating another adult film actress Lisa Ann. 

Besides everything Elke also has the responsibility of motherhood. On 20th March 2009, in Beverly Hills, California, Elke gave birth to her only daughter Jayla Franklin. Nothing is known of Jayla’s father though. Her date of birth suggests that her zodiac sign is Pisces and she holds American nationality. She raised her daughter to be a model just like herself. She has been, now, modeling for various modeling, photoshoot, and entertainment companies. Apart from that, Jayla is a very film gymnast. She has taken gymnastics classes at the very early age of four years. There is some possibility to attract Ike, a man should always pose tall, lean in structure, dark in color, with tattoos, and be a lovable person, and the last important thing is that he must be confident. The man has a natural ability when he approaches anything at any time. He must be expected in state and polite in condition but has confidence and swag. Elke The Stallion’s favorite sex position is from the side of him, whereas she loves some of the styles during sex, such as missionary pose and doggy style. Elke strongly believed that most men were attracted depending upon the parts of Elke The Stallion her body, such as her green eyes, her booty, and her muscular legs. Elke The Stallion can firmly believes that men were connected with him through some of her body’s attractive parts. More than that, she also believes that men were attracted due to the enormous size of her parts, such as D breasts. 

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Appearance And Net Worth Of Elke The Stallion 

Elke a woman in her late 30s has green eyes and black hair. Her height and weight respectively are 5ft 7 ins (170cm) and 165 lbs (75kgs), with 38-27-46 being her vital statistics. Her net worth is estimated at around 500,000 US dollars

Hobbies and interests of Elke The Stallion 

Elke The Stallion always enjoys leading a lavish lifestyle and seeing through expensive items. She always used to wear costly cloth, jewelry, etc., more than that, and she loves to enjoy wearing a dress and doing cosplay, with the new costume being the character of The Cheshire Cat, which is from “Alice in Wonderland,” a kind of an animated movie. Elke The Stallion loves tattoos, so she has several tattoos on her skin. On her right-hand arm, she tattooed her daughter. Additionally, she went to travel to all the countries, and then she traveled to several places of European countries at the beginning of his career. She also traveled throughout the United States this year, including his favorite spot, Miami. Elke The Stallion likes to spend her free time on the beach, so she only loves the summer season as her favorite. Elke The Stallion also enjoy by way of watching show and movies with her favorite series, such as “Fifty Shades of Gray” and also the “Sex and the City” which is followed. She is more fond on being of listening to a piece of rap music with her lovable performer.

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