Nicole Threatt Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal life

Being herself an Attorney, Nicole Threatt is renowned as the better half of the popular American record producer and rapper Dr. Dre, who was born Andre RomelleYoung. Not only that, but Nicole is also known to be the ex-wife of Sedale Threatt, the retired professional basketball player. 

Childhood Days, Family Background And Life As A Student 

Nicole Threatt, who is also known as Nicole Young, was born with her real name Nicole Kendra Plotzkerin the USA, on 1st January 1970. She got her surname Threatt from her first marriage, that is with famous basketball star Sedale Threatt and she got the surname young from her second marriage. The actual place of her birth has not been ever disclosed to the media or the public. She holds American nationality and it is assumed that she has mixed ethnicity. Nothing is disclosed really to the public regarding her childhood days, parents, their vocations, and siblings.

When her education is taken into account, we see that Nicole is a non-practicing law graduate. She completed her graduation in 1990 but the institution is not known. Although she had the opportunity to behave in a profession as a lawyer, she prefers to know as a mother, housewife, and socialite. 


Threatt worked as an attorney for several firms, after earning her law degree. However, after marrying basketball star Sedale she said goodbye to her attorney career and became a housewife. She never went back to her career as an attorney since then. However, She is looking after her second husband’s production company snd his other business activities also. 

Personal Life: Marriage with Dr. Dre

The two, Dre and Nicole met at a time when Sedale and Nicole were still married to each other. A letter written in 1995 by Dre, which conveys his affections towards Nicole spread like wild-fire. The very next year, Sedale divorced Nicole. After that Dre and Nicole dated for a few months before they eventually got married. They had a strong long-lasting relationship since then. 

Marriage with Dre also helped Nicole to sneak into the celebrity world. The couple, Nicole and Dre, had two children together. In 1997, their son Truth was born and in 2001, their daughter Truly was welcomed by them. With his earlier girlfriend Michel’le Toussaint, he had his Marcel. He also has two more children namely Curtis Young, and daughter La Tanya Daniele Young. He also has another son named Andre Young Jr. from Jenita Porter, who died due to a drug overdose in 2008.

About marriage with NBA star Sedale Threatt

Nicole Threatt was one of the national basketball players who are now retired from the association of national basketball players whose surname is not identified. From 1983 to 1997, his contribution to the NBA Nicole Threatt played a major role in the Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers and another team he played. The couple can be married in the year of 1992, were the age of Nicole Threatt was about 22 years old. After three years, the marriage is going to end. They were planning to get a divorce with them. But till now, the update regarding Nicole Threatt, the private life of Nicole Threatt is more suspicious when it comes to Nicole Threatt’s life. It must be proven as true.

The details about Nicole Threatt are more suspect, and he is hiding from the outer world. So there is no update or details regarding Nicole Threatt’s life on the celebrity sites. According to some sources, the relationship between Nicole Threatt and his wife is so bumpy and quite in condition with a constant fight. Both of them where get divorced due to another relationship with Dr. Dre.

During his career period, Nicole Threatt has owned many awards and also some popularity in his career time. More than that, he has played in the Los Angeles Lakers, and then the Nicole Threatt marriage to him may lead to a good and decent amount of popularity in his period. However, up to his 2nd marriage, Nicole Threatt has been a true celebrity for his ex-wife as well as fans also. 

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Personal Life: Marriage with Dr. Dre

When it comes to a couple’s personal lives, it seems to keep their relationship is always secret. It is to be noted that the perhaps of interest in some of the sources may have been writing to Dr. Dre came by cheating Nicole Threatt with the famous model Kili Anderson. However, the rapper’s career responds to them completely regarding the major sources of photos, and the mentioned girls can be removed from social media by threatening him. More, it is just a simple form of controversy that can be involved some of them, including a rapper.

His ex-wife, Michel, is eager to release an autobiography in that she has specified many things. In particular, she mentioned that she had been threatened and some had abused him physically while together. The rappers and then Nicole Threatt remained and kept silent about this incident that can happen in it.

Nicole Threatt: the presence of Social media 

The main reason for the scarcity of information about Nicole Threatt is lacking an online presence, especially on social media. Due to his lack of presence on social media, we could not receive valuable information about him. She does not have any accounts on social media or any of the major platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc., as nature has given with the relationship with Dre and some of the controversies that have surrounded her husband so that she has been preferred to keep out of his life from the spotlight. This has mostly appeared in her husband, particularly occurred in public events.

Nicole’s Physical Appearance And Net Worth

Nicole Threatt is a well-maintained woman of 52, with long dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. She is about 5ft 8ins in height, but her weight and vital statistics are not disclosed. Nicole’s net worth details are not known to the media but it is assumed that she is enjoying her husband Dre’s mind-boggling wealth, which upon estimation, is about 740 million dollars

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