Kristen Messner Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

Kristen Messner is a photographer best known as the wife of the famous musician Lindsey Buckingham. In 28th February, in Los Angeles, California United States Kristen Messner was born. Her birth year is 1970. Although she is a photographer herself, she is probably famous for her marriage to Lindsey Buckingham, the popular music artist. Before discovering himself as a solo artist, Lindsey rose to immense fame as the vocalist and lead guitarist of a band of the hard rock genre, named Fleetwood Mac.

The Early Life of Kristen Messner

Kristen Messner has not revealed any information about her parents’ names and occupations. She has been engaging in photography from an early age. She is 53 years old as of 2023. While talking about education qualifications of Kristen, there is no information available because she needed to reveal details regarding it to the media. She may be graduated from the local high school in Los Angeles. Kristen spent her early life in Los Angeles with her family, and she holds American nationality, and her ethnicity is unknown. 

The Physical appearance of Kristen Messner

While talking about Kristen’s physical appearance has a height of 5 feet 9 inches or 177 cm, and her body weight is 60 kg. She has beautiful pair of hazel eyes and blonde hair. She has a suitable body type with a fair complexion, looks pretty healthy, and will always prefer to follow the diet. 

Career And Life of Kristen

At a very young age, Kristen started to pursue her dream and her passion, photography. She was a part of the band, Fleetwood Mac, as a photographer for their albums which became commercially very successful. The band members were fond of her photography skills and they carried on with her during the album releasing years of the 80s. During that time, Kristen’s to-be husband was dating another well-known vocalist named Stevie Nicks. But they had a relationship with numerous highs and lows, which finally got broken up for good in the late 70s. After that relation between Stevie and Lindsey was called off, Lindsey’s interests in Kristen grew further. The interest led to her pregnancy, as the two started secretly dating while being band members. Lindsey at that moment, left the band because he was mentally unprepared for the child. Therefore, terrible clashes were inflicted among the band members and it was suffering a great creative loss amidst all these things. So after that these problems and clashes among founding members of the band, Lindsey should get away from the band once and for all and cal these ugly things off. Later, his mental stability seemed to be getting better and he ended up discovering himself as a solo artist.

Personal Life Of Kristen And Lindsey

In 2000, two Kristen and Lindsey married each other in a very closed wedding ceremony, where only close friends and family members were invited. For this, very little information regarding their wedding is publicly available. Kristen has always been his support of life and the love he required. She supported him right through his life and during her 2019 open-heart surgery. But after the operation, his career as a vocalist was hampered, was the operation which damaged his vocal cords to a considerable extent. Lindsey said that even after breaking up with his former band Fleetwood Mac, he was open to joining them but now it is almost impossible, as relations became worse probably. Kristen and Lindsey have three children; their first son William Gregory was born on July 8, 1998. In 2000 their second child and first daughter, Leelee, were born, and in 2004, their second daughter was born.

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Kristen Messner’s husband, Lindsey Buckingham

Lindsey Buckingham is a famous American musician and record producer, and he is best known as the lead guitarist and co-lead vocalist for the band Fleetwood. Lindsey was born in Palo Alto, California, on October 3, 1949; he is 73 years old as of 2023. His father’s name is Morris Buckingham, and his mother is Rutheda. He is the youngest child in his family, and Lindsey has two older brothers, Jeffrey and Gregory. He spent her early life in San Francisco Bay area community, where he studied at Menlo Atherton high school, and he has been interested in athletics from a young age. Later he dropped out of athletics and decided to start his music career. Lindsey studied at San Jose State University but did not graduate there.   Lindsey has been interested in playing guitar from a young age, and later his parents brought him a harmony guitar worth$ 35.

Career growth of Lindsey Buckingham

Lindsey released his first studio album Buckingham Nicks in 1973, and in 1981, he released his first solo album named Law and Order; the album was successful. In 1984, his second solo album Go Insane was released and reached no. 45 in the US billboard top 100. In 1992, he released his solo album, Out of the Cradle, and in 2006, he released his solo fourth solo album, Under the Skin. In 2008, he performed in the live show Live at the Bass Performance Hall; the same year, he released his fifth solo album, Gift of Screws.

In 2011, Lindsey performed in the live album Songs from the Small Machine: Live in L. An at Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills, CA / 2011, and also released the album Seeds We Sow. Then he released the solo albums Lindsey Buckingham Christine McVie in 2017, and Lindsey Buckingham in 2021. Lindsey has also worked on many singles and Compilation albums, and also he worked on many albums with Fleetwood Mac members.  

The Riches Of Kristen Messner

Earned through her very successful photography career, Kristen Messner’s accumulated net worth is estimated at around 1.5 million dollars. Her husband however has an accumulated wealth of over 100 million dollars. The couple lives in 20 million dollars mansion.

Social media presences of Kristen Messner

Kristen is not active on social media platforms but on many public events. But her husband Lindsey is very active on social media platforms and will use them to post more pictures.

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