Meleasa Houghton Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

On March 1st, 1964, Meleasa Houghton took birth in an unspecified place in the USA. Her zodiac sign is Pisces, and by nationality is American. She is known to be a gospel singer but earned fame after her marriage with Israel Houghton, a renowned American singer.

Childhood And Educational Background

Somewhere in the US, Meleasawas brought up by her parents. When she was just six years old, she began to take singing lessons at a very young age. After completing her matriculation, she decided not to enroll herself at any college instead launch her career as a singer.

Meleasa’s Singing Career

Since her age of 19, she has been a professional career, and she decided to be a member of Israel & their Breed, her former husband’s band. The band was quite famous in the US, and she has contributed to some of their songs such as “The Heaven Is Present” and “Rage Power,” and so on. In 2016, she was nominated for the prestigious Grammy Award. She had a couple of really hit songs, such as “God Is Awesome” and “Omega and Alpha.”

Her Relationship history with her ex-husband

Israel and Meleasa met for the first time in 1990, even before Israel became a singer. They dated each other for about four years before deciding to get married in 1994, secretly in a secret ceremony attended only by close friends and family. They made three children together — Israel II, Mariah, and Milan. They lived a married life for about 22 years, but in 2015, they finally decided to go for divorce on February 22nd, 2016. The reason is none other than Israel cheating her wife with another woman, and he was caught red-handed by Meleasa. Isreal’s currently married to Adrienne. However, Meleasa has not remarried and is single now. It is believed that it was Adrienne with whom he had cheated her former Meleasa. Adrienne and Isreal still do not have a child of their own as of yet.

Interests And Other Hobbies

She has been a music lover since her childhood days. Mainly, she has been singing gospel songs from a very young age, which became both her hobby and job. Alongside that, she also loves to hear blues and country music. Dancing comes along with singing, and that is what it has been for Meleasa. Being a very ardent lover of traveling, she has traveled all around the USA and has been to many African and European countries. Meleasa follows Christianity and loves to visit Church almost every week. To pass her leisure time, she loves to watch movies and watches television shows.

Houghton, Meleasa, divorced and remarried

Two of their children are female, while the other two are male. In 2016, she got a divorce from her previous spouse, and by November of the same year, she was already married to Adrienne Bailon. Because of his adultery, Israel became the target of condemnation from the Christian world. The majority of people questioned his morality and faith in God due to his controversial views. Despite the criticism, the former spouses believe they have maintained their friendship.

Get to know Meleasa Houghton, ex-husband Israel Houghton

On May 19, 1971, Israel Houghton, who later became Houghton’s ex-husband, was born. As a well-respected gospel performer, producer, and worship leader, he has risen in popularity recently. He was once wed to Meleasa, in addition to being the main vocalist of his band, Israel & New Breed, and she was his first wife. Since the release of his first album in 1997, Israel has continued to release new songs consistently.

He is responsible for writing such massively successful songs as “Moving Forward,” “You Are Good,” “Friend of God,” and “Your Presence Is Heaven,” among others. Israel’s musical legacy consists of six Grammy Awards, three for Best Pop/Contemporary Gospel Album and one for Best Traditional Gospel Album. In addition to that, he is the recipient of many GMA Dove Awards.

Controversies and rumours of Meleasa Houghton

Meleasa has, up to this point, managed to steer clear of any kind of scandal. Even after the divorce was finalised, much of the hate was aimed at her ex-husband Israel. Meleasa, on the other hand, has managed to steer clear of controversy and speculations. The Gospel Singer has completely devoted herself to her work, so she is no longer a subject of talk. In the end, this contributed to her advancement and success.

Get to meet Meleasa Houghton on social media

In terms of her availability online, one of the platforms she uses most often is Instagram, where she has an active profile. Houghton has earned over 13,000 followers on Instagram, which positions him as an important user. In the same way, she uses Instagram to brag about her family and friends. She does not participate in online communities or utilise platforms like Facebook or Twitter.

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Meleasa is a 56 years old woman now, with brown-colored eyes and hair. Her height and weight sequentially are 5ft 6ins and 61kgs, with unknown vital statistics.

Grammy-winning singer Meleasa Houghton

She had a lot of success and was awarded several prizes. However, the singer’s ex-husband Israel Houghton was the driving force behind the singer’s rise to fame. Following their divorce, she also began to enjoy greater levels of popularity. Her reputation as an artist on a global scale has motivated her to test the boundaries of her capabilities in her next ventures. This vocalist has successfully built a name for herself in the Gospel music business. The tracks Alpha and Omega and Chasing Me Down are only two examples of her many hits that have topped the charts.

The Net Worth details of Meleasa Houghton

As of 2023, Houghton is estimated to be worth more than $4 million. Information obtained from reputable sources was used to compile this. Despite the lack of openness in her financial filings and earnings, many people believe that in the divorce settlement, she got half of her husband’s net fortune. This is the assumption made by many. Information was circulating that Israel Houghton had a net worth of $8 million and that the property he and his ex-girlfriend formerly shared was worth $800,000.

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