Laura Louie Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

On an unspecified date and unspecified place of birth, Laura Louie took place somewhere in the USA, hence holding the American Nationality in 1965. Nobody knew Laura, but her fame grew after her marriage with the very popular activist and actor Woody Harrelson. Laura Louie is well known for being the wife of the great actor in Hollywood side, whose name is Woody Harrelson. More than that, their relationship with the actor is much publicized. Moreover that she is a co-founder of Yoganics, which is expressed as an organic food producer and delivery service.

Early Days And Life As A Student 

Laura grew up and was raised by her parents, who were Asians, somewhere in the USA. After completing her matriculation from a hometown school, she enrolled in the some unspecified University of America. She earned her graduate degree choosing environmental studies and business management as her graduating subjects in 1987. 

How Has Her Career Been Over The Years? 

Laura set her career as an entrepreneur, has her organic delivery services, and is in partnership with her friend. The company is called or named Yoganics, which means Yoga plus organic food. 

Laura Louie’s Career and Profession 

Laura Louie started his career initially in the way of the entertainment industry in the role of a personal assistant. She started his career for his husband, Woody Harrelson. When dating, Laura Louie stopped his work as a personal assistant. In 1990, in the middle of the year, Laura Louie and her friend’s names could not be determined. They were combined to start the company, and they founded Yoganics. This business was sponsored by her life partner who name is Woody Harrelson. Moreover, Laura Louie has perfectly run her business in an excellent leading position called Voice Yourself, along with her lovely husband, Woody Harrelson.

When coming to Laura Louie’s official website, most people have encouraged Voice Yourself to protest the pollution and to provide information about diet guidance related to vegan recipes of food made by the new procedure. More than that, she contributed to that part which inspired world-level movements. This may promote organic living things and aims to bring the world level harmony and then bring it back to the earth. Laura Louie and her husband Woody Harrelson continuously provide that global politics is based on conscious living things. The main theory of the lead Voice Yourself is the collection of a group of supporters of mutual education and service, community activity and green businesses, and more. In additional information, Laura Louie she is also acting as a career of a social activist.

 Her Relationship With Husband Woody Harrelson 

Woody and Laura met for the first time in 1987 when they were shooting the television series “Cheers” together, and at that time, Laura used to be Woody’s assistant. They started to date each other after meeting and remained as dating couples for almost two decades before marrying on December 28, 2008. Renowned American artists were invited for their wedding, including Sean Penn and Willie Nelson. 

Woody and Laura, after marriage, gave birth to three daughters in total. The name and date of birth of the three are Daniella Montana (February 28, February 28, 1993), Zoey Giordano (September 22, 1996), and finally Makani Ravello (June 3, June 3, 2006). The family of five seemed to be delighted together and were seen spending their holiday together, all five of them, in Italy, and in 2019, they went to Paris to attend the French Open Tournament of Tennis. 

Woody Harrelson diets

Woody Harrelson, also known as an award-winning actor in which he, prefers to eat only vegan. His intake of food is only in the form of primary type. Even though he has to determine the to consume cooked meals, he believes in raw food items only, which may give more energy and also have more health than cooked foods. So most always prefer raw food only. Harrelson introduced the first organic vegan beer garden, which he owns.

Other Interests And Hobbies

Laura is in love with the entertainment industry. Her favorite actor and actress are Robert Downey Jr. and Jenifer Aniston, while her favorite movies are “Just you go with it” and “The Avengers.” She loves traveling worldwide, especially in Asian countries, while her most loved destination is Paris. Blue, black, and pink seem to be her most loved colors. During her leisure time, she reads books and practices Yoga. Laura loves to taste various cuisines but finds it exceptionally tough since she is a vegan. 

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Brief Intro About Husband Woody

Woodrow Harrelson is a well-known actor and playwright who gained prominence for his television show “Cheers.” He was part of it for all eight seasons as the lead actor, and for that, he got nominated five times for Emmy Awards and won one in 1989. After that, his career as an actor went up and up.

Height and weight of Laura Louie

The height of Laura Louie is about 5 feet 8 inches is medium in size, and her weight of Laura Louie is about 55-kilo grams.

Appearance And Net Worth 

Laura is now a 56 years old woman. She has black colored hair and brown colored eyes with vital statistics 34-25-35.  

Her total net worth is around 4 million US dollars. Laura Louie is a more successful woman in her business career and also an interpreter. Laura Louie gets a good income from the business and his career. Moreover, she is well known for the relative connectivity and the way of his wife, Woody Harrelson. Because of his career, she has a termination to avoid the spotlight on him. At present, Laura Louie does not have any social media, and she does not act in the state. According to the approximate calculation is about 2 to 3 million dollars. However, she has an estimated level of net worth and her passionate about living the lifestyle of a normal on stage along with her husband Woody Harrelson and her three kids.  

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