Marie Besnier Beauvalot Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

On 30th July 1980, in Laval, a town in the state of Mayenne, France Marie Besnier was born. Her date and place of birth show that Leo is her zodiac sign and she is French by nationality. Marie is super known for possessing billions of wealth, in dollars, as of 2000.

Childhood Days And Life As A Student

Marie also spent all of her childhood days in Laval and was raised by a rich family. For five years from 1995 to 2000, her father named Michael Besnier served as the CEO of the world-wide known multinational company named Lactalis dairy products while her mother named Christine served as the housewife. Her grandfather was also a formidably rich man, named Andre Besnier who, in 1993, established the company named as the Besnier Group, and then after six years in 1999, the name of the company changed from Besnier to Lactalis. Talking about Marie’s siblings, she has a couple of brothers named Emmanuel Besnier and Jean-Michel Besnier, who is currently serving as the CEO for the family company Lactalis. Marie studied in a hometown school located in Laval but after matriculating she never enrolled herself for higher studies. She is one of the very few billionaires of this world of riches who enroll went for college and do not possess a college earned a degree.

Personal details of Marie Besnier Beauvalot

Stephane Beauvalot, who is married to Marie Besnier, is a well-respected member of the French diplomatic establishment. On August 28, 2008, the stunning couple’s wedding took place in Yonne, located in France. It is said that their ancestral home in Laval, France, is where she may be located at the current time. Marie, whose net worth is reported to be $3.2 billion, and her husband are keeping every aspect of their family life, including the upbringing of their children, a total secret. There has been no mention of Marie and Stephane breaking up, which can only mean that things are going well for them.

Family details of Marie Besnier Beauvalot

Her father, Michelle Besnier Beauvalot, was born on September 18th, 1928, in the city of Laval, located in the Maine region in France. Lactals was first established by his father, Andrei Besnier Beauvalot, and has since evolved into the company presently known as Besnier Beauvalot SA. Marie Besnier Beauvalot. Michelle Besnier Beauvalot gave birth to her daughter. In 1946, Michelle became an employee at Lactalis, where she held several executive positions until 1955, when she was promoted to chairwoman. 

In 1999, he officially changed the company’s name, which was rebranded as Lactalis. On June 5, 1967, Michelle gave birth to her first child, a daughter named Jean Michelle Besnier Beauvalot. Marie Besnier Beauvalot’s spouse is known by his given name, Stephane Beauvalot. As with his sister, he was given shares in the corporation, resulting in his wealth of around $4.6 billion. It is currently unknown what her personal life entails, such as whether or not she is married and whether or not she has children. 

After losing his father in 2005, Emanuel assumed the post of chief executive officer (CEO) of the firm Lactalis, which he had joined in 1995 as the director of development. Marie Besnier Beauvalot’s Instagram account has a total of 31,609 followers. In only the last year (2017), the company was forced to issue a recall for 12 million containers of salmonella-tainted milk from 83 different nations. This prompted the French Minister of Finance, Bruno Lemire, to meet briefly with French President Emmanuel. Fortunately, the company’s activities have not been disrupted. Last but not least, Immanuel is dubbed the “Invisible Billionaire” since he stays to himself and seldom expresses his goals and ideas to the broader public. This has earned him the nickname.

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Talking About Her Career

After her father’s death on 11th June 2000, in Marbella, a town in Spain, Marie along with her brothers inherited and possessed the whole profit-making company of the Lactalis. Marie works for the company together with her two brothers and they have done a pretty great job, as they in less than two decades made the company’s profit turn-over from 2.5 billion dollars to 4.6 billion dollars. But in 2015, for practicing anticompetitive conduct, the company had to pay a mammoth fine of 65 million dollars.

Marie earned an eighth place on the tally of the richest people in the world under 40. And the census was performed by the very prestigious media company, Forbes. Marie is positioned at 355th among the richest person in the whole world. Marie’s husband is Stephane Beauvalot, who set met in an event held in Paris in 2002. On 28th August 2008, after about six years of dating, the couple decided to marry in Yonne, a town in Bourgogne. Marie has not been a mother yet and the couple currently resides in Marie’s hometown, Laval.


Being a shopaholic she prefers herself to be always wrapped in extremely expensive lingerie and dresses. She loves to be in red carpet expensive events more than anything. Loves to play her piano. She learned single and dancing from a very early age. Traveling all around the world, especially European countries amuses her. She loves to try various cuisines, being Chinese her favorite. Animal lover.

She is a lover of cuisine, and some of her go-to faves include Italian and Chinese. Marie has always had a soft spot for animals; she began volunteering at animal shelters when she was only a teenager, and in addition to having a zoo of pets, her family has contributed a considerable amount to an investment in the conservation of endangered species. Marie and her family are generous individuals who have contributed millions of dollars to a variety of causes throughout the years, particularly organisations that aid underprivileged children and orphans.

Appearance And Net Worth

She is now 40 years old with brownish eyes and long-length brownish hair. Her height and weight respectively are 5ft 6ins and 128lbs. Net Worth is around 4.6 billion US dollars.

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