Shaunyl Benson Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

Shaunyl Benson is a prominent Actress, Singer, and Songwriter. She gained more popularity after marrying magician, illusionist, and musician Criss Angel. Sharyl’s husband rose to fame after appearing in television shows and the show stage named Criss Angel Mindfreak.

With a “Shauny” in-between her name, on 29th July 1991, ShaunylShauny Benson took birth in Queensland, a place in Australia. She has had numerous talents of her own and had been a songwriter, actress, social media influencer and singer but she is undoubtedly renowned for her identity as the girlfriend of world-wide famous magician Criss Angel. Their relationship is a bit awkward as they had been in a relationship before, decided to marry, got divorced, and then reunited again. The utterly famous magic TV show named “Criss Angel Mindfreak” has given Criss all the fame that he is been enjoying over the past few years.

Childhood, Education and Shaunyl’s Career

Shaunyl acquired mixed descent as his father is an Irishman but her mother was from the Philippines. She had one sibling, a sister and they were raised by their parents in their hometown in Queensland. Shaunyl’s mother was a graphic designing artist and hence she was supportive to her daughters when it came to performing and practicing various art forms. Shaunyl was given singing, dancing, and acting lessons since childhood. “Never” is one of her most known written songs and it was played in one of the episode Criss TV shows.

The Physical appearance of Shaunyl Benson

While talking about Shaunyl’s physical appearance, she is a fitness freak and likes to exercise to stay fit. She has a height of 5 Feet 7 inches. The beautiful actress has a body weight of 56 kg or 123 lbs and a slim and curvy body shape that will attract others. Her body measurements include 34 inches of breast, 25 inches of waist, and 36 inches of the hip, and her bra size is 6 (UK). Shaunyl has a pair of hazel eyes, beautiful long black hair, and a sexy figure. She has a fair complexion and with lovely face.

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Personal Life And ex-boyfriend

Criss and Shaunyl married each other without letting the public know anything about it in the year 2015, but due to unknown reasons the secret marriage could last for only a year and in 2016, both of them were done with it all and divorced. Marriage with Shaunyl was Criss’ second marriage, as previously he was married to JoAnn Winkhart, and later divorced. But two years later, after the divorce, in the year 2018, relationships between Criss and Shaunyl were rejuvenated and found anew and they again started living together. They even had a couple of kids together.

Troubles and grief came in their life when one of their kids were diagnosed with an almost incurable form of blood cancer. The couple had to take a lot of care for their ill child, had to spend a lot of money along with required care and efforts over the last 3 years so that things become a bit easy for the child. But in 2019, things showed different and happy results. Finally, after three years of enormous fight, their child is now completely cancer-free and his wish to meet his favorite YouTuber was also fulfilled. The YouTuber was the face of the famous channel RyanToysReview, Ryan. In 2019, they both welcomed their second child, whose name is Xristos Yanni. There is no information about Shaunyl’s past relationship. Also, she will not use to share more of her personal life with anyone, and she keeps her personal life information secret.

Net Worth

Out of the entertainment industry, Shaunyl was able to accommodate herself with a net worth of more than 1 million US dollars. However, Criss has made almost 50 times more than her wife and his net worth is close to 50 million US dollars.

The Professional life of Shaunyl Benson

Shaunyl has decided to start her career in the entertainment industry after graduating from college. Then she acted in many films. In 2017, she acted in the biographical movie Jane, which is related to the story of anthropologist Jane Goodall and the movie out at the Toronto International Film Festival. In the upcoming year, she acted in the film Desert Rose as one of the main characters, and he also worked with Curtis Walker in the love film. Shaunyl has also worked on many other projects, and in a short time, she has reached higher because of her romance with magician Criss Angel. In most of her free time, she reads books, sees films, does artwork, and takes pictures; she also loves to travel a lot and visits Greece often.

Shaunyl Benson husband Criss Angel career

Criss Angel has had a strong interest in magic tricks from a young age, and at twelve, he started to perform in many shows. The story of Harry Houdini inspired him. Then he began to train his skills with the reality TV personality Marc Morrone. Criss studied at East Meadow High School. After graduating from high school, he did not join a college, so he decided to start his career as a magician. He has traveled to many places and performed along with many magicians on the road, and also he has gained more knowledge in his craft in a short period. In 1994, Criss made his first appearance in the Television show Secrets, and many people appreciated his performance, and he began to rise to fame after the show. Criss also worked with Klayton musicians in the magic show to create music for the show.

Later, he appeared in many television shows, such as The Science of Magic. He has performed magic with people on the street in his free time. Criss’s fame was outstanding after he performed the show where he was tied and submerged underwater for more than twenty-four hours; he used more than sixteen oxygen tanks during his performances. He has created the world record for being entirely submerged underwater for the longest time. Criss also appeared in many television shows and also acted in some films. 

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