Kristina Basham Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

Born on 31 July 1988, the Leo woman Kristina Basham is an American model, musician, and a public face who was brought to the limelight after being associated with the artist and creator of the Dilbert comic strip, Scott Adams. Owing to the age gap between them, their union garnered enough attention.

Upbringing and Academic Year’s

Kristina was born in Walnut Creek, California, USA and thus, bears the citizenship of America. Her early childhood days were spent in her hometown along with her parents, Valmor Bagala, a musician, and Mary Posthauer-Olry, a Kemper Sports worker, and two siblings, Valerie Bagala and Scotty Bagala.

Kristina began her piano and violin training at elementary school, where she also learned singing and dancing. She went to a high school near her home and was active in sports. After participating, she completed her graduation from the University of California, Berkeley in 2010 with a B.A degree in financial economics. Thereupon, she finished her Master’s from the same university in 2012.

Professional Career

At the age of eleven, Kristina began her modeling career and has been in this field since then. Before being a model, she was working as a corporate job employee. Kristina signed a deal with a modelling agency shortly after making the decision to continue pursuing a career in the modelling industry. She has done incredible work with renowned fashion designers such as Tim Ford, Tommy Hilfiger, Balenciaga, and a great many more. She has served as a brand ambassador for many well-known firms, including Aston Martin, Disney, Nissan, and Emirates Airlines, among others. Besides this attractive career, she owns a bakery shop in San Francisco, CA, which brings a substantial amount of money. The San Francisco confectionery shop is known as Le Vasseur Confectionary. After a time, she decided to start a new company and thus she quit the modelling profession.

Relationship with Scott and Others

Before beginning a relationship with Scott, Kristina was married to a guy named Hilsabeck. Being in the same university allowed them to connect and soon they were in an official relationship. The duo was blessed with two daughters called Hazel and Marin. However, everything was going well until they separated in 2014, after four years of being together. After their split, she started hanging out with Scott Adams who was a divorcee too. Scott was separated from his former marriage with Shelly Miles, after eight years of being together.

Scott Adams: Introduction

Scott Raymond Adams was born on 8th June 1957 to Paul and Virginia Adams, in Windham, New York. He is of Half-German, English, Irish, Scottish, Dutch, and of American-Indian descent. He graduated from Hartwick College with a bachelor’s degree in economics in 1979. Thereafter he shifted to California and was enrolled at the University of California, Berkeley, from where he attained an MBA degree in 1986.

Presently, he’s the artist and producer of the Dilbert comic strip and the author of various nonfiction works of parody, commentary, and business. His Dilbert series attained nationwide prominence through the downsizing period in 1990s America and was then distributed worldwide. Before becoming a full-time cartoonist in 1995, he labored in various positions at large corporations. He writes in an ironic, frequently wry way about the social and psychological landscape of middle-class laborers in modern business corporations.

Hobbies and Interests of Kristina Basham

  • Food is one of Kristina’s passions; she is especially fond of Chinese and Spanish cuisine.
  • Her career as a model has taken her to some of the most breathtaking locations in the United States, such as the Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona and the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California, two of her most beloved places to visit in the country.
  • One of her favourite holiday destinations is Miami.
  • The colour pink is Kristina’s favourite.
  • She is particularly fond of dogs and horses. She has a sweet place for animals.
  • Two of her favourite performers and actresses, respectively, are Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie. She adores both of them.
  • Her favourites to watch include films like “The Matrix,” “Harry Potter,” and “The Godfather,” all of which have several acts.
  • She has been going to the gym several times a week and maintaining a rigorous food plan to become in better shape.

Get to meet Kristina Basham on social media

The gorgeous divas known as Kristina rose to the top of the music industry partly due to their internet accounts. She has gathered a sizeable number of followers on Instagram. Because of this, the readers will have a sense of inclusion. Kristina Basham has a sizable following across various social media sites. On Instagram, she has more than three and a half million followers.

Additionally, she has over 13,000 people following her on Facebook. Additionally, you can find her on Twitter under the username @Kristina_Basham, where she has an active presence. In June 2016, she signed up for a Twitter account with 44,500 followers. Kristina has been documenting her life via photographs, which include shots of her loved ones, her friends, and herself.

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Interesting facts about Kristina Basham

  • Kristina is a mother to two children from a marriage she had in the past.
  • This model’s impressive résumé includes appearances at fashion weeks in Milan, Paris, and other cities.
  • The well-known Basham Vasseur is the proud proprietor of the Le Vasseur bakery.
  • Going on adventures and indulging in some retail therapy are Kristina Basham’s favourite things to do in life.

The physical appearance of Kristina Basham

She stands at a height of 5 feet and 6 inches, which is Kristina Basham. Similarly, she has maintained her model figure, and her weight is about 50 kilogrammes. For instance, the average human body may have measurements of 32 inches, 24 inches, and 36 inches. Her eyes are a stunning shade of blue, and her hair is a silky dark brown.

Combined Net Worth

As per the reliable sources, Kristina Basham’s net worth is assessed to be around $3 million whereas her ex-boyfriend Scott Adam’s net worth is valued at $75 million.

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