Janet Smollett Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

27th November 1952, in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, Janet Harris is born. She is now a well-known personality for being the wife of the late Joel Smollett. Not only that, but she is also the mother of Hollywood actors Jussie Smollett, Janet Smollett, and of television personality and chef Jake Smollett. The success of all three of her children skyrocketed her media fame. 

Early Life and Career

Janet grew up as a rebel in New Orleans, Louisiana. She participated, as a political and vocal activist, in various US civil and public rights movements. She had worked with numerous activists in this period of her life including Bobby Seale and Huey Newton. Later in her life, she met a man who spent most of his life in California, Joel Smollett.

Though for a few years they dated and then they got married. The couple had six children. As Joel often remained busy at work, it was Janet who took care of her babies. She made them learn all that a person can be proud of: dancing, acting, cooking, and singing. She was a very supportive mother who always encouraged her children to do great in life, choosing whatever fields they want to choose and excel. She never dominated and put on her dreams on her children’s heads to be fulfilled. As she himself was considered as a great cook, she and his son Jake co-written a cookbook named “The Family Table: Recipes and Moments From a Nomadic Life” in the year 2018. The book immediately became a hit as it covers not only great preparations but also a journey of a family.

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Janet’s Personal Life: An Interesting To Know

Janet met Joel, during her days of being an activist. They fell in love and married each other in the year 1976. Their relationship was strong and it remained till the end until her husband died of cancer in 2015.

Controversies always followed her as the fame of her children grew more and more. She was once falsely said that she had blood relations with Kamala Harris, judging based on her title. But soon Janet, in a media conference, cleared the misconception and said that she has no connections at all with the senator, Kamala Harris. Now, she spends her life looking after her children and making sure that is doing fine and alright in their respective life.

In the year 2019, her son Jessie was arrested as she made a false police report. Before his arrest, he was brutally attacked by some Donald Trump supporters in sci masks, as she protested against all of Trump’s anti-people atrocities. After his hospitalization, it was revealed that no serious injuries were marked in his body and later, the police found out that he gave money to two people and cast the attack on him. However, charges against him were dropped and removed after a month and the case against him was also dismissed. Later, the FBI wanted to carry on with the case again but it has turned mundane by that time, instead, the police want Jussie to pay for all the precious time lost on him. 

Janet Smollett’s Net Worth 

Upon estimation, her net worth is over 2,50,000 US dollars. Her children were also made great and big. Jussie has a net worth of about 500,000 dollars, Jurnee over 2 million dollars, and Jake over 5 million dollars at least.

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