Salice Rose Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

In California, in 1994, and on November 20, Salice Rose had taken birth in the USA. Salice has a Scorpio birth sign, and she is an American woman. Salice is one of the famous social media stars, YouTubers, and models.

Salice Rose’s early life and education

Salice belongs to part-Peruvian ethnicity. Salice’s interest was to become a popular actress, but she became a famous YouTuber. Salice wanted to make her career as a singer; for that reason, she joined a music school at the age of eight, but unfortunately, she quit singing. Salice Rose shared lots of videos on her YouTube channel. In 2008, Salice completed her matriculation for a California high school but could not quality her college degree.

YouTube Career by Salice Rose

On 2014, March 21, Salice emerged her career as a well-known YouTuber, and she owned a channel that is followed by 2.15 million subscribers and viewed by 65 million people. Salice shared her life-related videos on the channel. Salice quit YouTube, and each week she uploads few videos. Her Bisexual Is Beautiful. My Coming Out was the last video she uploaded. After that, Salice uploaded How it feels to take your braids out dance video. Salice is extremely active on Instagram, and she is well-recognized on her social media account; she has over 10.5 followers and uploaded around 3,800 photos on her Instagram page. Salice Rose was interested in modeling and started working as a model. Salice also acts in TikTok, and 9.3 million fans follow her. Salice was honored with an award of Latin Music Awards and Top Comedy Creator Award in 2017.

Salice Rose’s Personal and Love life

According to Salice Rose’s attitude, behaviors and looks, audiences speculate that Salice is a lesbian. However, through a video, Salice told people that she is bisexual and added that she was interested in girls during her school days. However, Salice did not tell about her former girlfriends. Salice dated a lady and but her ex-girlfriend physically tortured her, and that is a reason Salice separated from her.

Salice was in love with the woman she would beat, punch, and pull her hair, and they both dated for more than five years. Because of the torture, she decided to break up with her. Later her ex tries to kill herself with the pills. When Salica stops her, she has her head in the car window. From that moment, she decided to leave her, so she walked away from the moment, but her ex pulled her hair and tried to push her into the car, but the police arrived and stopped her.    

According to a source, Salice is dating Carol, a woman, and since July 11, 2018, they have been in a relationship. Salice told through a YouTube video that they have been going through a complex relationship, and they went together to a different place.

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Hobbies and other interesting facts by Salice Rose

Salice is a shopaholic and loves to travel. Salice shared many pictures of travel on her Instagram page, and she visited Germany, Slovenia, and France; and Moscow is her favorite travel destination. Salice loves eating multi-cuisines while fruit juice and salads her favorite foods. However, Salice always maintains her body and attends the gym to take care of her figure. Salice loves the winter months, and she loves doing ice skating and snowboarding. Salice loves to watch films while Robert Downey is her favorite actor and Jr. and Scarlett Johansson, her favorite actress. Lost in Translation, Jojo Rabbit, and Iron Man are Salice’s favorite movies, though; she loves to make up like hallowing.

Salice is a tattoo lover; she has inked many tattoos on her body, and most of her tattoos are related to her religion. She has inked the tattoo on her ears, arms, and back. On her back, she tattooed the gates of Heaven, and in her video What My Tattoos Mean, she talks about her tattoo’s meaning. Salice has undergone breast implant surgery. Salice favorite color is black and red, and also she loves to color her hair, so she will often change her hair color.   

Salice Rose’s appearance and net worth              

Salice’s age is 25 years. Salice’s hair is red, and her eyes are brown. Salice’s height is around 5ft 5ins (1.65m) tall, and her weight is 114lbs (52kgs), and Salice’s body measurements include 34-24-34, and her shoe size is 7US. Salice loves inking tattoos, and her left arm is inked with tattoos. According to a genuine report, the net worth of Salice Rose is approximated greater than $500,000.

Salice Rose presences on social media

Salice is quite active on social media platforms, she launched her Instagram account in 2013, and her official Instagram account user name is @salicerose. She started to post pictures immediately after she created her account. Then she started to post more, expanding the content by filming short comedy videos. Salice alluring style and charm have garbed the attention of many people, which helped her gain more followers, and after that, she started to work as an Instagram model. Also, she has produced sponsored posts from many fashion brands like Boxy Charm, Fashion Nova, and many others.

Salice has its line of merchandise from that website; you can buy clothing. After achieving massive success on Instagram, she also needed to expand her popularity on other social media platforms, so she started her official YouTube channel self-titled in March 2014. She uploaded her first video, named Late Night Thoughts. In the following days, she continued to post many videos relating to her life and. also used to post daily activities, vlogs, many challenges, and Question & Answer videos.

Salice has filmed many videos in which she has opened up about unpleasant life events. Also, she talked about her abusive relationship and many others. Some of her videos have increased more subscribers and also the views. Salice’s most popular videos are How I Make Up Eyelashes So Long, How I Did My Makeup In High School, Spicy Noodle Challenge with Special Guest, and many other videos with more than 10 million views. Salice is also active on Tik Tok and has more followers on YouTube and Instagram. On Tik Tok her user name is officalsalicerose, and she has more than 10.1 million followers in it, and often; she will use to upload more of his music videos at least thrice a week she will post videos in it. On her Twitter account, she has  3.4 million, and she is active on Facebook and Snapchat with more followers.

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