Judie Aronson Net Worth, Career, Personal And Early Life

The fifty-five-year-old American actress, Judie M. Aronson, has starred in many television shows and movies. The role she played in a short TV show “Pursuit of Happiness” of Sara Duncan and her role of Hilly that she played in “Weird Science,” a hit comedy, marked her career. She owns two fitness studios in the Los Angeles area, named Curio Shoppe and Rockit Body Pilates, and is popularly known as a businesswoman.

Personal Life

Judie, who used to be fond of dancing and singing, was born in Los Angeles, California, on 7th June 1964. The actress stepped into acting at a very young age. At the moment when she got the fame, she let acting aside. And went to the University of California. After graduation, she was featured in “Top 50 Stores” in LA for eclectic stores she created.

Judie Aronson is not much open about her private life. She keeps it with herself. But as per public knowledge, the actress was in a romantic relationship with four men. In 1984 the actress dated Grant, but they broke up in a year. Then Judie was in love with Kyle Secor, and they fell apart after four years of being together. Then in 1999, she was dating George Stephanopoulos, but it didn’t work and was a short-term relationship.

In 2006, Jon Lindstrom was her boyfriend, but it didn’t work with him as well. Then the actress got married to Cady McClain in the year 2014. Presently, she is single, as per the reports.


The actress Judie Aronson started her versatile career with the movie “Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter” in 1984. In the same year, she was caught in “Things Are Looking Up.” After this, she got the offer of her most famous roles, Patricia Hickock in the movie named “American Ninja” and Hilly in “Weird Science.” The actress landed with her first lead role opposite Michael Dudik off in the action movie named “American Ninja.” Then she filmed her for “Pursuit of Happiness,” “After Midnight,” “Color Blue,” and “Deep Core”.

Stepping in the first decade of the 21st century, she was filmed in “”Hannibal””, then in “”Kiss Kiss Bang Bang””. Additionally, she gave guest appearances in many TV shows during her career. After 2006, the actress is found interested in short movie projects only.

Last Projects and Retirement

In the final years, actress Judie Aronson has committed to many television projects, especially in guest roles in films such as High Tide, Simon, and Roc. Judie Aronson has taken a little number of projects even though she had a break from the last years before she got back to the actions field in minor roles. Las Vegas and Law and Order: Criminal Intent is some of the latest projects in television. Judie Aronson last biggest movie is Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, in which she starred as Robert Downy and Val Kilmer, and also partially, it can be based on some of the novels such as Bodies Are Where You Find Them.

This film was released at the time of the Cannes Film Festival and also parallel received positive reviews from the theatres on the opening of movies. It is also one of the box office collection films. In which the worth of this movie will cross more than 15 million dollars. After this film, Judie Aronson has been suddenly retired from the industry, and also she did not update any of the legal announcements related to his retirement. Judie Aronson has retired from acting due to a lack of project providing that may not sustain him for his life. In her spare time, Judie Aronson has planned to involve in the business by starting a particular curiosities shop in Los Angeles. After that, she started fitness as his passion in the area of Pilates Studio. After some years, she looked through his passion then suddenly, she made himself back into the acting field in 2016 and also worked on a short film titled The Secret of 40.

Net Worth and Social Media

Some of the actress’ wealth comes from the music industry, as she was seen in some music videos. The actress is not much active in the acting industry since 2006. But still, her twenty years of acting career contributes a substantial wealth to her account. She is currently an entrepreneur, which has a positive influence on her net worth. As per estimates of late 2019, her net worth is over $1 million.

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Height and Weight of Judie Aronson  

The Judie Aronson or actual height of Judie Aronson is 5 feet 5 inches, expressed in meters about 1.65 m. More than that, it can be expressed in centimeters, about 165 cm, and then moving the weight of Judie Aronson is 54 kg, which can express in pounds as 132 lbs.

Appearances and Body Measurements 

Judie Aronson has a fit and structured body shape. The structure of Judie Aronson body is slim. Judie Aronson has short and shiny hair with the color of black. Judie Aronson has a gorgeous and good-looking eye, which looks black. The body measurements of Judie Aronson are 34 inches in the breast, 24 inches in the waist, and 35 inches in the hip, so the overall measurements of the figure are about 34-24-35 inches.

Presence of Social Media

Judie Aronson is an actor in the film industry, so she needs to get attention on social media for her progress. Judie Aronson has actively increased on social media such as Twitter and Instagram, in which the total count of his followers will exceed 4000 for each social media. Among these acting careers, Judie Aronson will keep her attention on the lifestyles and fitness studios that are the main things for her life and her lovable fans life too. In addition to that, Judie Aronson has much more interest in what can happen in current events.

Social Media Presence

The American actress is found quite active on Twitter and Instagram, with 4,000 followers approximately on each platform. She promotes her fitness studios online and keeps her fans updated about her life. She promotes a healthy lifestyle on social sites as well.  

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