John Brotherton Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

John Brotherton is quite popular as an actor with his prominent series “Fuller House”, available on Netflix. He has been into entertainment for over a decade. John is more of an actor, with a great fan base on Instagram with over 500K+ followers gained till now. Let us get to know a lot more about John Brotherton from down below. 

Early Life and Family

He was born in the year 1980, on 21th of August in Ellensburg, Washington State, in the United States of America. His nationality is American and his ethnicity is North American. If you are interested in his zodiac sign, it is none other than Leo, rare among male celebrities. John hasn’t shared that much of his family history nor any of his siblings or family members till now. He is less comfortable sharing info on the internet pretty much like any other celebrity. That’s all about John Brotherton’s family life for now. 

Educational life and early career

He was used to complimentary work when he was of a small age. John finished elementary school in Oregon. He then attended Whitford Junior High school and also went to Beaverton high school. He studied at Oregon State University in the field of arts. During his early career times, he gained work as well as fame. His first achievement in acting was from the movie “Pervert”. Most of his free time is spent with his family, enjoying the great outdoors, ideally at the beach or another coastal location of their choosing. As a fan in his own right, he values the chances he gets to interact with people with similar passions at conventions and other types of meetings. In addition, he has a strong affinity for the theatre since he used to work as an actor in the theatre before shifting his focus to more work behind the camera.

Social media handles

He is quite a sensation in social media. John Brotherton has over 500K+ fan following on his Instagram handle and over 11K+ followers on Twitter. He seems to be a social fanatic and doesn’t spare any moment to share his awesome clicks on his social accounts. John is also very active on his Instagram handle. He provides a lot of photos from his family, as well as some vintage pictures. In addition, he maintains a Facebook profile with over ten thousand followers even though it has yet to be updated since 2018. His work and upcoming projects are promoted on his Twitter account, which has more than 10,000 followers. 

Personal life and relationships

He married his long known and loved girlfriend Alison Raimondi in the year 2008. Since then, the couple has been together for over 13 years with their two kids. Their fun life can be seen on John’s Instagram account. Aside, there is no info about his past relationships for now.

Rumors and controversies, if any

John Brotherton is a very popular actor and has been working on bigger projects for a long time. Despite being a social media use more than most actors, his indulgence never got him into any troubled rumors or controversies.

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The professional life of John Brotherton

In 2005, Brotherton decided to pursue acting as a career, and the same year saw the debut of his first film, “Pervert!” A year later, he had divided his time evenly between finishing “Analogue Days” and starting work on “The Game.” On the ABC soap opera “One Life to Live,” which follows the lives and relationships of many members of the Lord family over the course of a number of years, he began playing the part of Jared Banks in the year 2007. This character is one of his most recognised to date. The broadcast aired from 1973 through 2011 and was nominated for and awarded several honours over its 43-year run. Up to the year 2010, he appeared on the broadcast consistently. 

As a direct consequence of his achievements, he decided to concentrate his career on appearing as a guest on various television programming. Over the subsequent several years, he made contributions to a variety of television programmes, such as “Dexter,” “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation,” and “2 Broke Girls.” Among many others, his acting may be seen in True Love and Surprise, Surprise. His major break came when he was cast in the part of Brad Hamilton in the horror movie “The Conjuring” in 2013. The horror movie is the first in the “Conjuring Universe” series and follows paranormal investigators as they get entangled in high-profile haunting occurrences.

Recent projects of John Brotherton

After appearing in “The Conjuring” for the first time, John was cast in a supporting role in the film “Guardians of the Galaxy.” This superhero film was directed by James Gunn and starred Bradley Cooper, Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Dave Bautista, and Vin Diesel. It was adapted from the Marvel Comics team of the same name and takes place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). The movie was a huge hit both at the box office and with the critics, and it ended up making more money than any other superhero movie in the annals of cinematic history. After the death of actor Paul Walker in a car accident while filming “Furious 7,” he took over as Walker’s stand-in for the remainder of the production. The movie is now the “Fast and Furious” franchise’s highest-grossing chapter overall and the third-highest-grossing picture of 2015. 

His most recent part was on the Netflix series “Fuller House,” where he served as a regular and later a series regular. This role was his most recent television appearance. The series follows the story of DJ Tanner-Fuller, a widowed mother of three children, and involves many of the original cast members of “Full House” from the early 1990s, either as regular cast members or as special guests. The series is based on a sitcom that aired in the United States from 1987 to 1995.

Net worth in 2021

The net worth of John Brotherton in 2021 is over $2M.

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