Future Net Worth, Career, Personal And Early Life

Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn is a very popular rapped that is popular known Future as his stage name. He is not only a rapped but also a record producer, singer, rapper as well as songwriter. For the first time, he became a part of music studies named Dungeon Family, where all other singers and rappers called him “the Future.” After writing and producing a plethora of mixtapes within one year, he signed a deal with A1 Recordings and Epic Records. The very famous Records helped Future to launch his label named Freebandz.

After he launched his label, he then released a debut album of his in 2012 named Pluto. Another album that he released was named Honest in 2014. From 2015 to 2015, he released several mixtapes that include Beast Mode, Monster, Future, 56 Nights, DS2, Evol, What a Time to be Alive, and more. Some of his mixtapes even got ranked in U.S Billboard 200.

Early Life

Future was born in 1983 on 20th November in Atlanta, Georgia. Before he started to perform on stage, he set his stage name as Future and performed for the first time by being a member of the Dungeon Family. Rico Wage, a member of the Dungeon Family and a record producer, motivated him to be a rapper and pursue his career by sharpening his rapping and writing skills. He completed his studies at Columbia High School, where he praised his cousin Rico Wage and called him mastermind for singing amazing songs.

Career Beginnings

In the years 2010 and 2011, Future released many mixtapes that include True Story, 1000, Dirty Sprite, and more. He also collaborated with Gucci Mane, the rapped and produced singles for an album named Free Bricks. People came to know about Future and started loving him when his songs got popular and were played at Magic City by the famous DJ Esco.

After that, Future released many albums and even got nominated for many awards. Even some of his singles ranked top in Billboard Hot 100. He has worked by collaborating with Jay Rock, Kendrick Lamar, and James Blake.

Future Famous Songs

He has released several hit albums and singles, including some of his most famous songs. Wait for you album has become a massive reach and top Tucker songs collection. One of his latest hits, “Mask Off,” made a huge splash in 2017 for its vibrant flute melody. This type of song has become more effective in heart settling and become an anthem, a more massive one. A hit amongst fans and non-fans alike, it will remain a favorite well into the Future. In the title What Time to Be Alive, the Canadian and Future rapper released a single hit of mix tapes in 2015 as soon as they became most popular in their career, where the edge of their job is to be in the greatest condition. More than that, Future has released many hit songs. 

The studio of an album named Pluto was established by his carer to watch how the tracks have become most popular; this can happen in 2012.


He won Best Rap Performance and his first Grammy at the 2019 Grammys. He has received numerous nominations for his work as a rapper and musician. In 2017, he received a Grammy award for it. More than that, he won the mix tape in 2015 and 2014 for the Bet hip hop awards. He received the Best Hip Hop Video honor at the 2015 Much Music Video Awards for his work with P Reign and Drake. Future received multiple nominations for BET Awards, BET Hip Hop Awards, MTV Awards, and Billboard Music Awards between 2011 and 2017.

Personal Life

The Future was in a relationship with many women, including Joie Chavis, India J, Jessica Smith, Ciara, Brittni Mealy, and more. He also has six children from his relationships. Many of his girlfriends filed lawsuits against him and sued him for not paying money for child support. Future is engaged to Ciara and has a son with her named Future Zahir Wilburn.

Future’s Assets & Investments

Future now owns more than 12 real estate properties, five vehicles, and one luxury yacht. Additionally, Future has cash on hand totalling more than $8 million. Future has a $6 million investment portfolio of 9 stocks. Walmart, Apple, Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway, AT&T, and other companies are just a few of the equities Future owns.

Future’s Cars

Future recently spent $280,000 on a Porsche 911. Moreover, Future purchased an Audi RS Q8 for $300,000. Future also owns a Mercedes-Benz EQC, a Land Rover Defender, and an Alfa Romeo Giulia.

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Future Liabilities and Loans

We must subtract Future’s liabilities from his total assets to determine his net worth. Eight million dollars has been taken out from the business account for the different processes and also caused more effort on it. 

Future’s House

The square feet 9600 of this house will get to pay for more than 7 million dollars. Future then hired an architectural design firm and spent another $2 million renovating and expanding the home. The luxury property in the home and the design which is in looking more beautiful, and the flooring in the house is imported, which is more expensive in the rate of amount when compared to now. The library room and a corner fireplace are in her future home, which means the chamber is so involved in it. Her back door consists of glass walls which look more beautiful, and the open yard, which is located in the backside. Then the house was designed as the most beautiful one, and the furniture inside the room, hall, and kitchen looks more extraordinary.

Net Worth

The estimated net worth of this very popular and world-famous rap artist is approximately $30 million. He is quite a hard-working artist who has produced many singles and even managed to sell thousands of his albums. When he started his career in the music industry and produced some singles, he was able to earn $23 million, whereas, within two years, he earned around $53 million. His rapping career isn’t the only source of his income but touring, and endorsements are also included.

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