Emily Tosta Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

In Santo Domingo, a place in the Dominican Republic, Emily Tosta took birth on March 26th, 1998. This suggests that her zodiac sign happens to be Aries and her nationality is Dominican. She belongs to mixed ethnicity, as her mother was of Venezuelan, Brazilian, and Italian descent, and her father was Lebanese. She is known for her acting and acting in “Dad Selfie” in a drama family movie. 

Educational Background, Childhood, And Family 

Emily was raised by her parents in Santa Domingo alongside a couple of sisters, Karla and Gaby, by mother Emilie Tosta, and father, Ramon Jose Attias. Since childhood, she has loved dancing, singing, and acting. When she was just twelve, she was featured in many musicals, like “Fatima: A Miracle”, “Alice In Wonderland” and “Broadway Christmas Adventure”.

Later Career In Acting And Other Business Endeavors 

She acted in a couple of Latin television series when she was still living in the Dominican Republic. She gained popularity for her role in “Sabado de Chiquito Corporan”. At twelve, she went to Miami and won a couple of movies and won her first role for the web series “United Families”. In 2014, she signed herself with the Agency Of Corsa at the tender age of sixteen, and hence winning roles in several television series. But, her most prominent role as of yet is definitely for “Selfie Dad” in 2015. She acquired this fame from Selfie Dad and helped her get modeling deals and contracts through famous modeling agencies, kick-starting her modeling career. 


At beginning the beginning of my career at the young age of six, Emily Tosta planned and started to run up a business that can be related to glamorous. From the small, she has had an interest in modeling and much involvement in her career. She has a dream to become a good model in the field of this one and also to achieve this as much can be possible by him. More than that, her parents have impressed to see his ability at this younger age itself. She has made his modeling career by starring in many magazines.

In 2013, Emily Tosta played the role of Gina Jovan in the film series “Damy Y Obrero.” in the Party of Five series Emily Tosta was recognized as Lucia Acosta. From 2018 to 2022, she played Leticia Cruz in the T.V. series of Mayans M.C.

Boyfriend, Relationships And Love Life 

At a night party held in Los Angeles, Emily met Crawford Collins for the first time. They became friends, and after a month of talking, they kick-started their relationship romantically. They are together for almost four years now, residing together in the city of Los Angeles. Before Crawford, she was in a relationship with an unknown guy in high school, but things did not work out between them, and even before Emily’smatriculation, they broke up. 

Other Interests, Likes, And Mentionable Hobbies 

Being a philanthropist, she is a member of many charity organizations. Emily is an animal lover as well. She practices her yoga every morning, along with dance classes, to keep herself fit and fine. In her spare time, she often plays her piano and guitar and also goes swimming. 

Profession statics

Television Debut

In 2013, Emily Tosta debuted on television in the show Dama y Obrero in the role of Gina Joven.

Film Debut

In 2017, in the movie Vikes, Emily Tosta o played the role of Paula, which is a romantic comedy film.

Web series Debut

Emily Tosta is famous for web series such as TNT, The Last Ship, and United Families; she also appeared in many musicals.

Net Worth, Body Statistics, Looks, And Appearance 

Emily is a woman of 23 now. She possesses long black colored hair and brown colored eyes. Her height and weight are 5ft 3ins (160cm) and 110lbs (50kgs), along with vital statistics of 32-23-34. From her career in the entertainment industry, which is going well, she has already made a net worth of 400,000 US dollars, which is very much liable to grow even more. 

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Some of the facts about Emily Tosta

Emily Tosta is an animal lover; from a young age, she loves to be with animals. Most of the time, Emily Tosta has starred an image with the animals in which they regularly post pictures, like being with horses. In addition, Emily Tosta has a variety of books in her home as she loves to read books from a certain age, so she often used to collect them. In her free time, she loves to spend time with his books. Furthermore, Emily Tosta loves to take much more care of nature. Also, she gets more affection for nature rather than her boyfriend and also likes to spread awareness among people and also made many efforts to keep the environment to be safe in condition.

More than Emily Tosta has started ads related to nature saving through social media. Also, Emily Tosta has been further featured in different types of magazines or comics, and some of the collection names that Emily Tosta can involve in are Vous, Assure, XIOX, and others may also contain. Emily Tosta loves to intake food items that are full of healthy and also good organic instead of eating in a restaurant that he does not like. She always prefers only healthy food. Emily Tosta is a full vegetarian, and she also shared this hint on social media. As a famous actress, she will regularly do yoga in order to keep his hair and body in good fit and in condition. Emily Tosta will use many of the branded products to maintain his skin as good and healthy in manner. In her free time, Emily Tosta used to smoke a little bit, and she has a habit. In many of the newspapers and magazines, Emily Tosta articles have been published.

Short Note On Crawford Collins: Her Boyfriend 

Crawford Collins was a comedian on the Vine platform who makes funny videos along with his elder brother. After Vine was banned, he launched himself on YouTube and did great there, earning over 350,000 subscribers. 

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