Emily Riedel Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

With an interesting celebrity status, Emily Riedel happens to be a gold ‘miner’, a television personality, and a wanna-be opera singer who gained prominence for her Discovery Network’s television series “Sea Gold Bering”, being the only and 1st woman from Alaska dredging Gold.

Emily’s Important Info: Family, Childhood And Education

On July 4th, 1988, Emily Riedel took birth in the cold mountainous regions of Alaska, in the USA, into the white ethnic family with a fishing business. Her father, Steven Riedel, was also featured in the show “Sea Gold Bering”, as a diver and captain, alongside her daughter. She had two siblings and was raised in a low-income family. From a very tender age, she got inclined towards singing and wants to be an opera singer. Talking about her education, she got enrolled in South Carolina University after completing matriculation, with graduation in vocal and singing performance.

Personal Life: Dating His Old Friend Zeke Tenhoff

Talking about her personal life, Riedel is still single. She used to date her old friend and a fellow cast named Zeke Tenhoff, but soon after a few months, it was revealed that they have way too many differences with each other and hence thought that it is better to get separated, and so they did. Since then, Emily Riedel is single and in no relationship.

How She Looks, Body Measurements

Emily Riedel’s height and weight sequentially is 5ft (152cm) and 148lbs (67kgs), with vital statistics of 33-24-35. She possesses light brown colored hair and green colored eyes.

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Emily Riedel’s career in gold mining

While Riedel was attending college, she maintained a part-time job to contribute financially to her family so that they could better afford her education. As a result of the fact that she had a difficult time accumulating enough funds to pay for her schooling and her ambition to study opera in Europe, she started looking for a job as soon as she had her diploma. Even though she only had $300 on her person, she decided to spend the summer of 2012 in Nome, Alaska, with her long-time friend Zeke Tenhoff. She had already learned the skill from her father, so he gave her a summer job dredging for gold alongside him and his crew. He also pushed her to make a career out of it due to its potential financial rewards. Riedel decided to get into the business of gold mining, which is unrelated to her field of study, since she did not see a future for herself working in the music industry.

Her friend helped her by offering her a job as a deckhand on his gold yacht called The Clark. This provided her an advantage over her rivals. After that, Riedel began her new career while sailing on a vessel called “The Edge,” which belonged to a friend. During one of her summers working in the gold mining industry as an intern, she was offered a full-time position, which she eventually grew to like. She became Alaska’s only female dredge captain after becoming the owner of the dredge boat The Erotica Mining and purchasing it from Alaska’s only other female captain, Tenhoff.

Emily Riedel in the TV show titled “The Bering Sea”

After working with Riedel for some time, the production team of the reality television programme “Bering Sea Gold” got in touch with them in 2013 and made them an offer that they just could not pass up. The makers of “Deadliest Catch,” which won an Emmy, are also responsible for this immensely popular series for Discovery Channel: Original Productions. It’s a huge hit among cable television viewers. It follows a gang of gold prospectors as they go into the treacherous waters of Nome in quest of the precious metal, even though there is a significant risk involved. Riedel has been a consistent part of the cast since the first episode, originally appearing as a diver and deckhand and then leading the successful crew of three on her ten-inch suction dredge that she owns and operates. 

She joined the crew at the perfect moment, as the Discovery series was on its way to becoming an enormous hit, and was instrumental in propelling Riedel to fame. Because she was the only woman on the crew, offered an even bigger challenge than her male counterparts, progressed in a male-dominated sector like gold dredging, and could have paved the path for future women with similar interests, this is probably even more true. Since the job is both emotionally and physically taxing, there are not a lot of women who are interested in working in this industry. On the other hand, I think there should be, and I want a shift in that. I am grateful to the many male fans who have shared that I am an example for their daughters to follow in their footsteps.

In an interview with Fox News in 2013, Riedel expressed her desire for gender norms to shift. She continued by saying that despite having a large number of setbacks, she had recently broken fully out of her comfort zone and tried her hand at something that was risky, but exciting and fulfilling. She continued by saying that she had completely abandoned her usual routine. Riedel’s life has been dramatically transformed by the widespread acclaim she has received for her innovative research, and as a result, she has amassed a large and loyal fan base. As a consequence of Riedel’s spectacular rise to prominence on reality television, he was requested to appear as a guest on a number of talk programmes. These shows include “The Larry King Show,” “The Steve Harvey Show,” “The Insider,” and a large number of other programmes.

Total Accumulated Wealth/Net Worth

Riedel’s wealth as of yet is around 250,000 US dollars. Her taking up the job of gold dredging after her college days seemed to have paid off in a good way and fortune to her. But even now, she dreams that she might get the opportunity to become a recognized opera singer one day.

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