Christmas Abbott Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

In 1981, on December 20, Christmas, Abbott took birth in Virginia, Lynchburg, located in the USA, and she has a Sagittarius horoscope. Christmas is an American woman and became famous as a fitness freak and received massive popularity on her Instagram account.

Christmas Abbott’s Childhood and education

Christmas’s childhood days were spent in Lynchburg. However, Christmas was bullied in her school, and she used to drink alcohol and smoke also, though, scored worst marks. Even though Christmas, Abbott completed her matriculation but did not join her college and started doing a job. Christmas has not shared any information about her parents’ names and occupations because she did not prefer to have more information about her personal life. In her childhood, she was not interested in fitness, and she will not do any exercises and follow strictly. She studied at the local high school but still needs to reveal the name of the school she studied. She did not continue her education but decided to pursue her career as a model.

Fitness model Career by Christmas Abbott

At the age of 22, Christmas developed her career differently when she visited Iraq with her mother working as a contractor. Christmas inspired by people there and also knew to live healthily and to do better exercise at the age of 22. Even though at the age of 26, Christmas used to practice workout, she got to know more about CrossFit that assisted her in coming into the fitness platform. Christmas started doing a workout, and she started taking an interest in exercising. Finally, in 2007 Christmas, Abbott set up her gym center and assisted people who are facing huge difficulties in their life and help them to work out free in her gym. Christmas started her modeling and sharing on her Instagram account, and her fans started noticing her on the Instagram page. In addition, Christmas posed herself for prominent fitness magazines first time. Christmas, Abbott started working in NASCAR, and as she joined a NASCAR, that helped her become an important part of the pit crew Sprint Cup. In 2017, during the 19th season, Christmas participated in Big Brother.

Christmas Abbott’s successful professional path

Christmas develops a rebellious streak as a teenager, and she defies the except society to have her. Often she will sneak away from her home and get to parties to have a good time; also, in some time, she will get into trouble because of that. At the age of 13 years, she started to drink alcohol, drugs, and smoke. After graduating from high school, she tried to join the Army, but she was rejected because of her bad shape and inability to run a mile without collapsing. Then Christmas joined US-based Iraq as an independent civilian laundry attendant at 22, which changed her life. Then the Army made her realise the value of human life and released how she had wasted her life.

Then she was introduced to fitness training by one of her fellow soldiers, which has helped her look back. Later Christmas, she quit smoking and started to follow strict discipline to become fit. Then she came across CrossFit and her fellow soldier in a video where women talk about her intensive challenges.  Then she drew to it, and she started to achieve milestones with the help of the CrossFit challenge. Christmas has a beautiful body figure, and she started to work out in the gym. Because of her body figure, she appeared on the covers of many famous publications like Sports Illustrated and Harper Collins and Badass Persona. She started to share more of the trips and tricks on social media platforms about how to get into shape and achieve a desirable body, and often she will share her diet plans on the internet. In May 2015, Christmas released the book The Badass Body Diet: The Breakthrough Diet and Workout for the Sexy Abs, a Tight Booty, and Lean Legs.  

Christmas Abbott’s Training and dieting

Christmas always focuses on compound workouts that are the most vital for people. She incorporates the exercises such as bench press, deadlifts, pull-ups, and squats and. Christmas always emphasizes compound lifts, and she always practices cardio workouts and goes for the treadmill and running outside. Christmas has a schedule for eating eight times, and every time she consumes the same amount of food. Christmas includes eggs, apples, and peanut butter in her diet every day and adds chicken meat, coconut water, vegetables, bacon, almond milk, protein shakes, and fruits.

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Love and Personal life of Christmas Abbott

In 2018 Christmas, Abbott is married to Benjamin Bunn, and he is a personal trainer and took part in the reality show Big Brother. Bit couples have a son together. According to the media, Christmas is a married woman serving a good relationship with Benjamin, her husband.

Christmas Abbott’s Hobbies and other interesting facts

Christmas shows her great interest in modeling, and she loves to spend her spare moments with her son Loyal. Christmas goes to the gym with her son and loves to spend time around nature. Christmas and Loyal, her son, would like to watch films and series together. Fight Club and Edward Scissorhands are Christmas’s favorite movies, and Breaking Bad is her best Tv series. In addition, Christmas is a pet lover, and she owned a bulldog, Fran.

Christmas will use to read many books in her spare time, and she especially likes to read more fitness magazines and books related to fitness. She loves to travel a lot and has travelled to many countries with her husband and son. She has travelled to the places like Dubai, France, Africa, Greece, and many other Asian and European countries. Her dream destination is Paris in France. She loves shopping, and she goes shopping thrice a month to buy trending clothing. Christmas will always love to wear casual clothing like a T-shirt, trousers, and jeans. As a successful model, she always needs to be slim and maintain her body figure; she will follow a strict diet. Christmas loves cooking different foods for her family members, and she often cooks healthy foods for her son Loyal.

Appearance and net worth of Christmas Abbott

Christmas’s age is 37 years now. Christmas has brown hair, and her eyes are blue. Christmas’s height is around 5ft 3ins (1.6m) tall, and her weight stands for 120lbs (55kgs). Also, Christmas inked many types of tattoos on her body. As per a genuine source, at present, the net worth of Christmas Abbott is accumulated over $500,000.

Christmas Abbott’s Social media presence

Christmas is extremely active on her social media accounts. In 2011, October Christmas created her Twitter account followed by 73,000 people and tweeted more than 8,000 times. On her Instagram page, she is followed by 1.3 million people, and on her Facebook account, she is followed by 750,000 people.

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