Cindy Landolt Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

Cindy Landolt is a well-known bodybuilder, Instagram star, and fitness instructor from Switzerland. She is also the owner of a fitness club in Zurich and has appeared as a model on the cover pages of many popular magazines.

On January 11th, 1985, Cindy Landolt took birth in Wetzikon, a place in Switzerland. This shows that her nationality is Swiss, and as for her zodiac sign, her’s is Capricorn. She is known to the public for being bodybuilding, and alongside that, she is also an Instagram star.

Childhood Of Cindy Landolt

 Cindy has not shared any information about her parents’ names and occupations or disclosed more about her family members. Since childhood, she has been interested in physical activities and participated in many games and sports, such as swimming, Skiing, and snowboarding. She had more interest in gymnastics, so, at age five, she became part of the gymnastics team, trained her skills, and became a trained gymnast.  Cindy is 38 years old as of 2023.  

Cindy was raised by her parents in Switzerland, by parents who were both into sports as they are teenagers. Anyway, Cindy has not ever talked about them as she is quite a secretive person and does not want everything to be shared with the media. She might have been the single child of her parents with no siblings. We do not know, probably because she is a secretive person, the basic info of her parents.

Growing Up in Her Hometown And Dreams

Cindy has been very much inclined towards several sports such as hiking, skiing, swimming, and snowboarding. However, she was just five when she got selected for the junior school’s gymnastics team, and it only took her two years to master the act; hence, she dreamt of becoming a great gymnast one day who will win the gold medal in the Olympics’ one day for her country.

Educational Background

After she completed her matriculation, she thought of never going to any college or university, as she dreamt of becoming an extremely popular gymnast shortly and doing great for her country.

The physical appearances of Cindy Landolt

Regarding Cindy’s physical appearance, she is 5 Feet 10 inches or 177 cm tall and weighs 77 kg (170 lbs). While talking about her body measurements, her breast size is 38 inches, her waist is 26 inches, and her hips size is 36b inches. Cindy’s shoe size is eight, and she has long black hair and brown eyes.  

Bodybuilding Career

When she was just sixteen, Cindy knew that her physique and height is not perfect for gymnastics, as it is overly muscular. It took her time to get over gymnastics which happened to be her dream, but she has decided that she won’t give up. Instead, she thought of figuring out something that will do wonders in her career. She got into the Swiss Sport and Fitness Academy at the age of seventeen and started lifting weights. After three years, he obtained her degree and became a fitness instructor. Since then, she has been competing in several bodybuilding contests but has not won anything notable as such. However, she is praised for her attractive abs, and she works out to make them even better. Cindy has opened her fitness club in the capital city of Switzerland, Zurich, and often allows a discount for teenagers who want exercise but can not afford it. As a result, she has featured in various glamour magazines as their cover face.

Cindy Landolt workout and diet plan

 Cindy will mainly focus on deadlifts and squats and do many other exercises; she will usually do four session workout in the gym every week, and it only lasts for me an hour. In her workout plan, she will work for her upper body on Mondays, the back and posterior chain on Tuesdays, and rests on Wednesdays. She will work out for her legs on Thursday and Friday and take off on Sundays and Saturdays. Cindy used to follow a strict diet, and she had a single meal a week; and in her diet, she will track most intake of lean protein, carbs, healthy fats, vegetables, and she will not intake sugar at all in her food. Cindy will intake Whey protein supplements.

Relationships And Love Life

Cindy has not talked much about anybody she has been romantically involved with throughout her life as a celebrity. She always keeps her personal life to herself. She said that she is more focused on her career and chooses it over love, relationship, marriage, and children. However, rumors say that she is dating her gym companion, but it was not proven.

The Riches Of Cindy Landolt

According to credible sources, her total net worth is 550,000 US dollars.

Social media presences of Cindy Landolt

Cindy is active on social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, and she is very popular because of her bodybuilding career. Cindy created her Twitter account in 2010, and now she has more than 125 000 followers and has tweeted more than 45 000 times on it. Her Instagram account has more than 650 000 followers, and she uses it to upload more of her pictures and videos; she has posted more than 2,500 pictures on it. Cindy is also active on Facebook; she has more than 230 000 followers and will upload more of her photos on it.

Hobbies and Interests of Cindy Landolt

Cindy will spend more of her time in her bodybuilding career and has many other interests than exercising. As per the Instagram pictures, it is known that she is living a lavish life and  will often go to expensive hotels, which are very high-cost destinations. Cindy is passionate about traveling, and as a fitness model, she has traveled to many countries and around the United States. She likes to go swimming in the sea, and she loves to spend more time on beaches; it is her favorite. She is an animal lover and also worked as a volunteer in many animal shelters in her hometown in her teenage years.

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