Christine Todd Whitman Net Worth, Career, Personal, And Early Life

Christine Todd Whitman served the U.S. state of New Jersey as its 50th Governor, and it’s the first and only woman to be so to date. On 3 rd November 1993, by the mere margin of 1% votes, she was elected as the governor of the state, beating Governor James J. Florio. The margin, precisely, which got her this victory over J. Florio was of 26,093 votes. Her term of service started after the inauguration on 18th January 1994 and ended, as she resigned on 31st January 2001. After her resignation as the Governor of New Jersey, she became, under President George W. Bush’s administration, the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency. Christine was succeeded by the then President of the New Jersey Senate, Donald DiFrancesco. Since the 1947 state constitution was put in effect, Whitman was the first candidate to gain victory over an obligatory governor. Being the first woman serving New Jersey as the chief executive of the state, she was the thirteenth woman governor to serve an American State as the governor. Not only for being the first woman to serve as the Governor of the state, but her governorship skills also made her a role model for many women and girls. He has undertaken policies mainly focused on economic growth, safer streets, and good schools to boost education for children. During her first tenure, she lowered business and income takes by about 30% solely targeting economical betterment. By her work for the betterment of the environmental stature of the state, she approved 3,00,000 acres of land out of 1 million acres for preservation to the Garden State Preservation Trust.

Early life

On 26th September 1946, Christian Todd was born in New York City. Her parents Eleanor Prentice Todd and business Webster B. Todd were both well-known faces of the Republic Politics of the State of New Jersey. She grew up fishing and riding horses, on her family’s farm in Oldwick, New Jersey along with her older brothers Webster and Danny.

Christine’s maternal grandfather Reeve Schley is a member of the Wolf’s Head Society at Yale and served as the vice president of Chase Bank. Her grandfather is also the president of the Russian-American Chamber of Commerce. Her father earned a massive fortune by working as a building contractor, and he used to work on the projects like Radio City Music Hall and Rockefeller Center. Often he will use to donate his wealth to Republican politicians, and also he served as an advisor to Dwight D. Eisenhower. Christine’s mother has worked in the Republican national committee women and served for the New Jersey Federation of Republican Women. Todd spent her early life in Oldwick, New Jersey, along with her family members. As both her parents are politically active, she was also interested in it. In 1956, she made her debut political talk in the convention for the renomination of Dwight D. Eisenhower. 

Her first schooling was from Far Hills Country Day School and then she was sent to a boarding school at Foxcroft in Virginia and later at Chapin School in Manhattan. She pursued her graduation (Bachelor of Arts) from Wheaton College in 1968.

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Christine Todd Whitman’s early career

Christine has worked in the Office of the Economic Opportunity under the guidelines of Donald Rumsfeld and on the national outreach tour for the Republican National Committee. She was appointed as a deputy director for the New York State Office in Washington and worked on the ageing issues for the Nixon campaign. After her marriage with John Whitman, he had a job with Citicorp. Because of that, her family needed to move to England for three years.

Later Christine and her family members returned to the United States; then, she stayed with her children. At the same time, she remained active in Somerset County Republican Politics. Then she was served on the board of trustees of Somerset Country College, which renamed Raritan Valley Community College. Christine was elected as the Somerset Country Board of County Commissioner for two terms, where she served as the director of the board and deputy director. During her service, she has construed the new county courthouse. Christine has appointed as the president of the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities from 1988 to 1990 under Governor Thomas Kean.       

Christine Todd Whitman’s successful career

Christine has helped the Committee for Responsible Government and worked as an advocate for the group espousing moderate positions for the Republican party. In 1993, she ran against Governor James Florio and defeated him by one percentage point. She has named the first female governor in the history of New Hersey. Christine was the second woman and the first Republican woman who defeated the governor in the general election.

Still, she couldn’t get the majority of votes, and she raised a minority of votes in the campaign. In 1995, Christine selected the delivery party’s State of the Union response for the Republican party. She was named the first woman to deliver the State of the Union response, and she also gave a live State of the Union response to the audience. Christine rejected the Advisory Council’s recommendation in 1996 to spend the tax money to reduce the incidence of HIV infections. In 1997, Christine was re-elected and defeated Jim McGreevey and appointed Woodbridge Township’s mayor. 

Personal life

 In 1973, Christine and John R. Whitman had their first date at a special occasion of an inaugural ball for Richard Nixon. John and Christine knew each other and were friends since their school days at Chapin. After their first date in 1973, they decided to get married the very next year. John was a wealthy businessman and an investment banker. The couple had two children: daughter Kate and son Taylor. John had to face a terrible accident died in the year 2015. Their daughter followed her mother’s footsteps and made her way to republican politics.

Net Worth

Not very precisely, but as of 1st of February 2017, Christine Todd Whitman’s Net Worth is at least 8.4 Million dollars. She owns over 7,000 units of Texas Instruments stock which is worth a whopping 8,371,502 dollars. She also, over the last seventeen years, sold TXN stock which is worth over 33,432 dollars.

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