James Westbrook Net Worth, Career And Personal life

Born on 10th September 1970, in the United States, James Westbrook is now a familiar face to many as the YouTuber and beauty guru husband, Tati Westbrook. Her date of birth shows that his sign is Virgo. A little disclose about James’ career, and if something is known, it comes from Tati speaking about his husband. Some people suggest that he can be someone from the legal field. Once, one of his friends was advised by him to find a lawyer, and from this, people suggest that James can be someone from the field of law and justice.

The early years of James Westbrook

According to speculations, James Alexander Westbrook was born on September 10, 1970, and now he is a professional basketball player. His full name is James Westbrook. Dr. Sydney Westbrook Jr. is his dad, and Linda Westbrook is his mom. The village of Valdes, located in North Carolina, is where James’ parents and James’ brothers’ parents grew up. In 1988, he graduated from North State Academy, which was located in Hickory, North Carolina. After that, he went on to get a degree in engineering from Georgia Tech. Her sister has just gone to Georgia with another family. Therefore, she and her parents have decided to move from North Carolina to Georgia so that they may be closer to her. After his father died in 1994, James uprooted his life and moved to Marietta while his mother and stepfather lived in Atlanta.

James’ Life

Only from Tati’s YouTube videos, some facts about James were brought to light. But, despite that, almost nothing is known or disclosed about his personal life. Along with this, ideas aboutm. His education and childhood are also very vague and unclear. Nobody knew about him before his association with Tati as her boyfriend, and the two began to date. Whatever is known about him is known from nowhere but from Tati’s videos. Previously James dated, allegedly married, a woman whose name and other personal identities are unknown publicly. The couple had a son, as reports suggest, named Taylor. After dating for about five years, Tati and James were finally married in 2017. James’ son has been seen in a very few Tati’s videos. People suggest that Tati truly loves and treats Taylor as her son. Tati always ignored the questions thrown at her by the media and other people about when she and James will have their first children, or one can say the other way, when will Tati become a mom herself. Later, in one of her videos, he revealed to her audience that she would never be a mother as she has incurable fertility issues. It was a heartfelt video for the audience, and they stood firm beside Tati and James.

Brief Introduction: Wife Tati Westbrook

Tati was born on 14th February 1982. Her full name was Tatiana Alexsandra Krievins, and her birthplace was in Seattle, Washington, USA. His family, parents belong to Latvian ancestry. She is a renowned YouTuber with followers and subscribers booming every day. Her YouTube videos are mainly about beauty tips and tricks, which earned her the title of being called a makeup guru. She has more than nine million subscribers in her YouTube channel named ‘Tati,’ and there, she posts about three to four videos every week. Almost all of her videos cross millions of views, mainly by the audiences to learn something new about makeup. She also has goodwill as the most trustworthy, unbiased, and honest reviewer of beauty products, especially makeup kits.

Get to meet James Westbrook on social media

James Westbrook has more than 1.3 million people following him on Twitter. James Westbrook is a well-known figure online, and he utilises the platform to communicate with his fans by sharing selfies and game highlights. This allows him to keep his fans up to date on his latest exploits. 

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The Net Worth details of James Westbrook

It is anticipated that James Westbrook will have accumulated a net worth of $70,000 by the year 2023. The entertainment industry constitutes the majority of his earnings nowadays. The fact that his wife says he is one of the most educated persons she has ever encountered gives us reason to believe that he will continue to amass a fortune. As was noted before in the piece, he served in the role of president at a number of significant businesses. While he is projected to have a net worth of $7.5 million, Tati, his wife, is assessed to have a net worth of $3.5 million.

The majority of her earnings came from selling makeup and other goods related to the beauty industry on her well-watched YouTube channel. Recent disagreements between James Charles and Tati may be traced back to Charles’ insistence that Tati takes on his assistant role. After receiving Tati’s indication that he should apologize to both her and James, he exited the room. The very last but certainly not least is James Charles, who did a cover of it on his channel on YouTube.

The Drama of James Charles 

James’s former buddy and colleague in the beauty industry, James Charles, was at the core of a controversy involving James and Tati Westbrook. During Tati’s birthday party, she expressed her displeasure with how Charles had treated a wait staff member in the video. The incident was covered extensively over a number of weeks, and YouTubers offered her an incredible amount of love and support. According to Tati, Charles made unwelcome sexual comments and approached a heterosexual waiter, and he also made repeated sexual attempts toward the waiter.

A short time later, Charles made an apology, pulled it down, and replaced it with his own account of the events that transpired. Jeffree Star, a YouTuber who is a friend of Tati’s, and a few other people addressed the event; however, in the end, everyone who was involved decided to abandon the matter entirely. Because of this occurrence, not only did Tati’s number of subscribers grow, but she also became known to a much bigger audience.

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