Amie Nicole Harwick Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

Amie Nicole Harwick is a renowned psychotherapist who specializes in family therapy and sex. She also possessed the status of the fiancee of Drew Carey, but in the year 2019, they got separated.

Family And Early Life

On 20th May 1988, Amie Nicole Harwick took birth somewhere in the United States of America, so from her date and place of birth, we can say that her zodiac sign is Taurus, and she holds the nationality of an American. We do not know anything about her parents, as she is quite a secretive person and never speaks out anything about them to the media. So, we cannot even tell whether she has got any siblings of her own or not.

Life As A Student

After completing her matriculation from a hometown school in the year 2000, she enrolled herself at the Polytechnic University of California, located in Pomona, to study Psychology. She earned her MA in Clinical Psychology. And then, she pursued her Ph.D. to become a researcher. As of 2020, she is a government-licensed and certified Doctor in Psychotherapy and Sex Therapy.

Career As A Psychotherapist

Amie kick-started her career as a psychotherapist lately but firstly as a psychology researcher. If we go through her profile, she has earned experience working with several psychological and physical issues. She successfully cures patients who have been victims of abuse, domestic violence, sexual harassment, eating disorder, anxiety, depression, alcohol, and drug addiction, etc.

Amie will mainly focus on the traumas such as sexual exploitation along with the issues of sexual identity problems, bipolar disorder, and many others. Most of her research work has been reflected in her book named The New Sex Bible for Women, which was published in 2014 by Quiver Books. The book mainly focuses on the stereotypes of human sexuality, which make women have many troubles during their sexual relationships with their partners. She also explained the easy way to escape these stereotypes and be happy in their sexual life.

Alongside her works as a therapist, Amie Nicole is an ardent member of various California-based associations of Family and Marriage Therapists and The Association of American Sexuality Educators, Therapists, and Counselors. She is quite often invited as a credible expert in various television shows for her vivid work experiences.

Relationships With Ex-Fiance Drew Carey

Amie and Drew Carey met for the first time in a 2017 game show, which Drew was hosting. After they met, a romantic relationship grew between them, and they never hid it and started to post several social media handles. During numerous auspicious occasions like Christmas or Valentine’s day, they never used to fail to upload their mutual photos, and after the year of dating, they engaged in the year 2018. But soon, due to some unknown bad terms, they decided to separate and decided to delete all the mutual photos from their social media platforms.

After they break up, Amie will share more pictures with Whitney and have romantic dinners with her. Whitney has two kids named Roman and Leo Escapades.

Interesting Facts And Hobbies

Amie, besides being a psychotherapist, is an ardent photographer. As she focuses mainly on female sexuality, Amie loves to portray all the angles of female beauty through her pictures. She loves cats and gave her cat a very witty and puny name called Marquis De Chat. She loves to enjoy listening to Slipknot while having hamburgers.  Amie will use to watch more movies in her free time, and her favorite actor is Tom Cruise, and her favorite actress is Jeniffer Lawerence. She has traveled to many countries, and Paris is her dream destination. She loves to read books in her spare time, and she feels relaxed while reading books. She especially likes to read books about human sexuality and also other psychological literature books which will help with her daily work. 

Salary and Net Worth

According to credible sources, Amie’s riches crossed the 1 million US dollar mark. She charges around 200 dollars for her single fifty-minute session on psychology.

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Social Media Presences of Amie Nicole Harwick

Amie is active on social media platforms; she has two Instagram accounts in one of her accounts that she will use to upload more of her photos and her photography experiences with more than 40 000 followers. She will have another account for her professional, with more than 4,500 followers. Amie has appeared on the YouTube channel named The Sex Talk with Mou; it was hosted by Moushumi Ghose, an expert in human sexuality; Amie will talk about the issues and questions people about their personal life. She is also active on Twitter. She has more than 8.9 K followers, and her Facebook account has more than 2,300 followers; she will use it to upload more pictures and videos. Amie has a personal site named; from there, you can book a psychotherapy session with her.

Amie Nicole Harwick Appearance and clothing style

Regarding their physical appearance of Amie, there is no information about her weight and height, and there is no information about her breast, waist, and hip size. She has long black hair and pair of hazel eyes. Talking about her clothing style, she will wear a lot of 60-style dresses with floral patterns. Amie likes to wear swimsuits, and she does not have any tattoos. 

Amie Nicole Harwick’s death

Amie was found under a balcony at her house on February 15, 2020, and passed away before going to the hospital. Then the police started their investigation and found that she was strangled and thrown away from the third floor after a fight. Then the police suspected her ex-boyfriend Gareth Pursehouse because Amie had filed restraining orders against for twice. He was arrested the next day, and a murder case was against him with the special circumstance of lying in wait. Later he was released under a $ 2 million bail bond, and then he was rearrested after pleading not guilty on April 16, 2020. Since June 2020, his a preliminary hearing date was rescheduled many times, and as of now, it was set on May 17, 2023. 

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