Amy Elizabeth Jackson Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

Probably best perceived as all Americanbadgirl, Amy Elizabeth Jackson took birth on 22nd May 1989 and was brought up in New Jersey, USA. She is an actress and Instagram model, and a comedian who posts her comedy shorts on Instagram. She talks about her siblings, her sister Brianna Valente and her brother Joe Valente, so it is guessed that there is an unbreakable bond between them. She never made her information regarding her education and growing up public. Amy Elizabeth Jackson has portrayed many characters during her acting career, including the happy young woman who moves in next door and the dour old woman who cares for cats.

Family life of Amy Elizabeth Jackson

Amy is acutely aware of the responsibility of inheriting her parents and her grandparents’ legacies. On the other side, she often tweeted about her children and husband. Joe and Briana Valente are the two people that may be considered to be her siblings. There are a number of tweets that discuss her siblings and sisters.

Personal Life

Some sources say that Amy was married to someone in 2013, but her husband’s name was never mentioned, and not even a single photograph together was uploaded by Amy on any of her social media platforms. It is guessed that they are either divorced, or Amy is too secretive about her relationship. It is though most conceited as divorce by most of her fans. Even her posts where she mentions her two siblings are removed due to unknown and quite suspicious reasons. Many people think Amy has been unfaithful since she has removed any postings from her blog in which her spouse was mentioned. Following that, she scrubbed her Instagram account clean of any mention of her children or the things they did, leaving only photos about herself and her professional life. Probably, it can be said that Amy wants to focus on herself and wants her fans to know only her and nobody else who are some way or the other linked to her. Amy generally lives in New York City but has to travel to Los Angeles for her work.

Hobbies And Interesting Facts

She loves to keep herself fit and fine and thus loves to work out. She uploads pictures of her working out, keeping her fans constantly updated on Instagram.

The career details of Amy Elizabeth Jackson

She has also been on “Glam Fairy” (which is published by Esquire), “The Rooster Inc.” (which is published by HBO), and “The Jack & Triumph Show” (which is published by Adult Swim). She played around with the role of the associate producer while working on the short film “The Statement,” which she had a hand in creating. Both the stereotype of the “frumpy cat lady” and that of the “beautiful girl next door” have come to be associated with her. The vast majority of the over one million people who follow her on Instagram are men on the lookout for casual encounters. She collaborated with other filmmakers, such as Hannah Stocking, to create hilarious short films, which she then shares on Instagram. 

Amy Elizabeth Jackson’s profession in the modelling industry.

Even though acting is her major interest, she has been far more successful as a fashion model. She has walked the runway for various brands, corporations, and newspapers, representing several media sources and outlets. In addition to that, you may have heard her as a presenter on several radio programmes. She had her debut appearance on MTV’s “Wild ‘N Out” in 2005, and she has since then made guest appearances on “50 Central” in 2017 and “Laff Mobb’s Laff Tracks” in 2018. She has also been featured in several broadcasts and print media channels, including television, radio, and a variety of newspapers and magazines. In addition, she has put in a lot of work to try to earn money off of something that has been her passion for her whole life.

Career Till Now

She learned comedy during her Los Angeles stay, and at the point of her life, she had also attended various Acting commercial workshops, which made her vulnerable to set her future. Apart from her career on occasional acting and modeling chances, she had been a part of several music videos, including artists like 50 cents and Mike Tyson.

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Get to meet Amy Elizabeth Jackson on social media

She devotes a significant amount of her time to various online social networking platforms. Amy’s addiction to using social media has reached an unhealthy and unmanageable level. Currently, she has eight thousand followers following her on Twitter. She has successfully established herself as a prominent figure in the online world thanks to the over 1.1 million people who now follow her on Instagram. On Instagram, she is known by the username @theallamericanbadgirl. In addition to this, she is always posting humorous movies and photographs to her Instagram and YouTube accounts. In addition to that, there are already 86,000 individuals who follow her on Facebook. The status updates she puts on Facebook, and the postings she makes on Instagram are practically identical. Even though acting had always been her first calling, she found more financial success as a fashion model. 


Amy’s height and weight, respectively, are about 175cm and 62kgs. Amy has got blonde hair and green colored eyes. She possesses large buttocks and breasts due to numerous implants. Although, her exact vital statistics are still not disclosed to the public.

Salary And Net Worth

According to authoritative sources, a net worth of Amy is around 2 million US dollars. She makes money from modelling, sponsorships, and adverts on her Instagram profile. A lot of people also follow her page. Each sponsored post may earn her up to $3,770 for her efforts. It is clear that she has a lot of money since she can buy costly things like a luxury automobile like her $55,000 Audi Q7 as well as other pricey items.

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