Alfred Di Blasio Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

Alfred Di Blasio took birth in Vancouver, Canada, on November 9th, 1968, giving him Scorpio as a birth sign and Canadian nationality. Fred is known as a software engineering executive but gained utmost popularity for his marriage with a popular television actress Lana Parilla.

Early Life, Family, And Education

Fred has not shared too much about his parents or the presence of any of his siblings, proving his secretive nature. He was brought up in Vancouver probably as a single child. Upon matriculation, he earned a BS degree from Business European School, a Cambridge Queen’s University. Later, he also completed his MBA degree.

De Blasio’s Professional Career As Of Yet

Fred kick-started his career in the business and marketing industry immediately after graduation. He worked for a London-based communications company named Bell Media Cable and later joined AT&T, becoming their vice-president in 1997. After five years, he left AT&T to become the vice-president of TELUS. Like this, he has worked for several prestigious technological companies, not sticking to one for too long.

Ex-Wife And Love Life With Actress Lana Parilla

Though being secretive, his life regarding Lana Parilla is known. Before Lana, Fred was married to Shannon Cooney, and from that relationship, he is a father of three sons. The couple finally separated in 2009. Then came Lana into her life. They started to date and married on July 5th, 2014. But after five years, on April 13th, 2019, the relationship was surprisingly over, and they separated.

Get to meet his ex-wife Lana Parrilla

Lana Parrilla, who was born in New York City on June 15, 1977 (which makes her a Gemini) and is an American citizen, was the one who helped bring Fred some celebrity online after they were married. This is because Fred had a limited reputation before their marriage. As a result of her performance in the ABC series “Once Upon a Time” as Regina Mills/The Evil Queen, she is now well-known to a wide audience. Lana’s mother was a stay-at-home mom. Thus neither of her parents could have encouraged her to pursue a career in acting when she was young.

Lana’s father, Sam Parrilla, was a famous baseball player in the major leagues, and Lana’s mother was a stay-at-home mom. She relocated to Los Angeles, California, immediately after her graduation from Fort Hamilton High School in order to pursue an acting education at the Beverly Hills Playhouse. After making a name for herself on the American Broadcasting Company (ABC) sitcom “Spin City” in the year 2000, Lana went on to appear in the television series “Boomtown” the following year, the film “Windfall” in 2006, and the comedy “Swingtown” in 2008.

After achieving notoriety in the role of Dr. Eva Zambrano on the television show “Miami Medical” in the year 2010. This led to her 2011 casting as Regina Mills/The Evil Queen on the ABC fantasy series “Once Upon a Time,” which received widespread praise. She was honoured with the Teen Choice Award for Science Fiction/Fantasy TV Actress in 2016, and she continued to play a significant role in the cast until 2018.

Lana has acquired a considerable online following as a result of her active engagement in several of today’s most famous social media platforms. For instance, she has over 1.4 million followers on Instagram and has uploaded more than a thousand photographs to her account up to this point. This has allowed her to build a substantial following online.

Hobbies and Interests of Alfred Di Blasio

Fred’s job as a software executive keeps him extremely busy, yet he still finds the time to relax and engage in activities that offer him joy. He is able to accomplish this despite the fact that he is always on the go. By exposing him to live performances of jazz and blues music on a regular basis, Frank’s parents encouraged him to develop a passion for these genres of music. Because he enjoys being outside more than he does being in an urban setting, his idea of the perfect vacation location is a beach. It makes no difference what part of the globe it is in.

Fred’s principal passion is travelling and discovering new places, and he has visited all seven continents (including Egypt in January 2019 to view the pyramids). Fred has gone through the experience of being married and then divorcing twice, which has forced him to learn how to cook for himself. He has progressed to the point where he frequently shares photographs of the meals he prepares on Instagram. Fred is a family guy who puts a great emphasis on the time he spends with his boys. Despite the fact that each of them has their own hectic schedule, the four of them manage to find time to spend together. Fred is a family man who places a high importance on the time he spends with his sons.

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Get to meet Alfred Di Blasio on social media

Fred is a modern guy who is active on a variety of social media platforms and who delights in the admiration that he gets from his fans online. Since he signed up for Twitter for the first time in September 2012, he has amassed approximately 30,000 followers and has posted more than 3,600 tweets. Fred has a Facebook profile, but it seems that he uses it mostly to remain in touch with close family and friends. On the other hand, he has roughly 12,000 followers and 110 photographs on his Instagram account.

Total Wealth And Body Measurements

Fred is now 52, with black colored hair and brown colored eyes. Nothing is known exactly of his height, weight, and vital statistics. He is in the world of technology, marketing, and business endeavors for nearly about three decades now. And as it was mentioned earlier, he has been a very important employee for profit-making companies, mainly their vice-president. Therefore, for his long and illustrious career, which is yet not over, he has made a net worth of around 4 million US dollars.

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