Gabi DeMartino Net Worth, Career, Early and Personal Life

Known as one of the popular social media stars, Gabi DeMartino is a popular YouTube content creator on the platform. She is famous for her YouTube channel “Niki and Gab” as well as “Fancy Vlogs By Gab”. Her channels are quite famous and gather millions of views every month. She is also a social star and is under the limelight due to her work with Niki and her channel.

Early life and childhood

She was born in 1995, on the 5th of May. Her star sign is Taurus and most of her luckiest fans have the same sign. Her hometown is Bethlehem, Pennsylvania USA. Her father’s name is Jeffrey DeMartino and her mother’s name is Nelida DeMartino. Surprisingly, both of her parents are dentists and have been in the profession for a long time. Her older sister’s name is Alex and her brother’s name is Anthony. She also has a twin sister by the name of Niki, with whom she has her current YouTube channel “Niki and Gab”. Aside, all of her siblings are in the YouTube profession as well. Her sister “Niki” is also known for her acting ambitions and successful executions including in the movie “If Life Was a Scary Movie” and “Dance Camp”. 

Educational Life and Career

She has studied in the Notre Dame high school which is in Sherman Oaks, California. from here, she completed her High school graduation. Then, Gabi went to the Desales University that is in the Center Valley. From this college, she got her Bachelor of Arts graduation in 2017. She graduated in the field of Musical Theatre. 

Professional life

All of her siblings are professional YouTube content creators and she hails in the fashion side. She has her channel “Fancy Blogs by Gabi” and her partnership channel “Niki and Gabi” with her twin sister. Her channel has insane 3.21M subscribers till now. The other channel already surpassed the 9.57M subscribers base. The channel also falls among others with over 1B+ lifetime view count. She creates content around fashion, beauty tutorials, makeup tricks, celebrity look tutorials, dress-ups, and other similar kinds of content. She also posts a lot of content on dating secrets and hacks for her audience.

The detailed professional life of Gabi DeMartino

In August of 2010, Gabi, together with her sisters Alex and Niki, established the YouTube channel known as 00RemakeGirls. The three share funny skits, parodies, and “remake” versions of famous music videos on this channel. The channel has over 225,000 subscribers, and its videos have been seen around 20 million times. In September of 2012, the video titled “Demi Lovato Inspired Curls Tutorial” that DeMartino had uploaded to the “Niki and Gabi” channel that she shared with her sister acquired more than 450,000 views. This helped further establish DeMartino as a prominent figure.

Throughout their channel, the DeMartino brothers have “tanked up” their channel with a diverse selection of videos. These films have included how-tos on various topics, such as applying cosmetics, reproducing the costumes of famous people, providing advice on how to find love, and so on. Their most popular films are “Opposite Twins Swap Clothes for a Week!! “, which has received 18.7 million views; “Twin Swap DRIVE THRU Challenge,” which has received 21.3 million views; and “Going Through Drive Thru’s Dressed as Celebrities Challenge,” which has received over 35 million views; together, these three videos have had a combined total of over 1.1 billion views.

In addition to that, since July 2015, Gabi DeMartino has been the host of the YouTube channel known as “Fancy Vlogs By Gab.” On this channel, she has posted several original web series, including “Get Ready with Me,” “The V Squad,” “Gaboween (fall vlogs),” and “Blood Queens: A Short Comedy Horror Series.” The videos with the highest views on this channel are “24-hour overnight challenge at Walmart + we built two big forts” (which has more than 11.7 million views) and “I was in the thank you, next music video! wtffff” (which has over 14.2 million views).

Outstanding vocalists and songwriters Niki and Gabi debuted in 2015 with the song “It,” then, in 2017, they launched the blockbuster hit “First.” Both of these songs have achieved widespread success. Singles like “Let It Roar” and “Flowers” off of their 2018 EP titled “Individual” have been very successful. Hits such as “Sleep It Off,” “First,” and “R U” are just some of the numerous music that they have released.

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The physical appearance of Gabi DeMartino

The young and breathtakingly gorgeous actress Gabi DeMartino also has a sympathetic and compassionate temperament. Her luxurious, curvaceous form is stunning since it has enticing proportions and a well-sculpted thin frame. Her body is a work of art. She stands around 35 inches tall, is 24 inches broad, and has a circumference of about 36 inches. She is just around 5 feet 3 inches tall and weighs about 50 kilogrammes. Her height is not very impressive. She has magnificent long dark brown hair that sparkles and wonderful brown eyes guaranteed to fascinate. Her hair is long and dark brown, and her eyes are brown. Her regular practice of yoga, jogging, and meditation helps her to keep both her body and her mind in good shape.

Personal life and her relationships

She has been in a lot of relationships for a long time. At first, she was in a relationship with Brandon Grupe. During her time with him, she also ran and managed the channel by the name of “GabiandBrandon” for a small time. After 2 years, the couple broke up. She then went into a relationship with Colin Vogt. He is a Musician, comedian, and also aspiring photographer. The two haven’t married yet but they already have announced their marriage to happen soon. Collin and Gabi now live in a Beach cottage by the seas side. She has been with Collin since then.

The net worth of Gabi DeMartino

She has earned a lot of wealth due to her YouTube channels. Her current worth in 2021 is over $1.5M earned from her YouTube advertisement and sponsorships.

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