Why senior foot cares Important?

Whether you are a proud representative of the golden years or rather a caregiver eager to offer the best possible care to a loved one, good foot health is essential to the quality of life. Over time, and the many miles travelled through a lifetime, our feet undergo significant changes, just like the rest of our bodies. Sometimes, good habits taken you at home can be enough, but sometimes the assistance of a professional is necessary.

The changes that occur with ageing, the possible care at home, and those offered in podiatric clinics when the problem requires more serious attention. moving companies los angeles Over time and the miles walked, our feet have accumulated a certain amount of stress. The effects of these stresses can vary from person to person but can include:

-A thinning of fatty tissues under the feet, mainly at the level of the prominences of the bones

-A thickening of the nails -The presence of plantar corns, a formation of dead skin in a concentrated and painful point

– Osteoarthritis in some joints, such as the big toe, for example

-A thinning of the skin makes it more vulnerable to injury

-A deformity of the toes, also called “hammertoes.”

-A decrease in blood circulation

Over time, certain physical constraints may make the feet more difficult. For example, reduced eyesight can make nail trimming more difficult. The same goes for difficulty bending over or handling the nail clipper. Osteoarthritis in the fingers or tremors can turn simple maintenance into a serious risk. You should consider senior foot care the most important thing.

While reaching your feet is difficult, it goes without saying that it is also difficult to maintain good hygiene on your own. Deposits can then build up between the toes and cause chapping or infection. While it is impossible to dry well between the toes, the moisture that collects there can also establish a perfect living environment for skin or nail fungus.

Plus, people with diabetes have their own set of risks. In some people with diabetes, the feeling under the feet may be reduced, and an injury may go unnoticed. First of all, it is better to provide adequate tools for nail cutting. Pliers-shaped nail clippers are often the best tools to get the job done. They provide better control and visibility for the third party doing the work. Then it is enough to cut the nails straight without changing the angle of the nail clipper and so that it does not go beyond the tip of the toe.

As for the debris between the toes, it is possible to take small gauze (i.e. a small bandage), soak it in rubbing alcohol, and gently pass it between the toes to remove it.” dislodge the debris. Alcohol has the advantage of evaporating, so there is no risk of leaving moisture in this place. See your podiatrist if you notice any cuts, wounds, or skin problems.

It is also important to wear shoes that are the right size (not necessarily the size of our 20s) and the soles that provide sufficient comfort. Suppose the toes are deformed and rub in the shoes, shoes with softer materials to accommodate them. You should also wear socks and change them every day.

It is advisable to elevate the legs on a bench or by extending them at rest. This will prevent swelling. One can also move the toes and stand up after a long period of sitting. Smoking is also very harmful to circulation and can even encourage the formation of plantar corns. So that’s one more reason to quit for good.

What about foot hygiene? 

 This simple gesture prevents bad bacteria from growing on the skin and nails and prevents the risk of infection. But be careful, keep your feet warm and dry and dry them well after bathing. It is necessary to insist between the toes to avoid maceration and fungi,” he explains. The elderly sometimes have difficulty bending down and must therefore have help washing with soap and water, drying the foot by insisting between the toes and hydration, explains our worker.

When you’re a senior, it’s important to keep your feet warm and dry, but you also need to have comfortable and suitable shoes.

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