Way to choose décor items for the home

Don’t you know what style to decorate your house with? In this article, you have three simple steps to make choosing easier. Choosing a decorating style for your home is not always an easy task. Whether you have a new apartment or house or decided to redecorate your home, finding a manner that we like and feel happy and identified is difficult. Our house is our personal space. We must keep in mind that above all, it has to be a place where we feel comfortable.

Feeling comfortable has to do with a relaxed home and a place where we can feel happy and full, where all the elements identify us and speak of our history and experiences.

Today’s article will tell you how you can choose an Ove Decors style for your home in just few steps.

1. Information

It isn’t easy to choose something when we do not know what it is, what it consists of, and its characteristics. Therefore, the first step that we propose for you to choose the style of decoration for your home that identifies you the most is to inform yourself.

Fortunately, we live in a highly digitized world, so in addition to paper magazines, you can read and find out about the different decorative styles in blogs or digital magazines.

The houses that appear in decoration magazines or blogs are perfect, but sometimes they are not realistic proposals. Our advice is to mark, save or cut out everything you like and make your collage of ideas. This will help you see what things you like and their patterns—for example, material, shapes, etc. In the end, you will know how to identify which style is the one that identifies you the most.

2. Make a list to choose the style of decoration for your house

Another thing that will help you know what style of decoration to choose is to list the elements you would like to have the most. Make it with the elements you like the most first and then the least like. In this way, you will establish priorities and know what things cannot be missing in your house.

• List of materials: What materials do you want to predominate in the decoration of your house? Wood, metal, concrete, marble, etc.?

• List of shapes: What shapes do you want to predominate in your house? Straight lines, curves, simple, geometric, etc.?

• Colors: When you have the lists made, imagine the elements, materials, shapes and colours integrated into your house and think about how they make you feel. If they make you feel comfortable, at ease and happy, follow the line that the lists are marking you, and you already have your decorating style for your home!

3. if you can’t decide on one, combine them!

Better than one, there are two. So if you do not decide on a single style of decoration for your home, choose the two you like the most and combine them. This combination will give rise to a unique style with many personalities since there will be no other house with the same style as yours.

Of course, we recommend that you choose two styles whose elements, when together, produce harmony. For example, the rustic style works very well with vintage or industrial. The latter and the modern can also go very well together.

Keep in mind that your home is the place where you should be happy. If what makes you happy is taking what you like best from various styles, go for it. On the other hand, choosing a decorating style for your home will be easier with these tips or steps that we suggest you take.

Our last piece of advice is that you choose the style with which you most identify.The style expresses our tastes or lifestyle through elements that harmonize the space.

Nothing happens if the style you decide to follow is not “in fashion” because when that style is no longer in trend, you will continue to be happy with your home and with the story that it tells about you and your family.

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