Venessa Villanueva Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

In the state of the USA, the Venessa Villanueva had taken birth to this place. By profession, Venessa is a good actress and she is very popular as a former wife of Chris Perez and he is a known guitarist. Venessa Villanueva’s ex-husband got a huge success with the big popularity by attending the Selena y Los Dinos group actually. He then assisted and offered a hand as well as he then met her as a lover and also became hubby Selena and that day Selena was brutally killed by her former manager.

Life and Career of Venessa Villanueva

Venessa holds actually a Mexican nationality though, Venessa’s parents shifted to the United States of America. She was brought up in the place of US Texas. She was quite far from the limelight and in her meeting with Chris Perez, she is very grateful in this matter where she got a friend that is John Garza. So, at that moment, Chris has undergone a big melancholy and also suffered from huge problems in life. Also, Venessa helped him a lot to overcome the problems, and gradually romance began in both. After spending eight years long time both married in the year of 2006, but in 2008 the turmoil created and relation ends soon and separated. Vanessa then focused on her career and she made a career in the field of acting so, she has done some of the counted movies. Venessa’s film first-named Elvis Returns of Memphis Rising in the year 2011 this movie was scheduled. This film mentioned the tale of Elvis who appeared and came from an alien planet and pursuing a very typical way of life. Venessa worked in her final film that was Forgotten Memories and this appeared in the year 2015.

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Venessa’s Former Husband Chris Perez         

Venessa’s ex-hubby name is Chris Perez and he also belongs to Mexican by nationality. Chris’s father was a software computer analyst and when Chris was just 5 years age then his parent’s relationship was broken and divorced. Chris when to a music institute where he learned music and he learned the new instrument name was the French horn. Chris did not get any assistance and support from his mother and after that time he soon started learning the electric guitar. He seriously got inspiration from many great persons like Van Halen, Kiss, Def Leppard, and many. When he was 17 years old so, he wanted to make a good career in the music field, and in the year 1986 he did set up his new and first band joining the Shelly Lares. And that band was started by focusing on the music of Tejano

Personal Life of Chris Perez

First, Chris Perez was wedded to Selena and she was a singer. Both have a budded relationship for one year and they created their own band. Although, Selena’s father is not agreed with their love relationship and they decided to run away and marry together. After the death of Selena, Chris was depressed and he thought he is liable for her demise. Chris started taking drugs due to Selena’s demise. Next, Villanueva is the partner him and spotted lights on Chris and they began a love affair in 1998. After almost three years they got married. The couple has two children but their relations started toward ends and Villanueva tried many times to heal their bonds but she failed to fix this issue. At last, both Villanueva and Chris had broken their relationship in the year 2008. After that moment, Chris fully made his life to his first wife Selena.

Venessa Villanueva’s Net Worth 

Venessa Villanueva’s approximate earning is more than $100,000. She earned heaps of amounts from her acting and also gained good cash from her ex-husband. Chris Perez’s new worth is exceeding $1.2 million. 

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